Quick update and a question...

Hey guys,

Earlier, Jeff was kind enough to add me a poster, then shortly after my old PC died. I have a library a block away, so I got to use their PC, but didn't have time to follow up here and let me tell you, taking 4 kids to the library everyday is quite a task. Anyway, a couple quick points:

First, for anyone reading here that I didn't have their e-mail, I'm trying to make up for lost time by having everybody who is available meet @ the Chick-Fil-A in Downingtown Monday 11/16 at 11:30. It will be good to see everyone again.

Second, BC has re-opened 8 stores with paid-up-front, long leases, including the Exton store. They are talking about selling comics there, and have asked to meet with me to discuss it. I doubt I would be interested, but I will keep you posted. Assuming I decline, would any of you be interested in running it for them? Just LMK and we'll see what happens.

Third, my wife and I are both out of F/T work so I have plenty of time now if you need help with anything.

Fourth, some of you many remember Tony Conaway, a loyal BC customer and very well-known writer/comedian. I've wanted to link his blog before so here it is: http://wayneaconaway.blogspot.com/

And lastly, can someone explain where to find out how "Ultimate" Peter is back? Was it in the "Requiem" post-Ultimatum series? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks and back to the regular reviews/info, etc...


  1. If I remember correctly, Peter turns up alive at the end of "Requiem" and then the new series starts six months later (after a lot of the city has been rebuilt) with him front and center.

  2. No explanation given then? Even though I trust BMB to explain it well enough, that still is disappointing to hear. And I've been very hesitant to pick up the new one because I REAAALLLY don't like the art.

  3. I understand you dislike of the art, but the quality of the writing makes it tolerable for me (at least for now). You trust BMB to explain it after he left countless threads hanging at the end of SECRET INVASION? Don't hold you breath, Brian.
    Manage a comics store for someone else? Are you CRAZZZZZZZZYYY????
    Sorry I can't make it on Monday. I'm got a training commitment. Hope to hear from you more often, though.

  4. It wasn't the sort of thing that required an elaborate explanation: Peter's tough, he survived the destruction, but they didn't find him until the Ultimates dug through the rubble in that area.

  5. Hi! I'd love to make it there, but I've got work in West Chester--wouldn't be able to make it.


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