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Pre-Order Suggestion: Next X-O MANOWAR story arc: VISIGOTH

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This has been a great read so far, and the pre-order bundle packages come with lots of great extras.  I’m still admiring the great art.  I keep going back to my copies just to study the illustrations.  Great stuff. Here’s your heads-up notice to place your pre—order if you want to be sure to get these. The regular editions don’t have the extras . . . . . . . .  from the Valiant Entertainment press release . . . . .Valiant’s X-O MANOWAR (2017) #10-14 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE Commands “VISIGOTH” with Exclusive Covers, Bonus Content, And More – Beginning in December!

Valiant is proud to present the X-O MANOWAR #10-14 PRE-ORDER EDITION BUNDLE – available only as a pre-order set to fans who reserve the series’ next armor-plated jumping-on point, “VISIGOTH,” with their local comic shop by the initial order date (IOD) of October 26th, 2017!

Beginning this Decemberwith a standalone prelude introducing an all-new band of intergalactic bounty hunters from New York Times best-selli…

Winners of Baltimore Comic Con COSTUME CONTEST

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 27, 2017 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is happy to announce the winners of our 9th Annual Costume Contest. The contest took place this past Saturday, September 23, 2017 for both amateur and professional adults, and Sunday, September 24, 2017 for kids. Visually stunning costumes ranged from classic superheroes to video game and movie characters and beyond, and our contest has proven to be one of the most anticipated events at the show.This year's costume contest separated amateur adults from professional adults, and held a separate contest for amateur kids as well.
The grand prize winner for Best in Show Costume, and the recipient of the $1,000 cash prize, was Matt Yeager for his "Monster Hunter Gen. Dreadking Rathalos" costume. Special thanks go to everyone who entered the contest and showed their support, as well as to our sponsor, Super Hero Stuff and Masters of Ceremonies, Greg Bell and Patrick Storck! Winners for this year's contest inclu…

IDW to release award winning Euro-comic SHADOW KILLER

from the official IDW press release . . . . .
First Volume of Alain Dodier’s Award-Winning Detective Series
Makes Its English Language Debut 

San Diego, CA (September 27, 2017) – Zoom through Paris where mystery and hormones collide for the young detective Jerome K. Jerome Bloche as he hunts a killer in this Angoul√™me International Comics Festival award-winning series, brought to English-speaking audiences for the first time. Jerome K. Jerome Bloche, Vol. 1: The Shadow Killer is now on sale.

The first in a long series of beloved young adult tales — numbering over twenty-five in all! — artist and writerAlain Dodier along with co-scripters Pierre Makyo and Serge Le Tendre bring lovable, affable, and more-than-a-bit-clumsy Jerome K. Jerome Bloche to life with an easy wit. 

Volume One, “The Shadow Killer,” finds Jerome close to completing his detective correspondence course when events lead him into a web of intrigue, artifacts, and mistaken identity. If he can solve this case — maybe he’s rea…

New Comic Wednesday Review: WAR MOTHER #2

WAR MOTHER #2 OF 4  (Valiant Entertainment, September 27 release date)  Writer:  Fred Van Lente.  Artists: Stephen Segovia and Roberto De La Torre.  Color Artist:  Andrew Dalhouse.  Letterer: Dave Sharpe.    Background: Last year (in the 4001 A.D. limited series and one-shots) we were introduced to Ana a.k.a. War Mother, who served as chief warrior and resource collector for The Grove, a communal village established in the aftermath of the 4001 A.D. devastation. Ana is assisted in her endeavors by Flaco, a huge symbiotic sentient rifle that holds conversations with her and acts as unofficial advisor.      After introducing us to more characters and establishing the story thread in Issue #1, Issue #2 wastes no time in getting right to the action and suspense. In searching for a new residence for The Grove, Ana discovers the remains of The Montana, a residential high rise that appears to provide a safe and secure shelter. As soon as Ana contacts The Grove with directions to The Montana,…

Comics and pop culture get a royal treatment in FULL BLEED

EDITOR’S NOTE:  This project has already reached its funding goal, so it’s guaranteed to be published.  With IDW and Diamond Distribution involved it’s as close to a sure thing (and on time) as Kickstarter ever gets.  You still have approximately two weeks to jump onboard if you want to be sure to get a copy of this.  Comic shops may or may not be carrying this item, so do it if you want one . . . . . . . . .FULL BLEED: The Comics & Culture Quarterly FUNDED on Kickstarter! FULL BLEED is a brand-new quarterly, hand-crafted PRINT-ONLY 200-page hardcover “magazine,” curated and edited by IDW Publishing’s Dirk Wood and Ted Adams. By merging the best in comics, fiction, non-fiction, deep dive interviews, opinion, history, think-pieces and more, FULL BLEED will be a reading experience like no other, and a beautiful artisan addition to any bookshelf. Looking through an international lens, but filtered through the unique perspective of the IDW:PDX satellite office in Portland Oregon, FULL…

Pre-Order Suggestion: GUMBY, 50 SHADES OF CLAY

 EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s a book for younger readers that should please the older readers who share this or read it to them. Thanks to  of Papercutz for the heads-up notice. Her comments follow below . . . . .This past weekend, I had the pleasure of manning (or womanning) the Papercutz booth at the Brooklyn Book Festival and got to experience first hand Gumby's cross-generational appeal. On Children's Day especially, I saw parents rush over to our booth and show their children our Gumby comics, flipping through the pages with glee. "I grew up with Gumby," they said, and now a whole new generation of fans will experience the empathy and optimism of the king of claymation! . . . . . Michelle Hart, Papercutz Marketing Coordinator.They say it ain’t easy being green, but Gumby may beg to differ, as he, Pokey, and the gang are back with all-new adventures! Released on November 7th, “50 Shades of Clay,” the first collection of Papercutz’s new Gumby series, brings the magic of …

Valiant at NYCC 2017: Special Merchandise and Giveaways

NYCC 2017: Valiant Unveils Exclusive Enamel Collector’s Pins, Comics, Giveaways, and More for New York Comic Con 2017!
Next week, Valiant is poised to take the Big Apple by storm with an incredible line-up of con-exclusive collectibles and merchandise…available only at New York Comic Con 2017!

From Thursday, October 5th to Sunday, October 8, join the most acclaimed publisher in comics today inside New York City’s Jacob Javits Convention Center at booth#1635 for a comprehensive selection of explosive exclusive, must-have giveaways, action-packed apparel, mesmerizing merchandise, and award-winning comics and graphic novels that adds up to Valiant’s biggest slate of NYCC offerings ever attempted!

First:Visit Valiant for a complete selection of trade paperbacks and deluxe hardcovers from the largest independent superhero universe in comics today, with critically acclaimed and award-winning titles including BLOODSHOT REBORN, BRITANNIA, DIVINITY, FAITH, NINJAK, QUANTUM AND WOODY, X-O MANOWAR, …