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     This Saturday, I’ll  be heading to Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, Delaware for a noon signing / meet-and-greet with three authors who specialize in the genres of popular culture that we BC Refugees enjoy.

          Who will be there? - - - - GREG COX . . . .  LANCE PARKIN . . . . . and DAVE THOMPSON.

   All the details, information, address, etc.  can be found here:


     Of the three, I’ve only met Greg Cox before, at a previous library signing in Oxford, PA. -  where I live and so does Greg.   Greg is well-known for writing the paperback novelizations of many superhero and science fiction movies (Daredevil, Star Trek, Terminator, the upcoming Final Crisis novelization) and is currently working on some new fiction set in the Terminator universe.

     Lance Parkin has authored many Doctor Who novels, as well as non-fiction about Star Trek and Alan Moore.

     Dave Thompson is mostly known for his extensive rock biographies, of which the most recent is the Kurt Cobain (Nirvana) story.  I’m most interested in meeting Dave, as collecting music and attending concerts is my #1 hobby  (even more than comics - - believe it or not).


  1. Lots of fun. Very interesting creators. I'm working on a write-up - - just need to find the time.


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