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New Comics Wednesday 11/30: MOON KNIGHT Volume 1 from Marvel

MOON KNIGHT #1 - 5 (Marvel Comics, July - October 2016) Writer: Jeff Lemire.  Artist: Greg Smallwood. Color Artist: Jordie Bellaire.  Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit. Covers by Greg Smallwood.     (Collected in MOON KNIGHT Volume 1 trade paperback released on November 30, 2016)  Rated T+.Editor’s Note:  WARNING. There are some spoilers in this review.  However, many readers are already aware what the surprise is, if they look at advance solicit notices or read the Marvel news. If that refers to you, don't worry about reading onward . . . .The latest version of Moon Knight is Volume 8, a number which by itself reveals a lot about the ups and downs of this peculiar Marvel character.  There have been even more than eight writers try their hand at showcasing the tales of the white-garbed crimefighter, and a truckload of illustrators to put pictures with the words.      He began as Marc Spector, and at various times (depending on the Volume #) assumed the identities of Jake Lockley, Steven G…

Adam Nevill's horror collection of short stories offered for 99 cents

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Adam Nevill is a contemporary writer of horror fiction.  I’ve enjoyed everything that I’ve read by him, and recommend his work.  This is his first collection of short stories, and is available for a limited time as a 99 cent e-book through Amazon.  If you’re interested or curious, I recommend you take advantage of the offer.  Willing to gamble 99 cents of your hard earned wages?

New Comic Wednesday 11/30: WOLFCOP #2 from Dynamite Entertainment

WOLFCOP #2 (Dynamite Entertainment, November 30 release date)  Writer: Max Marks.  Artist: Allan Otero.  Colors: Arcana Studios. Letters: Chris Barrett.  Wolfcop created by Lowell Dean. Mature readers only.     WOLFCOP returns for more movie-inspired mayhem, mauling, mutilation, brawls, booze, and broads.  It’s a drive-in B movie transferred to the comics page. The main protagonist from the two Canadian indie film classics returns, bringing with him capacious amounts of blood, gore, sex, and filthy language. There is just enough humor included to make the gratuitous amounts of blood and guts more palatable. The outrageous and over-the-top scenarios depicted here should convince most readers to not take this seriously, unless these are common occurrences in their neck-of-the-woods.   Werewolf police officer Lou returns along with roadie sidekick Willie. Their stolen police vehicle is still disabled from last issue, and Willie makes under-the-table arrangements with a …


Our review of SIX SCARY STORIES selected by Stephen King appears on the Nameless Digest website.  See the link below to read the full review . . . . . .

Comics Review: AMERICAN MONSTER from Aftershock Comics

AMERICAN MONSTER #1 through #5 (Aftershock Comics, January - October 2016)  Writer: Brian Azzarello.  Artist: Juan Doe. Colorist: Juan Doe.  Letters: Juan Doe.  Covers: Juan Doe.  Rating: 17+. Also released on November 23 in a trade paperback edition.     AMERICAN MONSTER is not an easy book to summarize, so we’re going to be lazy and share what the official Aftershock website has to say about it: “The ugliest side of humanity may be humanity’s only hope.     In a small Midwestern town, a large man with a horribly scarred face gets off a bus, and takes a room.  He spooks the locals — nobody knows him — or do they?  It’s impossible to say because he seemingly has no face.  The man’s intentions remain unknown, until he takes on a corrupt sheriff and the rural crew of racist arms dealers.  The town’s impression of the man changes, and he’s seen as a hero . . . until his real intentions bubble to the surface.  The man isn’t there to end the gang, but to take it over. And he’s just getting…

New Comics Wednesday: SAVAGE from Valiant Entertainment

SAVAGE #1  (Valiant Entertainment, to be released on November 30)  Story: B. Clay Moore.  Artists: Lewis Larosa and Clayton Henry.  Colorist: Brian Reber.  Letters: Dave Lanphear of A Larger World.  Main cover by Lewis Larosa with Brian Reber.  It’s all about the art. Even though SAVAGE #1 introduces a brand new character and setting to the Valiant Universe, the art dominates the first issue.  Rather than tie up the reader with a lot of explanation, the story unfolds at a relaxed pace and allows the art to show us what we need to know. That’s a wise choice, because the art is incredible.      In fact, the first seven pages are completely free of captions and dialogue, with just a few text sound effects for emphasis. The art team turns in a superb performance.  The illustrations are gorgeous. The colors are vibrant. The images pop off the page.      We are in a savage land (hence the title). The exact location is not revealed. Man will engage beast in combat to the death, animal savage…

Comics Review: BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #2 from Valiant

BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #2 of 4  (Valiant Entertainment, November 23 release date)  Story: Jeff Lemire.  Art: Doug Braithwaite.  Color: Brian Reber.  Letters: Dave Lanphear.  Main cover by Doug Braithwaite with Brian Reber. One of the great features of every Valiant book is the summary page, which makes it possible for new readers to jump in at any time and still have a good understanding of what’s going on. That’s a big plus here, as BLOODSHOT U.S.A. #2 skips the formalities and goes for action in a big way, even more so that Issue #1. However, there is a nice capsule summary and head shot of each of the major characters that accompanies the updates and credits page. Also, you can read our review of Issue #1 in the BC Archives for October 27, 2016.   The dynamic abilities of artist Braithwaite are put to good effect here, allowing him to showcase what he can do when handed the assignment to illustrate a city-wide battle.  The opening pages where Bloodshot gets revived in bloody fashion, and…

2017 BALTIMORE COMIC CON discounted tickets available soon

Black Friday Sale: Baltimore Comic-Con 2017 Tickets are Now AvailableBALTIMORE, MARYLAND - November 23, 2016 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is pleased to present our fans with an early holiday gift -- tickets will be on sale from Black Friday to Christmas at a discount rate for next year's show, taking place the weekend of September 22-24, 2017 at the Baltimore Convention Center in downtown Baltimore. Tickets that are now on sale include:  WeekendFriday onlySaturday onlySunday onlyVIP*As always, children 10 and under are free for general admission with a paid adult general admission! * VIP packages are a separate purchase from General Admission tickets (which will be required to participate in any VIP offerings). VIP ticket holders receive exclusive early admission to all 3 days of the show, as well as a gift package that includes a show t-shirt, the 2017 Baltimore Comic-Con yearbook, and more!"Every year, we get asked if we can provide tickets early enough for holiday gifts or Vale…


EDITOR’S NOTES:  Even though they haven’t shown up yet in Diamond’s Top 100 Monthly Books list, Aftershock is doing well enough to exceed their sales forecasts and be recognized for best-selling titles.  FYI, Diamond’s monthly statistics are based on pre-orders only, which explains why Marvel and DC dominate. Yet books by other publishers find their way to comic shop shelves every month. However,  you may only find a limited number of copies per comic shop.  That’s why we’ve been encouraging regular comics readers to use either the PREVIEWS catalog or website every month to pick the upcoming books they want, and then pre-order them from their local comics shop.  Stephan Nelson, Publishing Operations Manager for AfterShock Comics told us that “ANIMOSITY is one of our better selling books, and sales continue to surpass our most optimistic expectations."AfterShock Comics’ ANIMOSITY #1
Gets a Fifth Printing and a New Cover.AFTERSHOCK COMICS sends ANIMOSITY back to the printer for a fi…

Sneak Preview: SAVAGE #1 debuts on November 30

EDITOR’S NOTE: What this means is that you may not be able to get a copy of the First Printing unless you Pre-Ordered one (that’s why we keep making Pre-Order Picks each month, just so you know.  However, if you visit your local comics shop as soon as they open the doors on Wednesday, November 30 you may get lucky.
Valiant’s SAVAGE #1 Tears Into Advance Sellout, Returns with Second Printing in December!

On the heels of DIVINITY, WAR MOTHER, and BRITANNIA, the spine-snapping debut of Valiant’s next major hero is already clawing into an advance sell-out before its November 30th on-sale date!

Valiant is proud to announce that SAVAGE #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of Valiant’s primal new series from acclaimed writer B. Clay Moore (Hawaiian Dick) and explosive artists Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS) and Lewis LaRosa (BLOODSHOT REBORN), has sold out at the distributor level in advance of its on-sale date and will return to store shelves with the SAVAGE #1 (of 4) SECOND PRINTING on December 14th! T…