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Marvelman Now A Part of Marvel Comics!

The biggest news of Comic Con International in San Diego was revealed moments ago and jaws are still on the floor-the world-renowned super hero Marvelman is now part of the Marvel Comics family! Marvel Comics has purchased the rights to Marvelman from creator Mick Anglo and his representatives, finding a home for one of the most sought after heroes in graphic fiction!

"It is an honor to work with Mick Anglo to bring his creation to a larger audience than ever before," said Dan Buckley, CEO & Publisher, Print, Animation & Digital Media, Marvel Entertainment Inc. "Fans are in for something special as they discover just what makes Marvelman such an important character in comic book history."

Originally created in 1954 by Mick Anglo and appearing in some of the most celebrated comic stories of all time, Marvelman is Micky Moran, a young reporter gifted with the power to save the world by simply uttering the word "kimota"!

"I did not think it would ever happen," said Mick Anglo. "It's a wonderful thing to see my creation finally back."

Marvelman is back and he's found a new home at Marvel Comics! What's next for Mick Anglo's legendary creation? Stay tuned to Marvel.Com ( for all the news on Marvelman and this exciting new addition to the Marvel family!

And to join in the celebration, visit the Marvel Shop ( to purchase limited edition Marvelman t-shirts! Plus, this September, don't miss the Marvelman by Quesada Poster exclusively at comic shops everywhere!


  1. I wonder if anyone will see this comment? Either way, this is probably the appropriate place to put it, because I don't think it's quite worth a new blog entry.

    Neil Gaiman is actually very happy about Marvel buying the rights to Marvelman, and he looks forward to maybe even getting a chance to complete his story there. Given that most people wouldn't be interested in the original Anglo stuff without the Moore/Gaiman/etc material, this looks like a positive step in the right direction.

  2. I'm subscribed to the comments RSS feed, so I see everyone's new comments, but I don't know if anyone else notices them on old posts. (I put one on Mike's "Stuff of Legends" post today, and I wonder if he'll see it.)

    Anyway, my guess is that Marvel's lawyers must think they have a pretty good case to be able to reprint all the Marvelman material or they wouldn't have spent the money for the rights. I think British copyright law is such that they'll have to track down all the individual creators and get reprint permission, but I don't think that'll be a problem. As you say, Gaiman is into it and I know Mark Buckingham has said online that he's excited too. Alan Moore hasn't objected to any of the "Captain Britain" reprint volumes, so I don't think he would cause trouble with this.

    Of course Todd McFarlane could try to screw it up by suing, but as I say I think Marvel is prepared for that (and they could definitely outspend him on legal fees.)

  3. I was not aware that you could subscribe to an RSS feed for the comments! It will make me keeping up with this blog so, so much easier.

  4. There should be "Posts" and "Comments" options available under "Subscribe" in the sidebar.

  5. Rich Johnston wrote about the outstanding legal issues on his site today. I still say Marvel will move heaven and earth to get the Moore/Gaiman stuff back in print because they can sell them in bookstores forever. (Look how many copies of Watchmen DC sold last year.)

  6. More today from Steve Bissette's blog. He's been in contact with some of the other Marvelman creators, which he can't talk about publicly, but he does rebut Erik Larsen's charges from the Image message board. (Basically Larsen says McFarlane is the good guy and Gaiman is a jerk, which is hard to believe.)


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