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New Comic Wednesday Review: A new STAR TREK book



STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION: MIRROR WORLD #1  (IDW Publishing, May 17 release date)  Written by David Tipton & Scott Tipton.  Art & Color by J. K. Woodward.  Letters by AndWorld Design.


   This is the book that sold out at the distributor level, and is already scheduled for a second printing. As a service to my readers, I take an advance look (digital copy courtesy of IDW) in order to answer the question on some of your minds = “Should I try to get a copy of the first printing?” 


     If you pre-ordered, you’re all set.  Read and enjoy.  For the rest of us, that depends on your level of interest in the Star Trek world.  Keep in mind that you won’t have to wait long for the second printing. You can pre-order a copy of that now. If you’re a big Star Trek fan, don’t wait. Try to find a copy.  If you’re just curious (as I was) you can probably afford to wait. 


   The story takes place in a Mirror World, a copy of the Star Trek universe with some important differences.  The big change as far as The Next Generation version goes is a slightly different crew aboard the ISS Stargazer (and not the Enterprise). Captain Jean-Luc Picard is still in charge, but wearing a goatee as well as a sleeveless muscle shirt (new crew attire).  The android Data is now second-in-command. 


   A two-page summary outlines the differences in this universe.  The Empire has replaced the Federation, and is very profit-minded and power-driven. The Vulcan Spock later took over as Imperial Commander and put in place reforms to make the Empire more diplomatic and peaceful.  However, a Klingon-Cardassian alliance all but wiped out the Imperial fleet, with only a handful of ships remaining. 


     Morale is low aboard the Stargazer, and crew members are wary and suspicious.  A rumor has been circulating about an advanced new warship, of which the name may or may not surprise you. 


  The Mirror World Picard still uses the same catch-phrases but is rougher and less caring, a bit of a schemer/manipulator in the first issue. When The Stargazer encounters a disabled Cardassian cruiser, readers familiar with The Next Generation series will be surprised by what happens.




 STORY:  There is quite a bit of set-up required before this story can get underway, and most of the first issue is dedicated to doing just that.  That indicates to me that this should be a complex and engaging plot.   2 POINTS

ART: The art is gorgeous.  The best words I can find to describe it are “photo-realistic”.  On some pages, I had the suspicions that some character shots of the main series actors were photo-shopped and cropped onto the drawn bodies. However, some extra feature pages in the back give testimony to the artistry at work here. 2.5 POINTS.

COVER:  Nice head shot of Picard that features the changes in his appearance. 1 POINT.

READ AGAIN?  Yes. Maybe wait until the series concludes and read it over, but there’s enough here to enjoy again. 1 POINT.

RECOMMEND?  A 100% ironclad recommendation to ST:TNG fans. To others, if you like space opera and science-fiction stories, you’ll want to check this out.  1 POINT.

TOTAL RATING: 7.5 POINTS. Worth checking out.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Second BARBIE graphic novel debuts in June



EDITOR’S NOTE:  In my search to find worthwhile books for the younger audience, I sometimes locate finds such as this.  Barbie has to be the biggest doll line ever made.  My younger sister had one during her childhood, and I won’t make her mad by saying  how long ago that was. The Barbie name should attract a ton of younger readers to graphic novels, and if the storyline teaches some valuable life lesson, even better . . . .

From the official Papercutz press release . . . . . .

Alright guys and dolls, are you ready to have your minds blown? Did you know that one Barbie doll is sold every three seconds? Did you know that the number of Barbie dolls in the world could circumnavigate the globe?

There sure are a lot of Barbies, and luckily for you, we’ve got another! On June 20th, we’ll be releasing the second volume of our flagship BARBIE graphic novel series: “Big Dreams, Best Friends!”

This volume, written by Sarah Kuhn and illustrated by Yishan Li, finds Barbie living her dream, designing outfits for a rock star’s big tour! But when Barbie experiences designer’s block, and can’t get in the stitch of things, the whole tour is threatened. She wanted to make some show-stopping designs, but she didn’t think that would be taken literally!


To get back on track, Barbie partners up with the band’s talented but shy drummer, who can’t seem to perform as well in the costume given to her. She just doesn’t feel like herself, and Barbie must design something that will help the drummer get back to rockin’. Will Barbie and the drummer be able to overcome their anxieties before the curtain goes up?

“Big Dreams, Best Friends” is a wonderful story about staying true to yourself and embracing your sense of individualism. Join Barbie as she navigates the glamorous, thrilling backstage world of fashion, music, and celebrity!


Cullen Bunn involved in Kickstarter revival of WARLOCK 5

Ragnarok Fires Up "Warlock 5" With Cullen Bunn and Jimmy Z Johnston



KANSAS, UNITED STATES (26th April, 2017)

 On the 26th April, Ragnarok Publications launched a Kickstarter campaign for a reimagining of Warlock 5. Originally created by Gordon Derry & Denis Beauvais, Warlock 5 was published by Barry Blair, a Canadian comic book publisher, artist and writer, known for launching Aircel Comics in the 1980s. CULLEN BUNN and JIMMY Z JOHNSTON co-write this relaunched fantasy adventure while JEFFREY EDWARDS takes on the artwork with colors by ANDY POOLE.

The campaign seeks to fund the reinvention of this classic fantasy masterpiece, full of rivalry, betrayal, magic, dragons, and killer robots. The goal is to create a 60-page full-color original graphic novel with an entrancing action-packed narrative that will please both newcomers and fans of the early series.

“The Grid.

A mystical nexus, a crossroads connecting all times, all realities. Along the ley lines of the Grid, the multiverse clusters.

To move along the Grid is to move from one reality to the next. To harness the power of the Grid is to harness the awesome might of creation.

Five touchstone realities exist at focal points along the Grid. From each of these realities, a Warlock is chosen to act as one of five Guardians.

Savasthar, a shapeshifting dragon-like being.

Doomidor, a warlord from the Dark Ages.

Argon, an advanced cybernetic organism from a techno-hell.

Tanith, an ageless sorceress.

Zania, a power-mad, machine gun necromancer.

Together, the Warlocks protect the Grid, thereby protecting all of space and time. They are the last line of defense against the awful forces of chaos that lurk in the darkness outside the Grid.

There’s only one problem.

They hate each other.”

This project is part of The Barry Blair Library, (http://outlandentertainment.com/project/barry-blair-library/) which provides a collection of approximately 300 issues and over 6000 pages of content collected from over a half-dozen publishers that Blair worked on through the 1980s and 90s. Prepare yourself to read works such as Blood N Guts“, “Demon Hunter“, “Dragonring“,  “Elflord” and Gun Fury” for the first time in digital format.

Cullen & Johnston keep the story faithful to Blair’s work, while Edwards illustrates the most exhilarating multiverse scenes, all brought to life by Poole’s colors.

The new Warlock 5 series is something every comic fan will want.

Grab your exclusive perks at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1124066364/warlock-5-comic-written-by-cullen-bunn-deadpool-x

  # # #

Ragnarok Publications, founded in 2013 by Joseph Martin and Tim Marquitz, publishes genre fiction and has released about 50 titles from dozens of authors. They specialize in genre fiction and can be reached at https://www.ragnarokpub.com



COMIC SHOP COMMENTARY: Pre-Orders and Subscriptions


EDITOR’S NOTE:  If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you probably have noticed that I’ve been working towards posting more opinion pieces in addition to the usual fare.  I’ve also reached out to comic shop owners, podcasters, and fandom in general and offered them a chance to share their point of view.  Guest writer RANDY GRACE is the manager of THE MAROON HORNET in Oxford, PA - - a brand new comic store that opened it’s doors in October 2016.  Let’s hear from Randy . . . . .


        A recent article on the BC Refugees blog offered some opinions on pre-orders and subscriptions, and questioned if they are a good idea.  I was invited to comment, and share my viewpoint as a comic shop manager.


     Pre-orders and subscriptions are an integral part of being able to gauge public interest in a title. Knowing in advance that an ordered item has a guaranteed sale helps store owners pay the monthly bill.  Then, we can take what is left over (after expenses) and apply it towards ordering interesting new books.  We can then afford to bring in an obscure title that we want to give a chance to see if it will sell.  Having a known income allows us the comfort level to go out on a limb every now and then.


     The only drawback to this happens when a customer pre-orders and then doesn’t come in to pick it up.  As a new store, all of our orders are C.O.D., paid for on the day of delivery to us.   From that point on, we own it. We cannot return unsold books to the distributor.


   We don’t ask customers to pre-pay for items they order or subscribe to. We take 100 percent of the risk on these transactions.  Usually, that risk is respected and rewarded by our customers, which we are very thankful for. For every 100 subscriptions/special orders, 98 percent are picked up quickly by our customers.  It’s a great show of loyalty to us, and we greatly appreciate it. 


     The two percent that don’t pick up their items may not have an immediate effect on our store. But, after three months of attempts to contact with no response - -  things can begin to add up. 


     For example, we receive around 400 subscriptions/special order items per month.  On average, eight of these are left in customer holding files.  We won’t put them on the shelf at the end of the month, because some customers may only be able to visit us once per month.  Or, maybe our email reminder is going into their spam folder.  We just keep the faith and hope to hear back from the customer.


     After three months, our chance to sell that comic book or item at retail price is gone.  Most likely, it will end up in a discount bin.  That revenue is lost forever.


    Customers that don’t pick up their pre-orders affect the other customers. The guaranteed sale from a pre-order/subscription allows us to take a little risk with bringing in some lesser known titles. Without that comfort level, we may only order five copies of a potentially worthwhile book or none at all. Without the cushion that pre-orders provides, we can’t go out on a limb and take chances.


   We don’t mind if customers can’t pick up what they ordered, but a no reply creates a problem. Their notification at least gives us a chance to get the item sold at the price we need to.  


    To those customers, we say:  “Just Tell Us.”  We all have bills to pay and mouths to feed. We get it.  Those priorities come first.  Even a call or email to say “I know it is there, but I still want it and can’t get it until next month” is acceptable.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to the local shop. And please don’t be afraid to come in the store after something like this happens. 


     We value you as a customer.  We won’t shake you down like the Kingpin or be more self-righteous than Superman!  Managing a comic book store is challenging. But the relationships that are made there are ones that I will cherish and keep forever. 

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BC looks at DC REBIRTH, Part 3: The Special Issue


EDITOR’S NOTE:  As the one-year anniversary of this book gets closer (May 25), I review the one-shot annual-sized comic that preceded the transition from the darker New 52 universe to the more optimistic Rebirth universe.  I’ll follow this up later with some reviews of the initial individual Rebirth issues and the series that they jump-started . . . . . . .


DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH #1 Written by Geoff Johns, with art from Gary Frank, Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, and Phil Jimenez.


SUMMARY: The entire issue reads as a narrative from the viewpoint of the pre-Flashpoint Wally West, missing and forgotten during the last five years of the DC New 52 universe. The story centers on Wally’s attempt to break free of the Speed Force and cross back over into current continuity. There are also several side journeys, or interludes, throughout the book that hint at new templates for some existing characters like Blue Beetle, The Atom, and the Justice Society.  


     Wally West reaches out to several persons from his past, beginning with Batman and followed by Johnny Thunder, his former lover Linda, Captain Boomerang, Cyborg, Dick Grayson, and Kid Flash (the other Wally West), before a final desperate effort with the Barry Allen Flash. It takes eight pages before he succeeds at re-entering the plane of existence, eight emotionally-charged pages of the best writing in the entire book. Artists Jimenez and Frank bring the scene to vivid life with the tearful reunion of West and Allen.


     There’s a shock ending as Batman walks through the Batcave as if he’s looking for a vital piece of evidence while the narrative captions contain the words of Wally West to Barry Allen.  West’s speech contains a possible explanation for the last five years of the New 52 Universe, as Wally puts forth his theory that outside forces tampered with things and weakened the universe so that they can attack later. In the final splash panel of Chapter Four, Batman finds a bloody smiley face button stuck within the rocks of the Batcave, as Wally concludes “. . . we’re being watched.”


     The short epilogue makes even more of a connection to the Watchmen universe with suggestive panels, finally ending with a drop of blood on a yellow clock face.   So, has Dr. Manhattan been tampering with the DCU as so many internet fan sites have speculated?  This issue hasn’t been touched within the various Rebirth titles until just now.  Upon the first anniversary of Rebirth, a new storyline titled “The Button” is beginning in both the Batman and Flash titles.  We shall see.  


THE VERDICT: It works very well, for the most part.  The book is beautiful to look at, and each of the four artists really put forth their best efforts. Despite all the information and updates that are jammed into the story, the pacing still works and the story moves forward without causing the reader to be pulled out of it. However, that may only work for readers already familiar enough with the DC universe to understand the current place of all these characters in it. I’m an occasional reader of these titles, but have been reading DC comics for decades. I didn’t have any trouble keeping things straight. A new or casual reader may become confused. But after repeated readings they should be able to grasp everything, and use this book like a Bible. 


THE DOWNSIDE:  I’m not happy about The Watchmen universe being dragged into this.  It’s one of my favorite series and I’d prefer that it be left alone.  I’m fine with the way it ended.  A few years back, DC tried to revive this by publishing several Before Watchmen limited series.  I bought the books and then ignored them. I just didn’t have the heart to read them, worried that they would diminish the greatness that was Allan Moore’s Watchmen and somehow tarnish its reputation. I’m going to read them eventually.  And, I’ll probably check out “The Button” storyline - - but I have a bad feeling about this. 



 STORY:  Geoff Johns (the ultimate DC fanboy, and one hell of a good writer) is the perfect choice to sort all this out and lead readers into the next big thing - - he pulls it off!  2.5 POINTS

ART:  Some of DC’s best artists are right here. Each team illustrates a different chapter.  The art is dynamic, the colors vivid, and the transitions between different artists per chapter is smooth.  3 POINTS.

COVER: Been to the Sistine Chapel lately?  If Michelangelo was still alive, he should ask DC for a royalty fee.  But a great choice of homage cover and very appropriate to the storyline. 1.5 POINTS.

READ AGAIN?  Yes. Multiple readings are required for full appreciation. 1 POINT.

RECOMMEND?  Yes. Essential if you are going to read any parts of the DC Rebirth. Yes, for 70 pages of good super-hero story for just $2.99. (First printing) Even the reprints are a good value at $5.99.  1 POINT.

TOTAL RATING: 9 POINTS. Near perfect. 

BC Picks for JULY 2017 Books


EDITOR’S NOTE:  Here is a list of upcoming books that I feel are worth your attention. Some readers may look this over and note the majority are IDW titles. That’s because they are publishing some of the most interesting debut books in this particular month. Most of the books on this list are titles that I expect to be under-ordered by local comic book shops - - so if you want a copy the best way to insure that is to pre-order now in May. . . . . . . .




KIRBY: KING OF COMICS ANNIVERSARY EDITION Written by Mark Evanier.  $24.99 softcover.  If you missed picking up the 2009 hardcover, large-sized edition of this book, now is your chance to score a copy. It’s essential reading for anyone who wants to know more about the man with a skill set that went far behind illustration. He was also a dynamic pioneer of story-telling, and possessed an incredible creative imagination.  KIRBY: KING OF COMICS won the 2009 Eisner Award for Best Comics-Related Book. 




UNHOLY GRAIL #1  Written by Cullen Bunn. Art by Mirko Colak.  A Lovecraft spin on the King Arthur legend. I love both of these mythos.  Should be an entertaining blend.




49TH KEY Trade Paperback. Written by Erika Lewis. Art by K. Woodward. This was a popular serial that ran through Heavy Metal issues, now collected in a 120-page volume at a reasonable price of $9.99. Based on the 16th century legend of Enochian magic, a secret language of angels.




DIABLO HOUSE #1  Written by Ted Adams.  Art by Santiperez.  Promises a more adult spin on classic horror comics. Stand-alone horror tales, hosted by a ghastly surf-bum.


SAUCER COUNTRY Trade Paperback. Written by Paul Cornell. Art by Ryan Kelly.  300 pages. $29.99  I’m looking forward to reading the first issue of SAUCER STATE later this month, which continues the story that began here. SAUCER COUNTRY reprints the initial run of Vertigo Comic’s tale of alien abduction, politics and mystery.


DREAD GODS #1  Written by Ron Marz.  Art by Tom Raney & Bart Sears.  It’s the beginning of the Ominous Press line of books, crafted by the same creative team and featuring a blend of science-fiction and fantasy with epic heroes.  This was previewed at the 2016 Baltimore Comic-Con. The artwork on display was just incredible. 


TIME & VINE #1  Written and illustrated by Thom Zahler.  Drink a glass of wine and travel back in time to the year it was bottled. A new work by a great creator of whimsical fantasy.


BEHIND YOU: ONE-SHOT HORROR STORIES  Written and illustrated by Brian Coldrick.  Hardcover. 152 pages. $15.99. This collects the popular webcomic that began in early 2015 and has amassed some high-profile fans from within the horror genre. Each story is composed of one illustration and one piece of text. 


HAP AND LEONARD: SAVAGE SEASON  Written by Joe R. Lansdale. Art by Jussi Piironen. Trade paperback. 128 pages. $17.99  This is the first graphic novel of the popular crime series that takes place in back country, low income habitats of Texas. Adapted for comics by the series creator and writer, Joe R. Lansdale. If you’ve never read his works, you are in for a treat. I’ve read this novel twice, and watched the first season of the HAP AND LEONARD television series, which also adapts Savage Season- and still can’t get enough. Looking forward to this, even though I know the storyline and outcome very well.




KILL OR BE KILLED, VOLUME 2  Written by Ed Brubaker.  Art by Sean Phillips and Elizabeth Breitweiser.  Trade Paperback. 160 pages. $14.99. Brubaker's tale of an unlikely vigilante will get under your skin.  A skillful examination of the mental state of the main character. Plus plenty of Punisher-like action and drama.  You can start here, but after reading this you will be seeking out Volume 1 to learn of the beginnings of this conflicted and fascinating individual. 

Meet the BC REFUGEES braintrust at Comics Flea Market

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I will be there for this event, selling comics from my personal collection at bargain prices. Ever wondered about the person behind the blog?  Do you dare to meet him face to face?  Hey, I’m not so scary.  Im happy to meet readers.  Please stop by and say hello.  Mention my blog for a free comic (of my choice).  The address of CAPTAIN BLUE HEN COMICS is  280 East Main Street, Newark, Delaware 19711 (302-737-3434).  The flea market takes place in the parking lot . . . . . . . .




Memorial Day FLEA MARKET

9am to 2pm, Monday, May 29



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New STAR TREK book sells out in advance

Star Trek -The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #1 sells out.

Second Printing From IDW Publishing Beaming To Comic Shops

“This year is the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and this comic from IDW is the perfect way to celebrate the occasion.” - Nerdist

San Diego, CA (May 12, 2017) – The Next Generation crew of Star Trek are boldly going to The Mirror Universe! Enter a sleeveless, jacked Captain Jean-Luc Picard, sporting an “evil” goatee, and you have a decidedly new fangled take on the classic Mirror Universe concept made popular by the original Star Trek series.

The Mirror Universe has never been this buff, and the mainstream press took notice:

“A super-buff Picard in a sleeveless muscle shirt? Bring it on.” - LA Times

“Look at those arms. Look at that facial hair. Clearly, this isn’t the Captain Jean-Luc Picard you grew up with, but you can be damned sure that he’s about to become your new favorite. Somehow The Next Generation has gone all Mirror Universe, and we can’t wait to see it in action!” - io9

I'm sorry ... did you miss the word "sleeveless" and "jacked" and "Picard" above? Because yes. Very, very yes. - NPR

Over 100,000 copies of the Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken FCBD prelude issue were given away on Free Comic Book Day and caused a stir among both the media and fans. As a direct result, the debut issue of the “Mirror Broken” limited series has sold out at the distributor level in advance of the on sale date. 

Fans can still head to their comic shop on launch day to snatch up a copy before they are gone or purchase the issue digitally, but for those who miss out on a first edition and would like to collect this groundbreaking issue in print, a second printing has been issued to meet the demand of this highly anticipated debut.

The FCBD prelude was recently spotlighted by multiple outlets as one of the “can’t-miss” giveaways at your local comic shop with the LA TimesNPRNerdistio9Ain’t It Cool NewsCBR, and many more adding it to their top picks.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Mirror Broken #1, written by Scott and David Tipton, with art by J.K. Woodward, goes on sale on May 17, 2017 with the “shattered cover” second printing following on May 31, 2017.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In today’s comic book business model, it’s the pre-sales that are measured.  A “sell-out” simply means that all the copies printed during the first printing have been pre-ordered from the distributor by comic book shops and other outlets.  However, if you want a copy for yourself - - consider this your heads-up notice.  You’ll need to call your local comic shop and ask them to hold a copy for you. Whether they can depends on if they ordered additional books for their shelves.  If all their orders are going to pre-orders or subscribers, then you will have to wait for the second printing.  Don’t forget to pre-order it. Do it now.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

THE PRINCESS BRIDE 30th Anniversary coloring book

80 New Pages To Color Inspired by the Classic Movie

San Diego, CA (May 8, 2017) – Prepare to have fun storming the castle yet again when the follow-up to last year’s breakout fantasy coloring book arrives – The Princess Bride: As You Wish: Memorable Quotes To Color.
Inconceivable as it may be, The Princess Bride is back with even more beautiful illustrations to color. Artist Rachel Curtis once again captures the spirit of one of cinema’s all-time greatest love stories featuring all the fan-favorite characters you love, plus the villains you love to hate. Unleash your creativity onto the pages of unforgettable scenes from the beloved classic. 
“With the overwhelming success of The Princess Bride: A Storybook to Color, we wanted to follow it up with something even more unique for coloring enthusiasts to enjoy,” says IDW VP of New Product Development, Jerry Bennington. “This time around, we are serving up an entire coloring book feature all of the most quotable quotes from the film, along with stunning illustrations by Rachel Curtis.”

The Princess Bride: As You Wish: Memorable Quotes to Color is an 80-page deluxe adult coloring book featuring a beautiful gold-foiled cover and upgraded paperstock. The pen and ink illustrations will transport Princess Bride fans and coloring enthusiasts alike into locations ripped straight out of the movie, allowing the colorist to select a color palette of their choosing.

The Princess Bride: As You Wish: Memorable Quotes to Color will be in stores this September.

TP • BW • $16.99 • 80 Pages • 9.8” x 9.8”• ISBN: 978-1-68405-071-0

Animated Trailer for SECRET WEAPONS #1, coming on June 28

Watch the Video

Valiant is proud to present the official animated trailer for SECRET WEAPONS #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of THE MUST-READ NEW SERIES from Academy Award-nominated writer Eric Heisserer (screenwriter of the international smash-hit ARRIVAL and the upcoming BLOODSHOT and HARBINGER feature films from Sony Pictures) and visionary artist Raul Allen (WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR) with Patricia Martin (BLOODSHOT REBORN)! On June 28th, Valiant’s most important new series of the summer joins THE ROAD TO HARBINGER WARS 2 – the publisher’s seismic 2018 crossover event – as Livewire steps to the fore to lead an extraordinary new team of Harbinger Foundation escapees…and reveals a hidden, high-stakes corner of the Valiant Universe never before explored…

“Eric and Raul are taking the craft of comics storytelling to a new level with SECRET WEAPONS #1 – together, they might just be one of the finest teams working together anywhere in the sequential art medium at the moment,” said Valiant CEO & Chief Creative Officer Dinesh Shamdasani. “The importance of the events they’re building with the series only continue to grow and are already reverberating outward… Together with HARBINGER RENEGADE, this series will be a major component in what contributes to the coming of HARBINGER WARS 2 in 2018. From Livewire’s heightened profile to the emergence of a powerful new team of psiots, pay close attention to SECRET WEAPONS #1 as THE ROAD TO HARBINGER WARS 2 ramps up in June, July, and beyond.”

The government has dispatched Amanda McKee – the technopath codenamed Livewire – to investigate the ruins of a secret facility formerly run by Toyo Harada, the most powerful telepath on Earth and her former mentor. In his quest for world betterment at any cost, Harada sought out and activated many potential psiots like himself. Those who survived, but whose powers he deemed to have no value to his cause, were hidden away at this installation. But Livewire, having studied Harada’s greatest strengths and learned his deepest weaknesses, senses opportunity where he once saw failure. A young girl who can talk to birds… A boy who can make inanimate objects gently glow… To others, these are expensive disappointments. But, to Livewire, they are secret weapons…in need of a leader. Now, as a mechanized killer called Rex-O seeks to draw them out, Livewire and her new team of cadets will be forced to put their powers into action…in ways they never could have imagined…

On June 28th, the secret is out as Eric Heisserer – the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of ARRIVAL – and Raul Allen and Patricia Martin – the Harvey Award-nominated art team behind WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR – send Livewire and Valiant’s newest team of upstarts charging into a tooth-and-nail fight for survival in SECRET WEAPONS #1 (of 4) ­– featuring covers by Raul Allen (NINJAK), Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic (Thor), Roberto De La Torre (Daredevil), and Bryan Hitch (The Authority)!


SECRET WEAPONS #1 (of 4) – Cover A by Raul Allen

SECRET WEAPONS #1 (of 4)  – Cover B by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic

SECRET WEAPONS #1 – Interior Art by Raul Allen with Patricia Martin

SECRET WEAPONS #1 – Interior Art by Raul Allen with Patricia Martin

SECRET WEAPONS #1 – Interior Art by Raul Allen with Patricia Martin

SECRET WEAPONS #1 – Interior Art by Raul Allen with Patricia Martin

SECRET WEAPONS #1 – Interior Art by Raul Allen with Patricia Martin

SECRET WEAPONS #1 – Interior Art by Raul Allen with Patricia Martin

SECRET WEAPONS #1 – Interior Art by Raul Allen with Patricia Martin

RAZOR to travel from graphic novel to big screen



     Tent-pole filmmaker Rob Cohen will direct RAZOR and wrote the screenplay based on the bestselling comic book franchise “Razor.”
     Cohen is partnering with THE CROW producer, Jeff Most of Most Films, to produce the film. Number 11 Films is fully financing and handling worldwide sales on RAZOR as the first film under a new sales and  financing partnership it has established with Lotus Entertainment. The companies will be introducing the project to buyers at the upcoming MarchĂ© du Film.

RAZOR is based on two of Everette Hartsoe’s comic book series, “Razor” and “Stryke”.

     “Razor” defined a new genre in comics known as “Bad Girl” comics, and “Razor” remains one of the biggest bad girl comic book characters of all time with sales of over 6 million comic books sold worldwide.
     Cohen is best-known for creating and directing the debut films for THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS and XXX franchises. His career box office exceeds $1.4 billion. Inspired by his experience writing and developing RAZOR, Cohen has recently become a successful comic book creator with his critically praised comic book series “Red Dog”.

     "I have loved RAZOR since its first publication. It has operatic themes, female empowerment, revenge, action, a love story, all shrouded in a delicious darkness that fits our time,” says Cohen.
     In addition to sharing the same producer as THE CROW, there is a shared history between the“Razor” and “The Crow” characters, and the graphic novelists themselves. Everette Hartsoe and James O’Barr were inspired to create the comics, “Razor” and “The Crow”, respectively, due to the loss of someone dear to them.
     In James O’Barr’s case, it was the unsolved loss of his fiancĂ© by a hit and run driver that lead to the creation of “The Crow”. With Everette Hartsoe, it was the tragic murder of his younger sister when Everette was 15 years old. To mourn his sister’s death, Everette created, “Razor”, a dangerous young woman who is impervious to pain.
     “Razor” and “The Crow” appeared in a series of crossover comics that lead to a shared universe and a #1 selling graphic novel, “The Crow/ Razor.” Other producers on RAZOR include Philip Lee (THE DARK KNIGHT; THE REVENANT), Jim Steele (THE ARRIVAL) and Sean Lydiard (OFFICE UPRISING).

     Lotus Entertainment and Keith Wells’ Number 11 Films are setting up a sales and financing partnership to produce and finance 3-4 films annually,  with budgets in the $5M-$40M range.

     Wells is a successful entrepreneur who has launched and exited businesses in several industries and has a strong network of relationships in the finance and investment communities.  “I’m excited to be announcing RAZOR as the debut project under this new venture with Lotus. I look forward to this being the first of many projects on which we collaborate in both film and television”, says Wells, the President and Founder of Number 11 Films.

     “RAZOR is a fast paced, high concept action movie based on a very successful underlying IP and with a director who has proven himself in this genre time and again. We are pleased to be launching this new venture with Number 11 Films with RAZOR and look forward to working together on this and many other projects in the future” stated Jim Seibel co-chairman of Lotus Entertainment.

About Lotus Entertainment:
Over the past 12 years, Bill Johnson and Jim Seibel have built an expansive body of work in financing, production and international distribution of major motion pictures. Working with A-list actors, directors and producers, Seibel and Johnson have arranged production financing in excess of $700 million through their impressive filmography. With its experienced management team Lotus actively develops, produces, finances and sells top tier content across film, television and digital platforms. Additionally, Lotus has a management division which focuses on writers and directors. Lotus is currently in post-production on Keanu Reeves starrer REPLICAS and is awaiting release this year of KIDNAP starring Halle Berry and NOVEMBER CRIMINALS starring Ansel Elgort and Chloe Moretz.
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Kindle adds Guided View to comics reading experience

From the Comixology press release  . . . . .


Digital comic books and graphic novels bought in the Kindle store benefit from the best comic book reading experience available 

ComiXology’s Guided View now available on the Kindle app for iOS, Fire Tablets & Android

SEATTLE, WA – May 9th, 2017 – (NASDAQ: AMZN) – Amazon today announced the Kindle debut of comiXology’s Guided View experience, now available on the Kindle app for iOS, Fire tablets and Android. With this update, Kindle readers can cinematically read from panel-to-panel at their own pace. Each Guided View experience is handcrafted by a comic lover to make sure fans can become immersed in reading their favorite comic books, even on the smallest screen. Guided View is delivered as part of a free, over-the-air update on the Kindle app for iOS, Fire tablets and Android.

“Our customers are passionate about comic books and we continuously look for ways to make their experience even better,” said David Naggar, Vice President, Kindle. “We are excited to debut comiXology’s best-in-class Guided View reading experience on Kindle.”

With Guided View, Kindle comic book fans will be able to lose themselves in over 85,000 digital comics and graphic novels like never before, making reading comics more immersive and enjoyable on any size device. Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading members can experience Guided View on top Kindle comic titles like Lumberjanes, Hellboy, Pathfinder, Peanuts, and Star Trek.

“A good story is magical and you really feel that with comiXology’s Guided View with the way the story flows along,” said Joe Hill, bestselling author of the Locke and Key series of graphic novels. “There is nothing like it in comics, the feel of being swept along through a story. To me that is a kind of magic.”

“Part of realizing our audacious goal of making everyone on earth a comics, graphic novel, or manga fan is bringing the best reading experience to everyone, whether on comiXology or on Kindle,” said David Steinberger, CEO of comiXology, “Kindle comic book and graphic novel readers are going to love it.”

To learn more, visit: https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=15526968011

CLONSTERS begins Kickstarter campaign