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Comics Industry Legends honored at Harvey Awards in Baltimore


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND September 26 . . . Speeches and tributes extended the duration of The 28th Annual Harvey Awards well beyond midnight as several legends of the comics industry were honored and recognized for their many contributions to the art form.  The Harvey Awards are named after cartoonist, writer and editor Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993).  The Harvey Awards have been honoring excellence in the comics industry since 1988 and have been announced at a dinner ceremony during the Baltimore Comic Con for several years now. 

The legends being recognized during the awards included writer/artists Jules Feiffer and the late Will Eisner, who  both received the Harvey Kurtzman Hall of Fame award which recognizes cartoonists for significant, historic and cultural impact.  The Dick Giordano Hero Initiative Humanitarian of the Year Award was presented to Dennis Kitchen, a pioneer of underground comics and also founder of the CBLDF (Comic Book Legal Defense Fund).  Artist Russ Heath, Jr. was presented the Hero Initiative Lifetime Achievement Award.  Writer Vivek Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle) served as Master of Ceremonies for the Harvey Awards.

IMG 0223

Here are the categories and winners of the 28th Harvey Awards . . . . . . . . . .


BEST LETTERER  Ed Dukeshire  THE WOODS  Archaia/BOOM! Studios

BEST COLORIST  Dave Steward  HELLBOY IN HELL  Dark Horse Comics

BEST SYNDICATED STRIP OR PANEL Joe Staton and Mike Curtis DICK TRACY  Tribune Media Services

BEST ONLINE COMICS WORK  Brian K Vaughan, Marcos Martin and Muntsa Vicente THE PRIVATE EYE  panel


BEST INKER  Danny Miki  BATMAN  DC Comics








BEST COVER ARTIST  Fiona Staples  SAGA  Image Comics





BEST WRITER  Mark Waid  DAREDEVIL  Marvel Comics

BEST ARTIST  Fiona Staples  SAGA  Image Comics


BEST SINGLE ISSUE or STORY  “Breaking Out” DARK HORSE PRESENTS #35 Dark Horse Comics



Saturday, September 26, 2015

More Day One Images at Baltimore Comic Con - Friday, September 25, 2015







Baltimore Comic Con highlights - Day One - - Friday, September 25, 2015

One of the first things I did after I arrived is purchase the 2015 Baltimore Comic Con Yearbook. It’s a hardcover edition with more than 60 prints inside by various artists. This year’s theme celebrates David Petersen’s Mouse Guard.  It’s a beautiful book with gorgeous art and well worth the $20 asking price.

I spent the opening hours of the con getting artist autographs for the yearbook. The Baltimore Comic Con offers a Yearbook Scavenger Hunt.  If you collect enough signatures on a scorecard you receive a bonus of one print by one of five featured artists.  If you are lucky enough to get all 60 signatures, you receive all five prints.

I also attended three different panel presentations.

1) Living In Harmony: Digital and Print.

2) Dynamite Entertainment news

3)  IDW news.

I will share details from each of these panels in upcoming features in the coming days.


Friday, September 25, 2015

SUPERMANSION superhero comedy debuts on free CRACKLE TV in October

Comic Book Resources has made the first episode of Supermansion available for viewing on their site.  Check the link here . . . . .



Smansion hed

I have not been able to find a superhero cartoon that consistently satisfies and makes worth watching on a regular basis.  That may change once Supermansion debuts in October.  I watched the first episode and laughed several times.  This is well written, clever, and fun to watch the stop motion animation.  Check it out.  

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1950's EC-era dark crime series to debut in December: SEDUCTION OF THE INNOCENT


NOTE: Dynamite Entertainment deserves a lot of credit for continuing to come up with this unique, different and intriguing series ideas.  We love that the title is a reference to the non-fiction alleged expose that spawned the formation of the Comics Code Authority and also the downfall of the trend-setting EC Comics line.

Seduction01 Cov A Francavilla
from the official press release . . . . . . . .

September 21, 2015, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce that Ande Parks and Esteve Polls, the acclaimed creative team of The Death of Zorro and The Lone Ranger, will reunite for an all-new comic book series, Seduction of the Innocent. Gritty and sometimes depraved crime fiction in the tradition of James Elroy and EC-era crime and horror comics, the series will debut in December 2015 with cover artwork by Eisner Award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla ( Afterlife with Archie).
Set in the San Francisco of 1953, Seduction of the Innocent introduces Thomas Jennings, an FBI agent who has just arrived in the city, fresh-faced and ready to tackle crime in the big city… or so he thinks. In fact, Jennings is not nearly prepared for what he's about to encounter. The city's crime lords are being systematically murdered, and the killers waiting to fill the void are the pure stuff of Jennings' nightmares. Jennings will be forced to question every belief he holds dear to protect his wife and unborn child from the madness. 

Writer Ande Parks says, "The story is, at its core, about loss of innocence. It's about seduction, but not sexual seduction. It's about the seduction of violence and power. It's about a good man struggling to hold onto the values that have always defined him as he battles things so evil that he can't really comprehend them. This is not a story that clings to the status quo. People change in the course of our arc. They die and lose things that can never be recovered."
"I love period crime fiction, enshrouded in fog and bad intention," adds Parks. "Our story is told in a modern style, but it is rooted in crime fiction of the past: Jim Thompson and the True Crime comics of the fifties. We were lucky enough to get Francesco Francavilla to do covers that pay homage to the amazing Johnny Craig EC covers, with severed heads, bloody axes, and so on -- all the glorious stuff that got Dr. Fredric Wertham in an uproar. Also, I get to work with Esteve Polls again, with whom I did a 25-issue run on The Long Ranger that I'm very proud of. He's great at atmosphere, and our crime story has plenty for him to draw." 

Regarding the seSeduction01 11tting, Parks says, "Throughout the series, we try to use San Francisco's most interesting and iconic features as set pieces. The Wharf, the Japanese Tea Garden, Chinatown, the Redwood Forest, etc. I didn't get us to Alcatraz… maybe down the line somewhere. Anyway, I love the city, and I think it's full of unique settings for our characters to move around -- and kill each other -- in." 

Seduction of the Innocent #1 will be solicited for release in December in Diamond Comic Distributors' October  Previews catalog, the premiere source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market. Comic book fans are encouraged to reserve copies of  Seduction of the Innocent  with their local comic book retailers.  Seduction of the Innocent will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Dynamite Digital, iVerse, and Dark Horse Digital. Fans and retailers are encouraged to follow Dynamite Entertainment's official social media channels for the latest updates regarding project development.


THE PRECINCT: New Steampunk Sci-Fi Comic Book Series debuts in December

EDITOR”S NOTE: We have a weak spot for good steampunk tales. This looks promising.        from the official press release . . . . .

Precinct01 Cov A Benitez copy

September 14, 2015, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the upcoming December release of The Precinct #1, the first chapter in an all-new steampunk science fiction comic book series written by Frank J. Barbiere ( Avengers World) and featuring interior artwork by Crizam Zamora ( Vampirella: Prelude to Shadows). 

In the sprawling, steampunk metropolis known as The Big City, it's up to one group to keep the peace and uphold the law: the officers of The Precinct! Mortimer Hill is a veteran officer who has busted his fair share of criminals, but when mechanical monsters start causing trouble, he'll need to use all his wits (and brawn) to get to the heart of the mystery. Along with his new partner, a representative from the enigmatic Alchemy Academy, Mort will face the biggest case of his career... and the most dangerous!
 Precinct01 02
"I'm really excited for readers to check out The Precinct," says writer Frank J. Barbiere. "This book is a really fun journey into some new genres for me (mainly mystery and detective stories), and with a gorgeous steampunk setting, it really stands out as something special. Mort and Jo, our protagonists, are fun characters with very unique world views. I can't wait for readers to see them clash and experience the steampunk secrets of The Big City for themselves!" 

Dynamite will celebrate the debut of  The Precinct with several cover options, allowing retailers and comic fans to satisfy their particular steampunk tastes. The acclaimed artist of Lady Mechanika, Joe Benitez, provides Cover A for the first issue, while Darick Robertson, the bestselling artist of The Boys, provides Cover B. A "Blank Authentix" edition will also be made available, featuring a blank cover perfect for aspiring artists or convention guests to design their own steampunk creations. Finally, Dynamite will create rare incentive variants and high-end collectible editions available through qualifying retailers: Black-and-White and Virgin Art editions by Darick Robertson, and a Virgin Art edition by Joe Benitez.
Precinct01 03
The Precinct #1 will be solicited for release in December in Diamond Comic Distributors' October  Previews catalog, the premiere source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market. Comic book fans are encouraged to reserve copies of  The Precinct  with their local comic book retailers.  The Precinct will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Dynamite Digital, iVerse, and Dark Horse Digital. Fans and retailers are encouraged to follow Dynamite Entertainment's official social media channels for the latest updates regarding project development.


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Indie publisher opens submissions for new short story fantasy anthology

ATTENTION ALL WOULD-BE WRITERS:  If you enjoy the fantasy-heroic adventure tale, here is an opportunity to craft your own short story set inside the world created here  (an apparent tribute to Edgar Rice Burroughs rich tales).  Full details below, from the official press release . . . . . . . .



Author James R. Tuck, creator of Deacon Chalk and co-author of Titan Books’ new occult Robin Hood series, recently launched his Hollow Earthseries with Champion of Hollow Earth from Pro Se Productions. Now publisher and author announce an open call for the next volume in the series, an anthology of stories set in Tuck’s Hyperborea.  Heroes of Hollow Earth is now open for proposals and submissions.
“When you have a creator,” says Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of Pro Se Productions, “like James R. Tuck crafting an entire world, it’s a truly awesome thing.  What makes it even better is the chance to let others throw themselves into it, to see what they can manufacture from the magick and madness of Hollow Earth.  Tuck has set a fantastic canvas for the best in Genre Fiction today to carve words into. This is literally a collection I can hardly wait to read.”
Heroes of Hollow Earth will be a multi-author anthology chronicling the struggle to survive in Hyperborea, a land that exists inside a Hollow Earth. It is a war-torn place where humans fight to live against the unstoppable Kurg, a race of Nazi Lizard men, and their bloodthirsty Reptile Reich. Only the final spell of Hyperborea's greatest wizard offers a glimmer of hope. His dying breath calls a Champion. But, also in that breath, others are summoned, gateways across space and time are opened bringing other potential warriors to Hollow Earth.  And each of these accidental travelers will have their own tales to hack and slice out of the war torn land of danger and wonder, as do the citizens of Hollow Earth, and even the venomous Kurg.  Tales to be told in Heroes of Hollow Earth.
Stories for Heroes of Hollow Earth must be no less than 4,000 and no more than 6,000 words and can deal with those who live in Hyperborea or those yanked into the new world. Tales may even focus on the Kurg. This is a work for hire assignment and payment will be a split of royalties among accepted authors.  Authors interested in submitting a story proposal should send an email expressing said interest and requesting the Hollow Earth Bible to by October 15th.  There are 10 story slots available in this anthology and if all 10 are filled prior to October 15th, then the call will close. 
If a writer’s proposal is accepted, then the completed story must be submitted to on or before January 1, 2016 for final review and approval.  No extensions will be given as this book is scheduled for publication in March 2016
Any questions concerning this call for submissions should be directed to To learn more about Pro Se Productions, go to Like Pro Se on Facebook at

Baltimore Comic Con: Things To Know When You Go


Baltimore Comic-Con News You Can Use

from the official press release . . . . .

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 19, 2015  - The 2015 Baltimore Comic-Con is just around the corner. We know we're providing a lot of information in a short period, but we wanted to make sure you have all of the important details about the show!

Of course, as always, we are at the Baltimore Convention Center, and this year's show takes place the weekend of September 25-27, 2015. If you haven't bought your General Admission, VIP, or Harvey Awards tickets yet, doing so now will avoid additional lines upon arrival. If you cannot purchase tickets until coming to the show for any reason, box office hours begin at 8am ET Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

If you came to the show last year, we are in the same location in 2015. If you are new to the show, or missed us last year (we forgive you), see the diagram above for details on where to enter.


ATMs will be available in numerous places throughout the convention floor for your convenience.



To make parking easy and stress free, we have partnered with Parking Panda, the nationwide leader in online parking reservations, to allow attendees to purchase guaranteed parking near the Baltimore Comic-Con. View real-time availability and pricing at many convenient locations within easy walking distance to the convention center. 


Once purchased, parking is 100% guaranteed even if the location otherwise fills up. Simply present your purchase confirmation at the selected location, and this serves as your payment with no additional payments or fees ever. Parking availability is very limited, so it is strongly recommended that you purchase your parking in advance, if driving.


If you still need to purchase a hotel room, our Hotels page has details on available options and discounts that remain. See for details (but don't delay!).


The art created for the 2015 Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook will be auctioned off at the Baltimore Comic-Con Art Auction at 5pm on Saturday, September 26th in our Exclusives Booth in the Main Hall lobby, with art from the book displayed in the Exclusives Booth throughout the day.


Additionally, to benefit the family of comic book creator and photographer Seth Kushner, we are auctioning a print of his Stan Lee portrait, signed by Stan "The Man" himself. Also up for auction are two fully signed trading card packs of 12 of his top Graphic NYC creator portraits, with creators Neil GaimanArt SpiegelmanChris WareBecky CloonanDavid MackBrian Michael BendisJimmy PalmiottiMolly CrabappleScott McCloudDean HaspielLarry Hama, and Alex Ross.


General Admission and VIP Package tickets for Weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as the Harvey Awards, are now on sale! Visit for more information and to purchase your advanced tickets now, and as always, kids 10 and under get into the show free with a paid adult General Admission!


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ComiXology and Fantagraphics Books Launch Series of Cartoonist-Focused Bundles with Exclusive Content

Each bundle will include exclusive mini comics not available digitally elsewhere

September 18, 2015 New York, NY Hot on the heels of Fantagraphics renewing distribution on comiXology and expanding comics and graphic novels on Amazon's Kindle store, Fantagraphics and comiXology have teamed up to release a series of cartoonist-focused bundles every Friday with exclusive content! Today sees the launch of four bundles by acclaimed cartoonists, Jaime Hernandez, Chuck Forsman, Tony Millionaire and Peter Bagge available for a limited time across comiXology's entire platform with a new bundle released every Friday. Each cartoonist bundle will include an exclusive mini comic that is not available digitally anywhere else.
"I appreciate comiXology's commitment to experimenting with different price points and packages in an attempt to better serve both fans and publishers, and as a way of finding new readers for such worthy material," said Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds.

"We're thrilled to celebrate these amazing cartoonists by offering fans and new readers a chance to read these great works at an amazing price," said Chip Mosher, comiXology VP of Communications & Marketing, "We're sure that these bundles will entice comics and graphic novel fans curious about the Fantagraphics library to dive right in!"

Each of today's cartoonist-focused bundles offers critically acclaimed graphic novels and single issues such as God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls (Jaime Hernandez), Celebrated Summer (Chuck Forsman), Billy Hazelnuts (Tony Millionaire) and Hate #1-20 (Peter Bagge) at a deep discount with additional Fantagraphics minis by those same cartoonists. These discounted bundles will be available starting today until 11:59pm EST Sunday, September 20th. Visit every Friday to find out that week's new Fantagraphics Bundle deal.

With over 75,000 comics, graphic novels and manga from more than 75 publishers, comiXology offers the widest selection of digital comics in the world. ComiXology's immense catalog and cinematic Guided View reading experience make it the best digital platform for comics fans worldwide.

About Fantagraphics
Fantagraphics Books has been a leading proponent of comics as a legitimate form of art and literature since it began publishing the critical trade magazine The Comics Journal in 1976. By the early 1980s, Fantagraphics was at the forefront of the burgeoning movement to establish comics as a medium as eloquent and expressive as the more established popular arts of film, literature, poetry, et al. Fantagraphics quickly established a reputation as an advocacy publisher that specialized in seeking out and publishing the kind of innovative work that traditional comics corporations who dealt almost exclusively in super-heroes and fantasy either didn't know existed or wouldn't touch: serious, dramatic, historical, journalistic, political, and satirical work by a new generation of alternative cartoonists (including now-legends like Peter Bagge, Daniel Clowes, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, Joe Sacco and Jim Woodring) as well as many artists who gained prominence as part of the seminal underground comix movement of the '60s, such as R. Crumb and Kim Deitch. Fantagraphics has since gained an international reputation for its literate and audacious editorial standards in publishing the best cartooning from all eras and regions with exacting production values.

About comiXology
ComiXology, an, Inc. subsidiary (NASDAQ:AMZN), has revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel industry by delivering a cloud-based digital comics platform that makes discovering, buying, and reading comics more fun than ever before. ComiXology's Guided View reading technology transforms the comic book medium into an immersive and cinematic experience, helping comiXology become a top ten grossing iPad app in 2011 and 2012 and the top grossing non-game iPad app in 2012 and 2013. Offering the broadest library of comic book content from over 75 publishers - and independent creators as well - comiXology will not stop until everyone on the face of the planet has become a comic book fan. ComiXology is based in New York City, with operations in Seattle, Los Angeles and Paris. For more information visit

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Location:Fantagraphic Digital Book Bundles New on Comixolgy

Thursday, September 17, 2015


TPB:  Incorruptible Vol. 1
Writer:  Mark Waid
Artist: Jean Diaz
Price:  $16.99

Incorruptible is the companion book to Mark Waid’s Irredeemable.  While the Plutonian is a hero who has become a villain, Max Damage is a villain who is trying to be a hero.  Max’s origin story is more front-loaded than the Plutonian’s, allowing more of the story to take place in the present and seeming to give Incorruptible a more substantial feel than Irredeemable. 

Max Damage was a powered supervillian who became more and more invulnerable the longer he stayed awake.  Along with his underage sidekick, Jailbait, Max used to commit murder, robbery and terrorism with abandon.  However when the Plutonian showed up to Max’s last crime scene instead of stopping Max, he instead slaughtered 3.5 million innocent people – the majority of the inhabitants of a major city. 

Shaken to his very core, Max resolves to turn his life around and fight to stop the Plutonian in any way he can.  In the first trade, he seeks out the chief of police to try to mend his bridges with law enforcement and searches for a device which is rumored to be able to transport a person to a peaceful, parallel dimension.

The art is very reminiscent of Peter Krause’s work on Irredeemable and is excellent for all the same reasons.  Incorruptible has more of a sense of humor than its counterpart, mostly due to Jailbait’s antics and her reluctance to leave her lucrative life of crime behind her.  It’s not hard to see Max’s darker impulses, only hinted at here, becoming a major driving force in his character’s actions but also his undoing unless kept in check.

Incorruptible is a must-read for anyone who is reading Irredeemable.  Max Damage is as multifaceted a character as the Plutonian and his tale of redemption hopes to be at least as interesting as the Plutonian’s fall from grace. 

Final rating (out of 5):

The Schedule of Panels for Baltimore Comic Con 2015

Baltimore Comic-Con 2015 Announces Panel Programming

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 16, 2015  - The 16th annual Baltimore Comic-Con returns to the Baltimore Convention Center the weekend of September 25-27, 2015. Tickets are available now for General Admission, VIP, and Harvey Awards! As is the case every year, we have received a steady stream of requests for our Panel schedule -- details are now ready for release, and it looks fantastic!

Friday will feature spotlights on David Petersen's Mouse Guard, Marvel Comics' New Mutants, featuring a number of creator contributors to the classic series, and numerous panels featuring some of the industry's largest publishers including Dynamite Entertainment, IDW, and Valiant Entertainment.


Saturday, you can go to Batman Day Baltimore Comic-Con style, publisher panels including Marvel, BOOM! Studios, Valiant Entertainment, and Action Lab Entertainment, and spotlight panels on Charles Soule, Jules Feiffer, Russ Heath, and Guest of Honor Mark Waid, and media guests Paul Blackthorne and Ming-Na Wen.


Sunday, learn about Vivek Tiwary's The Fifth Beatle, the 75th anniversary of Will Eisner's The Spirit, and attend spotlights on Scott Snyder, Tom Palmer, and media guests Katie Cassidy and Edward James Olmos.


We also continue our series of cosplay-oriented panels through the weekend, featuring topics of interest to both participants and spectators alike.


And, of course, don't let your children miss the excitement scheduled for the Kids Love Comics Pavilion!



(Please note, all times and panels shown are subject to change.)


Room 339-342

2:30-3:30 - The New Mutants

In the early 1980s, Marvel introduced the world to the next wave of Homo superiorThe New Mutants! The book has remained popular through the years and has introduced many new mutants to the Marvel Universe. Join us for a look at this remarkable team with guests including original team co-creator Bob McLeod, writer/editor Louise Simonson, and artist Bret Blevins!


3:45-4:45 - Dynamite Entertainment: The Next Ten Years

Join the Dynamite gang and their star-studded line-up of editorial and creative talent for an hour of explosive power! From James Bond to Red SonjaGrumpy Cat to Vampirella, Dynamite will cover it all! What faraway threats imperil John Carter, the hero of Ron Marz's Warlord of Mars comics? What terrors and triumphs are in store for the goddess Dawn and monster hunter Vampirella, courtesy of Joseph Michael Linsner's wild imagination? How does Francesco Francavilla turn in some of the most captivating cover artwork, month-in and month-out, for Dynamite titles like The Avenger and James Bond? Such juicy insights are just a taste of what's in store at Dynamite's "Next Ten Years" panel - as well as the latest Dynamite news and answers to all your burning questions!


5:00-6:00 - IDW Publishing: The Big Panel!

This is the big one! Join IDW President Greg Goldstein and VP of Marketing Dirk Wood, along with industry legend Walter Simonson and a host of surprise special guests you won't believe, as they blow away a room full of shocked comic fans. Shocking announcements! Amazing prizes! Q&A! This one will have it all. 

Room 343-344

2:30-3:30 - Valiant 101: New Fans Start Here!

You've heard the buzz... You've seen the reviews... Now find out where to start with Valiant Comics! From X-O MANOWAR to NINJAK to THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE and QUANTUM AND WOODY, jump on board here with a concise and fun-filled introduction to Valiant's biggest, most memorable characters...and find out for yourself why Buzzfeed calls Valiant "a universe full of your new favorite superheroes"!


3:45-4:45 - Posing for Cosplay Photography

Sometimes doing photographs for cosplay can be a little...awkward and intimidating, from both sides of the lens. This panel will have practical advice to help you pose yourself or your models in a way that is in character, flattering, and makes for more dynamic and interesting photographs. 


5:00-6:00 - The Awesome Reasons on Why You Should Cosplay

Unhappy about the direction Cosplay is going in the community, then let's do something POSITIVE about it! Let's talk about all the awesome things Cosplay is and why, YOU the FAN, have every right to cosplay no matter what society says, however you want to! Take charge and show society it's not just for Halloween anymore! Show your freedom of expression in your own way and let's have some fun with this!! Bring your positive vibes and get some cool swag! Moderator: Ireland Reid.

Room 345-346

2:30-3:30 - Energy at the Movies: From Star Trek to Breaking Bad

STEM (science, technology, engineer, and math) experts from the U.S. Department of Energy discuss the interplay between science, engineering, and cinema.




Cynthia Anderson, DOE Senior Advisor and Star Trek collector extraordinaire (Moderator)


Marius Stan: DOE Senior Advisor and "Bogdan" in Breaking Bad


Andrew Bittner: DOE Writer/Editor and comic book aficionado


M├ękell Mikell: DOE Special Advisor, gamer and otaku 


Rodrigo (Rod) V. Rimando, Jr., DOE Senior Technical Advisor and Star Wars Rebel Alliance


3:45-4:45 - Spinner Rack Revolution

In the 1970s, publishers fled from spinner racks to magazine stands to escape the bounds of the Comics Code Authority. With a larger format, in a different rack, comics could openly deal with adult content, have more horror and suspense, and be frank about sexuality. Magazines like HEAVY METAL, VAMPIRELLA, EPIC ILLUSTRATED, 1984, and SAVAGE SWORD OF CONAN all broke new ground for a mainstream audience, and loosened the restrictions on some of comics' top creators. Moderated by The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's Alex Cox.


5:00-6:00 - Mouse Guard

Mouse Guard, the story of mice struggling to survive in a dangerous world, has gained a devoted following of fans due to the stories and art of creator David Petersen. Mouse Guard is also the subject of this year's Baltimore Comic-Con Yearbook. So we're celebrating! Join Petersen and special guests Craig Rousseau, Stan Sakai, Mark Buckingham, and Katie Cook as they talk all things Mouse Guard!

Room 347-348

2:30-3:30 - Living in Harmony: Digital and Print

The world of digital comics created quite a stir in the world of print comics. However, after a few years of co-existing, they are both still around and seem to be helping each other to become a strong industry. Join this panel to check in and see how digital and print are doing with Mark Waid, Amy Chu, Katie Cook, Christy Blanch, and James Tynion IV. 


3:45-4:45 - Beg, Borrow, & Steal: Adapting, Incorporating, & Drawing Inspiration from Myth, Legend, & Literature

From the start, comics have mined folklore and fiction for material, whether retellings like Classics Illustrated or re-imaginings like Wonder Woman. Creators Walter Simonson, Ron Randall, Greg Pak, and Jamal Igle, along with moderator/creator Paul D. Storrie, discuss the high points and headaches of making the old (and downright ancient) new again for a modern audience. 


5:00-6:00 - Stories I Haven't Yet Told

Writers are storytellers but not every comics writer can find the right venue for a story they want to tell. What stories remain lurking in their minds? In a lively discussion, Louise Simonson, Terry Moore, John Ostrander, Ron Marz, and moderator Robert Greenberger explore the matter.

Kids Love Comics Pavilion Workshop Area

4:00-5:00 -  Haiku 101 with Mark Poulton

Kids, learn about haiku writing and work with Mark Poulton, writer/artist of A Cat Named Haiku, to write your very own cat-themed haiku poem. Worksheets and crayons will be available to participate!


5:00-6:00 - Cosplay Crafts with Gina Super Sox

Gina makes clothing for superheroes to wear! Okay, they are everyday folks dressed as superheroes, but she makes them look super. The seamstress of Super Sox Shop will discuss making clothing and fabric crafts. She'll also help you design your own felt superhero symbol to take home and attach to a shirt or cape.


6:00-7:00 - Imagination, Creation, and Comics! with Kyle Puttkammer and Marcus Williams

Learn how to become a faster and better artist with Galaxy Man, Cosmic Girl, and the Hero Cats. If you have aspirations of creating the next big hero, or just want to improve your doodles, get ready for some serious fun! 



(Please note, all times and panels shown are subject to change.)


Room 339-342

11:00-12:00 - The Marvel Panel

In the wake of Secret Wars, it's an All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe! Want to know what this means for your favorite heroes? Then join Marvel's Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort and creators including Charles Soule, Greg Pak, and Frank Tieri for this exciting look to the future!


12:15-1:15 - CosLove Presents: "Celebrating the Fun of Cosplay"

Cosplay has become a phenomenon at conventions. This panel will explore some of the dos and don'ts of not only being a cosplayer, but also a fan. We will cover anti-bullying, harassment, and how to make cons more fun for all.


1:30-2:30 - The Spirit 75th Anniversary Panel

Join the Eisner Award-winning writer Matt Wagner (Grendel, The Shadow), artist Dan Schkade (Sam Hannibal), and colorist Brennan Wagner (The Shadow: Year One) for a celebratory event seventy-five years in the making! You'll be amazed at the insight offered up by these exceptional storytellers as they discuss the creative legacy of industry legend Will Eisner and his most iconic character, The Spirit. Also, the audience will be invited to ask questions, so be sure to brush up beforehand on the adventures of Denny Colt, Sand Saref, The Octopus, and more!


2:45-3:45 - Batman Day

It's Batman Day and we're celebrating! Join DC's VP of Talent Development Bobbie Chase and a stellar lineup of creators who chronicle the adventures of the Dark Knight, his allies, and his foes; including Scott Snyder, Peter Tomasi, Greg Pak, Jimmy Palmiotti, Tom King, and James Tynion IV. This is one panel you don't want to miss!


4:00-5:00 - Spotlight on Miracleman

Miracleman is back! The legendary series that redefined super-heroes forever has returned at Marvel Comics. Join artists Mark Buckingham, John Totleben, and editor Cory Sedlmeier for a discussion of the acclaimed and controversial series. Featuring an advance preview of art from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's upcoming storyline, "The Silver Age."


5:15-6:15 - BOOM! Studios Celebrates 10 Years and Push Comics Forward

2015 marks the 10th year of publishing for BOOM! Studios, a multiple Eisner award-winning top 10 comic publisher. Rather than look back at what we achieved the past 10 years, join us as we look ahead to the next 10 years and how we can all push comics forward. Moderated by BOOM! President of Publishing and Marketing , Filip Sablik, join Mark Waid (Irredeemable), J.G. Jones (Wanted), James Tynion IV (The Woods), Brian Stelfreeze (Day Men), Brooke A. Allen (Lumberjanes), and BOOM! editor Dafna Pleban as they highlight the changes in the industry and what they want to see in comics.

Room 343-344

11:00-12:00 - IDW: The Masters Series: Walter Simonson

Join industry legend Walter Simonson, for the first in a series of special in-depth panels exploring artists and the art they love! Ever been curious about who influenced the best artists in the business? Of course you have! IDW President Greg Goldsteinmoderates this unique one-on-one panel. Sure to be a spirited discussion about old influences, new impressions, and maybe even a sneak-peek at some of new work! Come early and stay late - Walter will share his great tales of the comic world, and hopefully will have time for a little Q&A at the end as well!


12:15-1:15 - 25 Years of Valiant: Book of Death and Beyond

Celebrate 25 years of the largest independent universe in comics with an all-star panel spotlighting the next earth-shaking changes coming for Valiant's biggest heroes! From the epic events of BOOK OF DEATH and WRATH OF THE ETERNAL WARRIOR to seismic changes for X-O MANOWAR, BLOODSHOT REBORN, THE DEATH-DEFYING DR. MIRAGE, DIVINITY, and many more, get the jump on the future of the Valiant Universe right here with an exclusive round of news and announcements from the most acclaimed publisher in comics today!


1:30-2:30 - Comics Creators Consuming Coffee: Baltimore Edition

Watch popular comics creators as they sample the world's strongest coffee while chatting about their favorite foods and comics. Featuring: Amy Chu (writer Poison Ivy, editor of the Food & Comics anthology), Greg Pak (Marvel/DC StormAmadeus Cho), Heidi MacDonald (The Beat, Publishers Weekly), and Rafer Roberts (Nightmare the Rat).


2:45-3:45 - Jules Feiffer Spotlight

Jules Feiffer is an award-winning cartoonist, a playwright, a screenwriter, and so much more. His book Kill My Mother: A Graphic Novel was published last year and Out of Line: The Art of Jules Feiffer was published earlier this year. This spotlight is a perfect opportunity for fans of Mr. Feiffer to hear him speak about his work. Don't miss out! Moderated by Michael Cavna (Comic Riffs) of The Washington Post.


4:00-5:00 - Let's Talk Comics with RAYTIMANDROB: Part Deux

Those CRAZY comic book guys are back! Join Raytimandrob as they continue the discussion on all things comics. Part 2 picks up where we left off, expanding on both the creative and business sides of comics. Come be a part of the RayTimandRob experience!


5:15-6:15 - Charles Soule Spotlight

He killed Wolverine. He gave Guy Gardner a sweet 'stache. He Swamp Thinged and She-Hulked and Superman-Wonderwomaned. He is currently Landoing, Civil Warring, Inhumaning, and Letter 44ing, and will soon Daredevil. He is the comics writer Charles Soule! See him face off against moderator Ryan Browne (God Hates Astronauts) in a no-holds battle to the finish (of talking about his work).

Room 345-346

11:00-12:00 - Cosplay 101

Who should you cosplay? How do you put a costume together? What about props? What should you know your first time out on the con floor as a cosplayer? Come learn about how to get started, how to put your costume together, and some great tips for strutting your stuff from some cosplay veterans.


12:15-1:15 - It's an Ad, Ad, Ad World -- Advertising in Comics

From SeaMonkeys to "The Insult that Made a Man Out of Mac" to TNT's The Last Ship, ads have been an integral part of the comic reading experience. But are they a speed bump in the entertainment process or an integral part of comics and Pop Culture? Moderator Ed Catto (Bonfire Agency, Captain Action) takes a brief backwards glance at nostalgic comic ads, and then focuses on the future of comic advertising with an all-star panel of business professionals.


1:30-2:30 - Russ Heath Spotlight

If you remember Roman or Revolutionary War battle scenes in comics advertising toy soldiers, then you know the art of Russ Heath! He's drawn westerns, superheroes, horror, and most famously, war stories. He co-created DC's The Haunted Tank and Sea Devils. Now the legendary creator joins us for a spotlight panel looking at his amazing career!

2:45-3:45 - CBLDF Podcast Live

The industry's top creators, editors, and publishers sit down with CBLDF for a live, long-form interview about the importance of Free Speech in comics, and protecting your right to read and create comics! Moderated by Alex Cox and featuring surprise guest stars from the world of comics.


4:00-5:00 - Listen to Jimmy

This is an over-16 only, over-the-top panel where Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tieri, and super-special surprise guests interact with the audience and talk about everything and anything and probably break some laws in the process. You do not want to miss this.


5:15-6:15 - The Silver Age of Comic Book Art

Comic book art historian Arlen Schumer's presentation based on his new book, The Silver Age of Comic Book Art (Archway Publishing), explores the origins of the superhero traditions, their personification of American ideals and values, and how those attitudes and portrayals changed during the turbulent 1960s, through the works of the eight artists in the book-Carmine Infantino, Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, Gene Colan, Jim Steranko, and Neal Adams. You'll not only see where Hollywood's love affair with superhero movies comes from-you'll see comics like you've never seen them before!

Room 347-348

11:00-12:00 - Writing Great Characters

Do you really have to write what you know? Join this panel to hear how scribes write characters that differ from their everyday life experiences. Join moderator Christy Blanch with guests Louise Simonson, Amy Chu, Thom Zahler, Mark Waid, Terry Moore, and Jamal Igle.


12:15-1:15 - Superheroes Under a Microscope's very own Christopher Preece, who is also a science consultant for comic creators, and creators Mark Waid and Ramona Fradon discuss science in comics. Superheroes defy scientific laws all the time but how close are superheroes to reality? Just how fast can the Flash go? How can Ant-Man get so tiny?


1:30-2:30 - Drawing Fantasy Worlds

What goes into making a fantasy world? How do you set it apart from every other fantasy world from literature and comics? How do you give the writer exactly what he envisions? Take a journey into the realm of the fantastic with Mark Buckingham, Mike Grell, Charles Vess, Brandon Peterson, and moderator Robert Greenberger.


2:45-3:45 - Action Lab

On the eve of their fifth anniversary, Action Lab shows no signs of stopping! Join Jamal Igle (Molly Danger), Vito Delsante (Stray), and more as they talk about all the things "the Lab" has planned for 2016, including more Full Moon Productions comics, more all-ages titles, and the debut of the Actionverse!


4:00-5:00 - Mark Waid: Guest of Honor Spotlight

Mark Waid is the Guest of Honor at Baltimore Comic-Con this year and we're celebrating! Join Waid and his friends and colleagues, including Barry Kitson, JG Jones, Christy Blanch, Dean Haspiel, Todd Dezago, and moderator Bob Greenberger for a fun-filled look at Mark and his work!


5:15-6:15 - A Look at Digital Comics

It's a Digital Age - explore the magic, craft, and business of digital comics as we look at this ever-changing and expanding edge of the comics medium and industry! Join guests Matthew Dow Smith, Jamal Igle, and others with moderator C. Edward Sellner for a look at the new age of comics.

Ballroom (4th Floor)

11:00-12:00 - The World of Lantern City

Lantern City is an exciting, new steampunk comic series just launched by Archaia and Macrocosm Entertainment, featuring wondrous settings, engaging characters, and of course, some great costumes. Come explore the development of the series and see exclusive behind-the-scenes content with co-creator Matthew James Daley, actor Raphael Sbarge (Once Upon a Time), and BOOM! editor Dafna Pleban, and learn what's new with the development of the proposed television series. Moderated by BOOM! Studios President of Publishing & Marketing Filip Sablik.


12:15-1:15 - Paul Blackthorne Spotlight

Paul Blackthorne plays Captain Quentin Lance on Arrow and is known to many as Harry Dresden from The Dresden Files. Join Mr. Blackthorne and moderator Paul Storrie for what is sure to be a fun and lively look at his career!


1:30-2:30 - Ming-Na Wen Spotlight

As Agent May on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Ming-Na Wen kicks butt and takes no prisoners. Do you expect her panel to be any different? Of course not! Don't miss out on the fun!


3:00 - Costume Contest (Adults)

Kids Love Comics Pavilion Workshop Area

11:00-12:00 - Learn to Draw Owly and Everything Else! with Andy Runton

Andy Runton, creator of the award-winning Owly series, teaches you how to pencil and ink your drawings. Open to kids, parents, and anyone who wants to learn how the professionals draw comics!


12:00-1:00 - Pixel Portraits with Tim Fielder

Pixel Portraits: A Digital Storytelling Workshop, by the creator of Matty's Rocket, showcases his storyboarding process of panel to panel techniques for comics, animation, and film.


1:00-2:00 - Create Your Own Superhero Symbol with Carolyn Belefski

Every hero needs a logo! Many superheroes have personal branding on their outfits and My Little Pony characters even have cutie marks! Join artist and designer Carolyn Belefski and learn how to incorporate graphic design elements to create an icon and establish your own powerful visual identity.


2:00-3:00 - Light Saber Training with Jedi Master Jongal

Learn the ancient techniques of the light saber in this fun and safe workshop lead by Jedi Master Jongal of the Dagobah system.


3:00-4:00 - Alien Art with Dawn Griffin and Steve Conley

Dawn and Steve draw fun comics about aliens. In this workshop, you'll meet Dawn and Steve, learn how they create their comics, and draw your own wacky alien!


4:00-5:00 -  Superhero University (OPEN TO THE FIRST 40 KIDS)

You won't be able to fly and it won't give you super powers, but you will learn all the ins and outs of superheroics from the industry's top professors. PLUS, you'll have fun making your own cape and superhero mask! Come to this workshop as a kid, leave as a superhero!


5:00-6:00 - PIC-DRAW! with Dave Roman

Dave Roman, creator of Astronaut Academy, hosts this fun, improvised drawing game that combines as many awesome things as a single piece of paper can handle!


6:00-7:00 - Creating Comic Strips with Ben Taylor and Chris Otto

Do you have a funny idea for a comic strip? Chris Otto and Ben Taylor are the minds behind the popular webcomic, A Dog's Life. They'll share their insight on writing and drawing comic strips. Working with ideas from the audience, Chris and Ben will create a brand new comic strip.



(Please note, all times and panels shown are subject to change)


Room 339-342

11:00-12:00 - Scott Snyder Spotlight

Scott Snyder is known to readers for his stunning writing on BatmanAmerican VampireSuperman UnchainedWytches, and many other comics. We turn the spotlight on Synder and his work in this entertaining panel moderated by James Tynion IV.


12:15-1:15 - The 75th Anniversary of The Spirit

2015 marks the 75th Anniversary of the legendary cartoonist Will Eisner's immortal character, The Spirit (June 1940). Join Arlen Schumer, writer/illustrator/designer and comic book historian (The Silver Age of Comic Book Art, Archway Publishing), as he presents a Master's Class on Eisner using The Spirit as its primer: a retrospective overview of Eisner's magnum opus, and all of its revolutionary graphic tropes and storytelling techniques-character design, staging, lighting, lettering, and panel and page design-that make Eisner the D. W. Griffith of comic book art! 


1:30-2:30 - The Fifth Beatle: Exclusive Film Presentation!

The Fifth Beatle: The Brian Epstein Story was the most celebrated graphic novel of 2014, and is now becoming a feature film with the blessing of The Beatles and unprecedented access to their music. Join award-winning graphic novel and screenplay writer Vivek J. Tiwary as he presents never-before-seen scenes from the screenplay and discusses how the film will differ from the book. Moderated by Patrick Reed (ComicsAlliance, Depth Of Field).


2:45-3:45 - Tom Palmer Spotlight

Award winning artist Tom Palmer is one of comics' greats. Considered by many to the best inker in the industry, his work with Neal Adams, Gene Colan, and John Buscema remains unsurpassed. He is also a distinguished penciller, painter, and colorist. Join Mr. Palmer and Jose Villarrubia, artist and chair of MICA's Illustration Department, as they look at Palmer's amazing career.

Room 343-344

11:00-12:00 - Talkin' About Marvel

Want to know about your favorite Marvel hero? Ever wonder what an editor does? Curious about what working in comics is really like? Then join Marvel's Senior Vice President of Publishing Tom Brevoort for this panel where he'll be talkin' about Marvel.


12:15-1:15 - How to Make a Graphic Novel

So how do you go from doodling on your homework to breaking into graphic novels? Published YA author and trained art educator Laura Lee Gulledge (MA Art Ed) walks you through her process in this inspiring and informative presentation. She dishes out her favorite Artner Advice for the writing and drawing process, and takes you behind-the-scenes of how to make a book from initial script to final inking.


1:30-2:30 - Flying High with Hang Dai Studios

Brooklyn, New York's premiere comix studio, Hang Dai, houses a unique posse of cutting edge cartoonists which include Gregory Benton (B+F), Dean Haspiel (Billy DogmaThe Fox), the late Seth Kushner (Schmuck), Christa Cassano (Ghetto Klown), Swifty Lang (Plunder), Vito Delsante (Stray), and Chris Miskiewicz (Thomas Alsop). Moderated by Bleeding Cool's Hannah Means-Shannon, the studio will read from their Hang Dai Editions imprint debuts: SMOKE, BEEF WITH TOMATO, and SCHMUCK, and discuss their studio origins, where they are now, and where they're going next.


2:45-3:45 - Boys and their Toys - Fifty Years of Action Figures

Ed Catto celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Captain Action, the first superhero toy, with a line-up of Action Figure experts in a panel that will celebrate toys, upcoming toys, collecting, entrepreneurs, and even a little nostalgia.

Room 345-346

11:00-12:00 - The Comic Shop

Ever wonder what it's like to run your own comic shop? Do you think it's sitting around reading comics all day while getting paid? Join comic shop retailers and learn more about the comic shop business than you probably wanted to know! Moderated by Christy Blanch with guests Kyle Roberts, Mark Waid, and others.


12:15-1:15 - The Weird West

The Wild West - cowboys, rustlers, train robberies. It's the stuff of legend. But add in a horrifically scarred gunman, something moving in the shadows, things that won't stay dead, or just a healthy dollop of magic, and you've entered the Weird West! Join Timothy Truman, John Ostrander, Greg Pak, Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Jimmy Palmiotti, and moderator C. Edward Sellner and explore a west beyond your imagination!


1:30-2:30 - Indie Comics 101

Learn the ins and outs of starting your own comic company from industry pros. Follow them as they take you though printing to distribution. Hosted by Creature Entertainment's Editor-in-chief Juan Navarro.

Room 347-348

11:00-12:00 - Techniques for Affordable Cosplay

You know the classic advice: choose simple costumes, bargain hunt, stack coupons at JoAnn Fabrics. Even with all these tricks, it can be hard to put something together on a budget! Let's talk about some of the more creative ideas and techniques to put your cosplay together affordably.


12:15-1:15 - Making Comics for Everyone

An all-star panel of writers and artists talk about the power of comics, and how they work to reach new readers and make stories for all audiences. Featuring: Amy Chu (Poison IvyWonder WomanDMC Comics), Vivek J. Tiwary (The Fifth Beatle), Clayton Henry (Ivar Timewalker), and Laura Martin (Secret WarsA-ForceStar Wars). 


1:30-2:30 - Comic Books as Cultural Mirrors

This panel will look at the 75 year history of comic books with a particular focus on the relationship between comics and their historical, cultural, and political contexts. Moderated by Christy Blanch with special guests Mark Waid, Walter Simonson, and Louise Simonson.


2:45-3:45 - "Heroes Helping Heroes" Presents the Dynamic Movement of Comic Book Cosplaying to Strengthen our Sense of Self and Community

Join us to remember Baltimore's Batman and learn how costuming groups like Justice League Mid-Atlantic, East Coast Avengers, and others serve our community, and how you can cosplay more often and make a significant difference in your life and that of others! Listen to our members' stories; see them in action on the big screen; learn how you can join in; and participate in a Q&A session to satisfy your curiosity.

Ballroom (4th Floor)

12:00-1:00 - Katie Cassidy Spotlight

Katie Cassidy is known to Arrow fans as Laurel Lance, an attorney and ex-girlfriend of Oliver Queen, who becomes Black Canary! Don't miss this spotlight panel as Ms. Cassidy looks at both her time as an actor and a philanthropist. It'll be a scream!


1:00-2:00 - Edward James Olmos Spotlight

Edward James Olmos has played Gaff in Blade Runner, Admiral Adama in Battlestar Galactica, Robert Gonzales on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as many other roles in his distinguished career. Join Mr. Olmos for an exciting panel exploring his time in front of the camera!


2:30 - Costume Contest (Kids)

Kids Love Comics Pavilion Workshop Area

11:00-12:00 - Jumpin' Jamie's Musical Madness

Jumpin' Jamie plays "kindie rock" for all ages! He has played everything from birthday parties for a crowd of 12, to a stadium for a crowd of 12,000, and everything in between. Your toes will tap and your hands will clap as you enjoy his energetic and interactive performance.


12:00-1:00 - Doodle! Scribble! Draw! hosted by Mark Mariano

Dani Jones and Ted Tucker vs. Rich Clabaugh and Jacob Chabot 


Join in a frenetic game where you and professional comic artists pit your scribbles against one another in a series of improvisational drawing quests. Do you have the courage to doodle silly things for a crowd? And will the crowd have the imagination necessary to help the teams complete the quests and win the Doodle Scribble Draw championship belts?


1:00-2:00 - Families Make Comics! with Franco and Nicolas Aureliani, and John, Katie, Will, and Jack Gallagher

Families that make comics together laugh and learn together. The Aurelianis created several Aw Yeah Comics stories together. Katie and her dad, John Gallagher, created Zoey & Ketchup. John also worked with his sons, Will and Jack, to create E.P.I.C. Bros. Discover some tricks and tips on making comics with your family.


2:00-3:00 - A Piggy's Tale Comic Reading and Drawing! with Piggy and Tod Emko

Join Tod Emko for a live reading of A Piggy's Tale, the universally loved all-ages comic. Piggy the Three-Legged Super Pup will be present to greet his public and model as the audience draws the heroic canine. If Piggy likes the drawing, the child will receive the first issue of A Piggy's Tale! All participants will have their photos taken with their drawings for the website.


3:00-4:00 - Meowsers with Power with Mike Maihack

Mike Maihack, the creator of Cleopatra in Space, leads this fun feline frenzy workshop. Mike will draw cats as superheroes using ideas from the crowd. So sharpen your pencils, sharpen your wits, and see how many superhero cats you can draw!


4:00-5:00 -  Groove is in the Art with Mark Mariano and Chris O>Matic

The forecast is calling for a Jam Drawing with chances of Dance Outbursts in this exciting art experiment. Music can make us happy, make us cry, and invoke childhood memories, but what kind of drawings will it inspire? YOU can draw alongside a bunch of guest artists with DJ Chris O>Matic spinning the tunes.


General Admission and VIP Package tickets for Weekend, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as well as the Harvey Awards, are now on sale! Visit for more information and to purchase your advanced tickets now, and as always, kids 10 and under get into the show free with a paid adult General Admission!