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Shane and I have been posting links to more information about the Marvelman situation in the comments of my original post, for anyone who’s interested. I probably won’t spend a lot of effort making news posts here, since CBR and Newsarama do that so well, but this seemed like an extra big deal and I knew some of you would be interested.

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  1. So what is going on with Marvelman, lately... anything? It seems when Disney bought Marvel all talk of MM suddenly ended. Some rumors of Millar writing the series next year, can that be?

  2. I think they can afford to be patient about doing new MM stories, and as far as reprints go my understanding is that, because of British copyright law, they have to get permission from each individual creator. Which seems like it's probably a pretty time-consuming process. (Not to mention the fact that Alan Moore wants his name taken off the material, which could affect sales, so Marvel may be trying to negotiate with him too.)

    I've heard the Millar rumors too, and I don't know -- it seems like his comics work at this point is pretty focused on things that can make him money as movies too, so my guess is that he wouldn't want to delve into another company property at this point. (And more power to him -- it's nice work if you can get it.)


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