New Comics Wednesday Review: JAMES BOND: SOLSTICE

JAMES BOND: SOLSTICE  (Dynamite Entertainment, November 22, 2017 release date)  Writer and Artist:  Ibrahim Moustafa.  Colors:  Jordan Boyd.  Letters: Simon Bowland     I’m a sucker for a good one-shot story that begins and ends in the same issue. It’s a great way to sample a series, and I wish comics publishers would do it more often.  So, if you’ve been curious about the JAMES BOND titles at Dynamite, here is your opportunity to check it out without making a multiple issue commitment.  Just keep in mind that this is not an ongoing monthly title at Dynamite but an assortment of mini-series (with different writers and artists) featuring British MI-6’s secret agent 007.   In spite of that, JAMES BOND: SOLSTICE is fairly indicative of how the legendary character is being handled at Dynamite: with respect for the legacy and history, and keeping the character portrayal accurate and true to form.     The story revolves around Bond’s pre-Christmas assignment, to eliminate a Russian agent wh…

Frank Cho in Baltimore on Saturday; Early BCC guests confirmed

CC&C Hosts Cho, T-Day Sale, BCC 2018 Announces First Guests! from the official Baltimore Comic Con press release . . . . .BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - November 20, 2017 - The Baltimore Comic-Con will return to the Inner Harbor at the Baltimore Convention Center the weekend of September 28-30, 2018. While that's still a long way off, we are excited to announce our initial batch of guests, as well as news about our host store, Cards Comics & Collectibles, throwing their Grand Opening Ceremony and in-store signing with Frank Cho.The sponsor store of the Baltimore Comic-Con, Cards Comics & Collectibles of Reisterstown, MD is hosting its official Grand Opening ceremony on Friday, November 24th at 10am with a ribbon-cutting and cake. Come join us at our new location -- 51 Main Street, Reisterstown, MD 21136. And in celebration of our Grand Opening, join comic book artist Frank Cho (Liberty MeadowsSkybourneHarley QuinnTotally Awesome Hulk) signing on Saturday from 2pm-5pm. And fi…

Vikings vs. Aliens: THE SPIDER KING debuts in February

from the official IDW Publishing press release . . . . .
Earth’s Last Line of Defense: Vikings!
San Diego, CA (November 20, 2016) – In the year 956 AD an unlikely group of Viking warriors in northern Europe face an even more unlikely adversary in the form of… Aliens! The debut graphic novel from Australian author Josh Vann and Italian illustrator Simone D’ArminiThe Spider King, introduces a vicious and violent world of survival to an extra terrestrial threat unlike any mankind has faced before.

Originally self-published in 2016 and funded with Kickstarter, The Spider King will make its serialized debut this February as IDW will release the international hit to a whole new audience. Garnering early praise upon its release, The Spider King was nominated for Best Graphic Novel at the 2016 Aurealis Awards and went on to win Bronze at the 2016 Ledgers, which acknowledges excellence in Australian comic art and publishing. 

“More than just a clash of genres, the Spider King is a classic Viking…

Preview art for ZOMBIE'S END, upcoming Kickstarter campaign

EDITOR”S NOTE:  We turn the spotlight once again to occasional contributor and publisher Gary Scott Beatty at Aazurn Publishing.  Here’s his latest update  . . . . . . . . Presenting (trumpets sound) the cover to the upcoming Zombies’ End! Plus, we get mental at the movies in my latest Dread Central article!

My eight-year-old MacBook is on its last legs, but lo! a new MacBook has arrived at Aazurn Publishing Secret Headquarters. While I spend too much time transferring and updating, Zombies’ End falls behind. But the pages that exist are looking so-o-o-o much like I wanted them to: dark, menacing and theatrical.

You will be able to pre-order this book at January’s Kickstarter and, so far, this is the ONLY way you’re going to be able to get your hands on it, so you’ll want to keep an eye on these email updates. Below, my inks next to my colors.Check this out! Zombies’ End will look so good on my bookshelf next to Wounds!  I good designer.A world in chaos. An unexpected solution. Mankind …

THE ONE returns in remastered edition

from the official IDW Publishing press release . . . . .
The Ground-Breaking Six-Issue Superhero Series Returns February 2018 
San Diego, CA (November 21, 2017) – Rick Veitch’sThe One has been called the last word on superheroes. IDW Publishing is proud to present a newly remastered version of this groundbreaking series, with completely new coloring that has been overseen by Veitch. 

The One is a world-spanning, continent-crushing, over-the-top adventure story that brings the United States and Russia to the brink of annihilation... from both nuclear warheads and crazed superheroes-run-amok! Originally published in the mid-80s during the height of tensions between American capitalism and Soviet era communism, The One depicts a nation on the brink of World War III, presenting a shocking worldview which very much mirrors today’s hostile political climate.

The One grew out of two things: my fear of a possible nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union, and my deep conviction …

DEVIL'S DUE updates with new release dates on two key titles

EDITOR’S NOTE: We’ve been wondering what happened to the SQUARRIORS saga, one of our favorite small press releases, and appreciate the update. We’re sharing it here in case you were also awaiting news on either of these titles. SQUARRIORS has amazing, realistic art — probably the best and most accurate depictions of animals that I’ve seen.  From the official Devil’s Due press release . . . . .Squarriors, Lord of Gore Returnwith New SolicitationsDiamond Re-Solicits Coming Spring 201811/7/18: CHICAGO: Originally solicited for 2017, the long awaited Squarriors: Summer #3 will return to comic shops this March, preceded by the murder mystery-thriller Lord of Gore #4 this February.Squarriors is the tale of warring rodents in a post apocalyptic, post-human world, with a twist being that humanity’s demise occurred in the 1980s. It appears that the same event that wiped out humans has caused nearly all animals in the world to become sentient by 1996.Lord of Gore is the story of a soon-to-be-fi…

Book Review: WHERE NIGHTMARES COME FROM . . . Words Of Wisdom On Writing

WHERE NIGHTMARES COME FROM  (Crystal Lake Publishing, Kindle Edition and E-Pub versions published November 17, 2017)  Non-fiction articles on horror and writing.WHERE NIGHTMARES COME FROM serves as an excellent reference source for beginning writers, especially those with a concentration in horror. What better way to learn and absorb than to pick the brains of experienced veterans of horror fiction, poetry, screenwriting and teleplays?  All those formats are discussed, as well as some answers to the question posed by the title: “Where Do Nightmares Come From?”, or more emphatically “Where Do Horror Writers Get Their Ideas?”  Every piece in this collection answers the title question in one fashion or another, while 21 of the 28 articles concentrate more on various aspects of writing:  how to generate ideas, how to work your muse, storytelling techniques, seeing through your character’s eyes, writing with words that fit the story, choosing the right medium to tell a story, how to sustai…

REVIEWS: Last Week's Pop Culture Indulgences

COMICS:I read the first six issues of DC/Vertigo’s AMERICAN VAMPIRE  from 2010. It was writer Scott Snyder’s first published work in comics and helped cement his reputation at the top of the new crop.  Collaborating with Stephen King also does wonders for the resume.  The success of AMERICAN VAMPIRE helped Snyder get the writing assignment on Batman.  His introduction of the Council of  Owls to Gotham mythology is first class.  So is AMERICAN VAMPIRE.    The storyline follows the origins of a new breed of vampire - - the American vampire, meaner than the European strain and also immune to the effects of sunlight. The other difference is the ability of a full moon to somehow drain the vampire’s energy, leaving them in a weakened state.      AMERICAN VAMPIRE follows two of the new United States vampires, one written by Snyder and one by King.  Snyder’s creation, Pearl, a young woman hoping to break into movies in 1920’s Hollywood who gets noticed by a prominent actor. His attentions lead…

Exploring Kickstarter projects: LAZARUS, THE FOREVER MAN

EDITOR’S NOTE:  I keep finding interesting projects on the KICKSTARTER website.  If it appeals to me, it might appear to blog readers as well - - so Ill feature it here.  Despite the title of this new comic, it is not a religious book. It’s a science-fiction story with biblical characters.  The art is what caught my eye.  Keep reading to learn more . . . . . . . 70-Page Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 Now on KickstarterMartian Lit is proud to launch the Kickstarter for our newest comic book, Lazarus, the Forever Man #1 at: massive, 70-page first issue follows our 24-page zero issue, which reprints the first two Lazarus stories from Martian Comics, setting the stage for the new series. The stories focus on the Biblical Lazarus, resurrected by a Martian Jesus!The issue is written by Julian Darius and penciled by Sergio Tarquini, with inks by Tarquini and Sara Nietto. It’s colored by R. L. Campos …

Sneak Peek: QUANTUM AND WOODY #3 in February 2018

Congratulations, QUANTUM AND WOODY! #3 is Having a Baby (Goat) in February! (God Help Us All)
Valiant “Celebrates” 50 Issues of the World’s Worst Superhero Team with a Staggering 100726448 32-Page Spectacular! Valiant is proud to present your first look at QUANTUM AND WOODY! (2017) #3 – a spectacular goatacular celebrating 50 landmark issues of the world’s worst superhero team from rising star Daniel Kibblesmith (The Late Show with Stephen Colbert) and special guest artist Francis Portela (FAITH)! Because you demanded it – the return of Quantum and Woody’s fearless sidekick/roommate/emergency medical contact starts here with a momentous moment that will forever reverberate through the ages: the birth of the Goat’s baby!
If you add them all up, this would be Quantum and Woody’s 50th issue! What better time to answer the eternal question: “Whatever happened to the Goat, anyway?” At last, the whole saga of Dr. Derek Henderson’s transformation from brilliant physicist and beloved father into…

DOCTOR WHO in horror is featured Dread Central article

EDITOR’S NOTE: Time to check in on our roving Mid-West correspondent to learn what Gary Scott Beatty has been up to lately . . . . . . . . . Delays, delays on illustrations for Zombie's End! Meanwhile, my latest Dread Central article looks at MORE Doctor Who in horror.

Yes, you guessed it, my eight year old MacBook Pro is preparing to die, right in the middle of showing you the fearsome cover to Zombie's End, gloriously colored and lettered! Meanwhile we'll have to settle for another look at the inks, below.

My first Dread Central article about Doctor Who actors in horror movies was so well receive, it called for a part two. Please leave a comment at the article here:

Hang in there, I'm planning some all nighters once my new equipment is up and running! Zombie's End is coming!

Gary Scott Beatty
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