Dynamite unleashes Peter Milligan for TERMINAL HERO

TERMINAL HERO #1 (Dynamite Entertainment, August 06 2014 release date) Written by Peter Milligan. Illustrated by Piotr Kowalski. Colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick. Lettered by Simon Bowland. Cover Art by Jae Lee.

Kowalski's dynamic art explodes across the opening pages in fiery fashion with images that will burn into your memory. Is this a foreshadowing of later events or someone's bad dream?
Cut to five years later and London junior doctor Rory Fletcher views an x-ray of a huge inoperable brain tumor as he learns he has approximately two months to live.
His best friend Raza hacks into a clandestine medical research center and steals files on Treatment Q, a radical program that was shut down and classified as top secret after some unpredictable side effects. Of course, Raza thinks he can re-create the program and improve it, with a willing Rory as first patient.
At first results are encouraging. The tumor is shrinking and the only side effects are hallucinations and constant vomiting. Then the hallucinations get worse. Rory begins to imagine awful things and his dead sister starts to haunt him with childhood accusations. Strange desires manifest in Rory as well as even stranger abilities. His personality and temperament begin to change in negative fashion. Power and control fantasies. Paranoia. Betrayal. Anger. Sex, drugs and alcohol binging.
Scripter Milligan runs his protagonist through the gauntlet before the final pages when Rory confronts the source of his anguish as things begin to pile up.
There is a tremendous amount of change that occurs in just 24 pages. The main character has enough happen to him to fill several issues, but the creative Peter Milligan only needs the first issue to let it all out.
It's hard to imagine what is going to happen next. I just know I plan to be there to find out and most likely be surprised and amazed.

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