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Sweet Dreams

TPB: Sandman Vol. 1
Writer: Neil Gaiman
Artist: Sam Kieth, Mike Dringenberg With Neil Gaiman revisiting the Sandman universe with his new mini, Sandman: Overture, this seemed like a good time to review his original masterpiece. In the first volume, the Sandman is captured by a rich occultist who endeavors to capture Death and make it do his bidding. Instead, he captures the Sandman whom he imprisons for 70 years. Eventually escaping, he learns that the symbols of his office have since been turned into powerful relics used by the mystical community. On a search for the symbols of his station from which he draws power, the Sandman must deal with Constantine, go through Hell itself, and stop a deranged inmate of Arkham who suddenly has power and the sick mind to put it to use. Neil Gaiman likely needs no introduction if you’re familiar with Sandman. It’s his best known work and one of the few graphic novels ever to make the New York Times Bestselle…

Photo Fun with Batman. . . . .

Editor's Note: I would love to credit the photographer here but they are not known to me, and could not be identified. This was sent to me by my son. It belongs right next to the Batman playing Batman pinball at The Comic Shop photo from last year.

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Where are you celebrating FREE COMIC BOOK DAY?

The Free Comic Book Day Store Locator is now LIVE and ready for you to type in your zip code to see what comic shops near you are celebrating the big day on May 2, 2015! Find out where you'll be able to get FREE comics now!

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This Is Horror Awards 2014: Winners announced

EDITOR’S NOTE: I visit  on a regular basis. They do a professional job of covering modern horror in book, film and audio and even dapple in small press publishing. Every year they give recognition to the year’s best horror.  It makes a great shopping list and starting point for exploration.  See the link below for the full article . . . . . . .By ThisIsHorror on Feb 24, 2015 12:00 pm
It’s that time again. We’re announcing the winners of the This Is Horror Awards 2014. Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who voted, it’s your participation that makes the This Is Horror Awards such a special occasion. Now to the winners. This Is Horror Awards 2014: Winners Novel of the Year Winner: Bird Box by … Continue reading »

ONI revives INVADER ZIM animated series in new comics

from the official press release . . . . . .PORTLAND, OR February 18, 2015 – Oni Press, Portland’s premier independent comic book publisher, announced today it is collaborating with Jhonen Vasquez and Nickelodeon in producing an ongoing comic book series based on the beloved animated show Invader Zim.  The series will explore a new chapter in Zim’s Earth invasion and the adventures of GIR, Dib and Gaz.  The first comic will release on July 1st, 2015.          "All of us at Oni Press are elated to be bringing the first new Invader Zim stories in years to a rabid fanbase," explained Oni Press Editor in Chief, James Lucas Jones. "Getting to tell those tales with folks from the show like Jhonen, Aaron Alexovich, Eric Trueheart, and Rikki Simons just makes it all the more sweet."          Zim, the diminutive, naïve Irken soldier, is assigned to invade Earth to keep him from disrupting his leaders’ plans to expand their empire.  Arriving on the unsuspecting planet, he tri…

New publisher tackles ADHD, Dyslexia with web comic reprint

This article has been compiled from several official press releases . . . . .Debuting this June and available for pre-order in the April 2015 PREVIEWS catalog (Diamond Code FEB150906) is CLAY’S WAY COLLECTION MAGAZINE – reprinting 140+ comic strips from the online web comic strip at  Young Clay and his best friend Pan handle life, ADHD, Dyslexia and keeping batteries in their light sabers.  The strip takes a humorous approach to a serious issue and offers guidelines, advice and links for parents of children with learning “differences” (as opposed to calling them learning disabilities). The book is published by new company AFTERBURN, who recently entered the crowded super-hero comic book market with some original creations.  BC Refugees has been following their progress and noticed some interest and momentum building for their line.  CLAY’S WAY is a nice addition, which shows they are willing to invest in properties to promote worthwhile causes along with developing a lin…

Dynamite series to highlight female icons, female writers

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Fresh off Marvel’s announcement of an all female Avengers team with A-FORCE comes this news of a Dynamite cross-over event featuring their core female characters and scripted by an all-female writing team.  As long as these series are good, I say the more the merrier!  You can’t beat the quality of writing to be anticipated from this cast of creators.  Read on . . . .press release written by Keith Davidsen . . . . .  GAIL SIMONE HEADLINES ALL-FEMALE WRITING TEAMS
FOR CORE SERIES AND TIE-IN TITLESFebruary 18, 2015, Mt. Laurel, NJ:  Dynamite Entertainment is proud to announce the May 2015 launch of Swords of Sorrow, the genre-spanning crossover event featuring an all-star line-up of female authors, headlined by Gail Simone (Batgirl, Birds of Prey).   Debuting with a core Swords of Sorrow series by Simone, the crossover continues throughout May with tie-in titles …

Dynamite partners for collectible character statues

EDITOR’S NOTES:  I’ve been keeping an eye on the growth of this New Jersey comics company lately, and  I continue to be impressed with their progress. This looks like some high quality work, although I wouldn’t be allowed to have this art in my home. In spite of the provocative imagery, it remains some really fine art. from the official press release . . . . . . .DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT AND THE BREWING FACTORY

February 16, 2015, Mt. Laurel, NJ:  Dynamite Entertainment, a leading publisher of original and licensed comic books, graphic novels, and e-books, expands its extensive merchandising program with its proud announcement of a creative partnership with The Brewing Factory, the merchandise development company founded by Georg Brewer.  The partnership will grow the Dynamite product line with new three-dimensional categories, most no…

NINJAK #1 includes second feature, origin and secrets

EDITOR’S NOTES:  This looks to be another exciting debut for Valiant this year.  I heard that Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark DE is planning an in-store event to celebrate NINJAK on the release date of March 11. You can find more details on their website . . . . the official press release . . . . . . .           Valiant is proud to present your first look inside NINJAK: THE LOST FILES – an essential second feature from New York Times best-selling writer Matt Kindt (THE VALIANT, RAI) and Eisner Award-nominated artist Butch Guice (Captain America), beginning on March 11th in NINJAK #1!          Clocking in at 40 pages monthly for the standard $3.99 cover price, each issue of NINJAK's highly anticipated ongoing series features a lead feature by writer Matt Kindt and superstar artist Clay Mann, PLUS a new chapter of Ninjak’s never-before-revealed origin in NINJAK: THE LOST FILES!          More than just a typical back-up feature, each chapter of N…

DC’s FCBD 2015 focuses on three new DIVERGENCE titles

EDITOR’S NOTES:  Not to be outdone, DC attempts to trump Marvel with their own re-boot beginning June 2015 when DIVERGENCE begins with 24 new title launches. Wow!  The New 52 didn’t last two long, did it?   Personally, I’m way beyond the point of saturation with super-hero titles and have no stomach to digest the massive pile of books that will encompass both Marvel’s SECRET WARS and DC’s DIVERGENCE events.  Perhaps I can find another writer with a keen  interest in reviewing all these titles and post their articles here.  I would like to provide our BC readers some commentary on these books. I just know it’s not going to come from me.You can read more of the full details on DC’s plans at the PREVIEWS website.. See more on that big news at’s a short summary of the DC Free Comic Book Day, offering provided by PREVIEWSworld: “A first look at upcoming storylines will be the focus of DC Entertainment’s Free Comic Book Day issue – DC Comics: Divergence – available Sa…

FCBD reveals details of Marvel SECRET WARS FCBD offering

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Allegedly the Marvel Universe comes to an end, to be replaced by Battleworld - - all outlined in SECRET WARS #0, Marvel’s Free Comic Book Day offering this May.The website has posted a full interview with Marvel Editor Tom Brevoort, which you can read at this link . . . . . . . .

Valiant getting ready for 25th birthday celebration

from the official press release . . . . . . . . . . .          Valiant's 25th year is going to be the biggest one yet!  The silver anniversary celebration begins this May on Free Comic Book Day 2015, and continues all summer long with monumental new releases honoring Valiant's historic place in comics history – and laying the groundwork for another 25 years to come!           In 1990, the first Valiant comics hit the shelves and, then, the impossible happened – an upstart, independent company created a new, cohesive universe that managed to go toe-to-toe with the industry's biggest publishers, forever changing the comics landscape in the process.  Some of comics' greatest talents – Jim Shooter, Bob Layton, Barry Windsor-Smith, and more – joined the ranks with a who's who of up-and-comers – including David Lapham, Joe Quesada, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Sean Chen – to build one of the first true legends of the modern age of comics.          Quickly becoming one of the mos…

Indie Comics: pre-order big Adventure issue

EDITOR'S NOTE: We have been regular endorsers of INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE, which provides an affordable forum for independent creators to get their work exposed to a bigger audience. Issue #9 looks to be very entertaining. Here are the details:
. . . . . From the official press release . . . .

Today's the day to order Indie Comics Magazine #9 in February's Previews!

It's the Adventure Issue! From highly trained, covert operatives, to anthropomorphic noire, to murder foul, Indie Comics Magazine #9 explores feats of excitement and peril!

Look for the 1/2 page ad in the order book to order from Aazurn Publishing, right at the beginning of the comic book listings!

“Cruzader, Agent of the Vatican” runs deadly missions for the pope! Omar Morales is the energetic writer, creator, and publisher of the action-packed “CruZader” graphic novel. With the tagline "Prophecies, Aliens, Sinners and Saints," CruZader features pencils and inks by Joel Cotejar.

“The Professional(s)&qu…

Sherlock Holmes and Kolchak work the same ground in expanded novel

Editor's Note: I'd heard that this was an exceptional graphic novel. Now readers like myself, who missed it on the first go around, can check it out.

Release Date June 2015
“Cry for Thunder”
Author: Joe Gentile
Cover Art: Doug Klauba
6’ x 9’, sc, 139pgs, $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-936814-87-9(5999)

The long awaited MUCH EXPANDED (over TWICE the story!) novelization of the
critically acclaimed crossover graphic novel!
Two of the most unique investigators of all time attempt to untangle the same
mystery…100 years apart from each other! The lawless wild west- the hidden
world of Victorian London- the present day hell of Hollywood…there…and back
again.…one of the strangest stories never told…

“Gentile's characterization was top-notch. Holmes is brilliant, sharp-
tongued, crafty, manipulative, physical and surprisingly compassionate in his
pursuit of justice in the name of an unjustly imprisoned immigrant…Gentile's
narrative voice for Kolchak perfectly captures Darr…

DEAD DROP conspiracy thriller drops in May 2015

from the official press release . . . . . .Four issues. Four stories. One ticking clock. The countdown to DEAD DROP begins this May!Valiant is proud to announce DEAD DROP #1 (of 4) – the FIRST ISSUE of an all-new four-issue limited series from red-hot writer Ales Kot (Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier, Secret Avengers) and rising star Adam Gorham (Zero).  Beginning this May, an unlikely cast of superhuman operators – X-O Manowar, Archer, MI-6 spymaster Neville Alcott, outdated android Beta-Max, and Quantum and Woody's inside woman on the DCPD, Detective Alejandra Cejudo – fall in deep for an undercover conspiracy action thriller in the darkest corners of the Valiant Universe…         There is a secret black market in New York.   It is hidden in plain sight – in our streets, trains, restaurants.  Those who know how to navigate it exchange secrets of extraordinary nature.  But when the secret in circulation is a biological weapon derived from Vine technology, the gloves are off – and…

The 2014 Ghastly Award Nominees announced, open for fan voting

The Ghastly Award Judges are proud to announce the 2014 Ghastly Award Nominees. The Nominees, chosen by the Ghastly Award Judges, reflect the wide range of Horror material being published in print and web comic form today. All Nominees were selected from work that was submitted by Comic Publishers and Creators throughout the year for Ghastly Award consideration.

Named after acclaimed comics creator “Ghastly” Graham Ingels, the awards are now in their 4th year.

Fan and Creator Voting will be open from February 9, 2015 until February 22, 2015 at You may only vote once for the 2014 Nominees, and Fans will decide the winner of the Best Horror Comic Cover Award. Winners will be announced on March 1, 2015.

We thank everyone who took the time to submit their work for this year's awards.

The 2014 Nominees are:
Best Ongoing Title:
Afterlife with Archie (Archie Comics)
Crossed: Badlands (Avatar Press)
Nailbiter (Image Comics)
Outcast (Image Comics)
Rachel Rising (Abstract…