A rare 3.5 stars from me for Star Trek...

Just saw Star Trek: "The new version movie" and absolutely loved it. As many of you know, I'm not good on seeing movies in the theater. I haven't checked the extras yet, but they look extensive.

A couple of problems from a geek standpoint, but solid acting, good characterization and dazzling visuals made for a great movie. Thoroughly enjoyed it, and would recommend it to all, and you don't need alot of "Trekkie" knowledge to enjoy it. There are a couple of inside-jokes they threw in there for fanboys, but nothing too important to the story. BTW, Jeff was impressed too, so it's not me.

And I did enjoy the comics prequel "Countdown", written by the same team that did the movie. IF you have a chance to pick it up cheap, read it in bookstore or library, it does shine some light on the villain's motive that the film didn't have time for.

All in all, check it out if you haven't, and I think you'll be very entertained.


  1. I wrote an extremely brief review here after I saw this in the theater, mainly because I had so much fun that I didn't feel like overanalyzing it, but I'm sure I'll have more to say once I have time to watch it again on DVD.

  2. I saw it in the theater and also recommend it highly. It's actually my favorite of all the Star Trek movies - - i love the rebellious side of Captain Kirk.


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