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TRUNK OR TREAT event in Newark, DE on Oct 22

Family-Friendly Event on October 22
EDITOR'S NOTE:  Here’s a different way to celebrate Halloween at a local comic book shop.  Like Snickers bars and Super-Heroes. Hey, what could be better?Trunk or Treat at Captain Blue Hen Comics

Captain Blue Hen Comics and Superdojo Martial Arts are TEAMING UP for an afternoon of fun as we Trunk or Treat and show off our costumes!

Why are we doing something this? Because getting cool people together that care about their community and keeping kids safe is PRIORITY!

What do you have to do? First of all, SOME families go all out and make their trunks look RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.Other families just want to help out and make kids happy, so they throw some pumpkins in and create low-budget trunk set ups. Both are fantastic ways to get involved. We'll park our cars, pop open the trunk and hand out candy.

There will be PRIZES for the families that have the coolest trunk decoration (but, again, you don't have to shoot for 1st place, it's awesome i…

Preview of CHLOE VOL 2 coming in November

CHLOE VOL. 2: "The Queen of High School"In stores November 28th! EDITOR’S NOTE:  More news on what’s happening at Papercutz, courtesy of our friend Michelle Hart, Marketing Coordinator . . . . . . .Happy Monday! This fall we began "Phase 2" of our CHARMZ imprint with the release of all-new series like ANA AND THE COSMIC RACE and THE SCARLET ROSE. Now we're getting ready to show off some sequels to the first round of series, starting with the wildly popular CHLOE. Chloe Brin, the protagonist, desires popularity and we're sure she'd be thrilled to know that her book series is so well-liked!Whether it’s starting up her own blog, or being whisked away for a family ski vacation, Chloe Blin is always finding new friends and worrying about how to hold on to old ones. Will Alex, her boyfriend, stay true even when he’s at another school?For fans of Archie and The Babysitters ClubChloe continues to delight readers with realistic tween struggles and gentle humor.…

New Comic Wednesday Review: WAR MOTHER #3 from Valiant

WAR MOTHER #3 OF 4  (Valiant Entertainment, October 18 release date)  Writer:  Fred Van Lente.  Artists: Stephen Segovia and Roberto De La Torre.  Color Artist:  Andrew Dalhouse.  Letterer: Dave Sharpe.    Background: Last year (in the 4001 A.D. limited series and one-shots) we were introduced to Ana a.k.a. War Mother, who served as chief warrior and resource collector for The Grove, a communal village established in the aftermath of the 4001 A.D. devastation. Ana is assisted in her endeavors by Flaco, a huge symbiotic sentient rifle that holds conversations with her and acts as unofficial advisor.      Issue #3 maintains the action-oriented pace of Issue #2, ramping up the fight scenes  even more. The difference is the inclusion of further developments in the more “human” relationships.  Ana’s sons learn the truth about their mother, and the relationship between Ana and her husband Ignacio. They get a glimpse of their father’s true feelings - which both disturbs and further prompts t…

Sneak Peek at X-O MANOWAR "Visigoth" story arc

Valiant’s X-O MANOWAR #11 Unleashes “VISIGOTH” with Matt Kindt & Ryan Bodenheim – Beginning in January!
The Year’s Biggest Independent Series Begins 2018 With a Savage New Jumping-On PointValiant is proud to announce X-O MANOWAR (2017) #11 – the FIRST ISSUE of “VISIGOTH,” an ALL-NEW JUMPING-ON POINT for the unrelenting science-fiction juggernaut from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (ETERNITY, Mind MGMT) and spectacular artist Ryan Bodenheim (The Dying & The Dead)! On January 24th, the best-selling new series of 2017 from any independent publisher begins the new year with a crippling new turning point in Aric of Dacia’s yearlong rise from "SOLDIER" to "GENERAL" to "EMPEROR"… Now, exiled from the empire he once conquered and hunted by a band of cold-blooded mercenaries with a price on his head, X-O Manowar’s fall from grace is about to begin with punishing force!Aric of Dacia’s bone-crushing climb to the throne of an alien world earned …

Review: PUNISHER: THE PLATOON from Marvel

PUNISHER: THE PLATOON #1 (Marvel Comics/MAX Comics, October 4 release date) Garth Ennis, writer.  Goran Parlov, Artist.  Jordie Bellaire, colorist.  Rob Steen, Letterer. Goran Parlov & Jordie Bellaire, main cover.  EXPLICIT CONTENT     When I picked up this book, I was expecting more adult-themed and edgy content than the regular Marvel comic provides. I guess it was the MAX logo on the cover and the “explicit content” warning that set up my expectations. Considering that Garth Ennis, former scripter of some of the most violent and graphic Punisher stories ever told, was at the helm my presumptions seem justified. A book about Frank Castle’s time in the Vietnam war seemed alive with possibilities.      However, with one exception, Issue #1 could be an all-ages book.  There is no graphic violence (just a few panels showing an air strike aftermath), no sex, and no filthy language.  It is essentially a set-up issue, laying the groundwork for the story yet to be told. There are plenty…


WORMWOOD GENTLEMAN CORPSE: MR WORMWOOD GOES TO WASHINGTON #1  (IDW Publishing, October 11 release date)  Created, Produced, Written, Drawn, & Muddled Through by Ben Templesmith        It’s been a long absence between appearances of what I consider Ben Templesmith’s greatest original creation: Wormwood, The Gentleman Corpse.  I’ve missed the comedic cosmic horror tales of this well-mannered but eccentric character.       Australian artist Templesmith made an impact with his illustrations in Steve Niles classic vampire tale — 30 DAYS OF NIGHT.  His eerie depictions ramped up Nile’s gritty story to another level entirely. With Wormwood he takes complete responsibility for both story and art— and it appears that he’s having a great time.     Wormwood is a parasitic demigod worm who possesses the ability to travel between dimensions.  He controls dead bodies by burrowing into the host’s head. He usually frequents the body of a well-dressed man, earning him the Gentleman Corpse title.   …

Second printing, second chance to read BLOOD SHOT SALVATION #1

from the official Valiant Entertainment press release . . . . .Retailer Advisory: Valiant’s Latest Smash-Hit Series Returns with BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 Second Printing on November 8th!

Valiant is proud to announce that BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 – the FIRST ISSUE of the BLOCKBUSTER ONGOING SERIES from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire(BLOODSHOT REBORN, Black Hammer) and extraordinary artists Lewis LaRosa (BLOODSHOT REBORN) & Mico Suayan (BLOODSHOT REBORN) – has sold out at the distributor level and will return to store shelves everywhere with the BLOODSHOT SALVATION #1 SECOND PRINTING on November 8th

In the wake of the year’s most successful ongoing and limited series debuts from any independent publisher with titles including X-O MANOWAR (2017) #1 and SECRET WEAPONS #1, Valiant’s ICONS initiative continues here with a bloody and vengeful new era for Jeff Lemire’s Eisner Award-nominated Bloodshot saga! Ray Garrison has escaped his violent past to build the one thing he ne…


SHADOWMAN/RAE SREMMURD #1  (Valiant, October 4 release date)  Writer: Eliot Rahal.  Art: Renato Guedes.  Letters: Dave Lanphear      I’ve only read two single issue stories by Eliot Rahal, but he’s impressing me with his skills.  If I hadn’t already pegged him as the author of my favorite stand-alone story of 2017 so far, then I might be picking this book for those honors.  It comes close.  It just lacks the emotional impact of Rahal’s other story. However, it’s a totally different theme as well as a different tone he utilizes for telling this new story.     In the BLOODSHOT’S DAY OFF one-shot, Rahal showed great compassion in a tale respectful of everyone working in the armed services. (See my review here:  ).  With SHADOWMAN/RAE SREMMURD he merges mythology with music and takes a light-hearted approach to the proceedings.      The story is a tribute to classic tales of individuals who sell their souls t…

More GOOSEBUMPS comics coming in 2018

Writer Jen Vaughn and Artist Michelle Wong scare up 
a new Goosebumps comic series this February
San Diego (October 5, 2017) – IDW Publishing, in association with Scholastic, is releasing the second three-issue arc in R.L Stine’s Goosebumps comic series. “DOWNLOAD AND DIE!” is a brand-new self-contained story set in the Goosebumps universe from the talented duo of writer Jen Vaughn (Adventure Time) and artist Michelle Wong (Tomboy).

In the tradition of the classic “Say Cheese and Die!” story, this spiritual successor takes that concept and puts a digital spin on it for the iPhone generation. Today’s kids will now have to contend with a smartphone app that snaps filtered pictures which depict nightmarish outcomes. In true Goosebumps fashion, the danger is real!

"This Goosebumps tale is going to delve into what makes friends tick and what can drive them apart,” said Vaughn. “What's that saying, 'you can always make new friends?' Well, not when people find out what you did t…


IDW Publishing and Dynamite Entertainment Bring 
Two Iconic Action Lines Together in Comic Book Mini-series
San Diego, CA (October 5, 2017) — Yo, Steve! The Six Million Dollar Man (aka Steve Austin) and G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, are teaming up for a 4-part comic book crossover from IDW and Dynamite Entertainment beginning January 2018.

The series will be scripted by rising star writer Ryan Ferrier (TMNT: Dimension X, Rocko’s Modern Life) with art by SL Gallant, who has achieved an epic run on G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero, alongside legendary G.I. JOE writer, Larry Hama, for over 75 issues.

“To say Shannon and I are having fun with bringing these two iconic properties together would be a massive understatement,” said Ferrier. “We are going full-tilt and no-holds-barred with this story. It's everything we love about G.I. JOE, the classic characters, and massive action, colliding face-first with the steel-infused, secret agent coolness of The Six Million Dollar Man. We are chompi…

AFTERSHOCK at New York Comic Con 2017

AfterShock at New York Comic Con 2017
Headed to New York Comic Con this year? Please join AfterShock as we celebrate the East Coast’s largest pop culture convention and the only one that takes place in New York, the comic book, publishing, media, and licensing capital of the world!
Convention Days/Hours:
• Thursday, October 5: 10am–7pm
• Friday, October 6: 10am–7pm
• Saturday, October 7: 10am–7pm
• Sunday, October 8: 10am–5pmOur Booth: 2238Our New York Comic Con 2017 Exclusives (available at our booth): Animosity Vol #2 Exclusive Dark Ark #1 Exclusive Fu Jitsu #1 Exclusive Signings at Our Booth