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BEASTS OF THE BLACK HAND new Kickstarter campaign

EDITOR’S NOTE:  Here’s another Kickstarter project worth checking out.  The team behind this is Ominous Press, who’ve recently debuted some titles (Dread Gods, etc) under the IDW umbrella.  They are looking for funding to get this one off the ground.  Go to their site to learn more about it:   Some basic details below . . . . .About this project Beasts of the Black Hand is a horror/adventure tale set in the waning days of the first World War, when dieselpunk technology is making for a very different world. The 64-page hardcover graphic novel, created by sculptor Paul Harding, written by Ron Marz, drawn by Matthew Dow Smith, and colored by Neeraj Menon, will debut early in 2018, laying the groundwork for an epic multi-volume story.  The time is December, 1916. War rages across Europe, some empires collapsing, others being born. In snow-covered St. Petersburg, Russia, the mad monk, 

PREVIEWS: Keep your eye on Amigo Comics in 2018

Amigo Comics January 2018 Solicitations: The Suicide Forest, Rogues... and Jack Kirby?!

October 2017

New series! New emotions! New creators! Even new formats! Be prepared for this month, because we’re on fire! From Desiree Bressend and Ruben Gil, comes the horror with Call of the Suicide Forest, with covers by Toni Fejzula. Then, new creators and new stories of Bram and Weasel, with Tales of Rogues! This time, with Roberto Corroto and the stupendous Ertito Montana with our brigands trying to escape from Hall-Katraz…

And last but not least, we amigos are honored to present one incredible book. Jack Kirby! Wallace Wood! Yes, here at Amigo Comics, edited by Ferran Delgado… SKYMASTERS!

Amigo Comics! Look for us in Diamond Previews!

Amigo Comics! We've even got corner boxes on the cover!

And remember: PRE-ORDER!! Preferably via your friendly neighborhood comic book dealer!

PS Previews off all below titles can be found on our website: Call of the Suicide Forest #…

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE newspaper comic strip collected

Collect the Entire Run Chronologically Beginning with Volume One
San Diego, CA (October 31, 2017) – One of the most beloved comic strips of all time, this new collection of For Better or For Worse, produced with Lynn Johnston’s oversight, is the definitive edition, collecting each decade of the strip in hardcover volumes, the first of which is now available to purchase.

During For Better or For Worse’s decades-long run, the world witnessed the Patterson family grow up in real time, garnering a devoted audience of more than 220 million along the way. This debut volume begins with the strip’s premiere in September 1979 and goes through the end of 1982, reprinting more than three years of the daily and Sunday comics, with all Sunday comics printed in color. The book will feature a new cover panel by Lynn Johnston, and occasional context notes and comments.

“I am absolutely thrilled to see my body of work put in a lasting format like this,” said Lynn Johnston. “It really hits home for me as …

Preview of new story arc in BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 in February 2018

Jeff Lemire & Renato Guedes Foretell “THE BOOK OF THE DEAD” in Valiant’s BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 – Coming in February!In 2018, Bloodshot is entering the unpredictable spirit realm known as Deadside to strike the ultimate bargain of life and death!Valiant is proud to announce BLOODSHOT SALVATION #6 – the FIRST ISSUE of “THE BOOK OF THE DEAD,” an ALL-NEW ARC and TERRIFYING NEW JUMPING-ON POINT for the BLOCKBUSTER ONGOING SERIES from New York Times best-selling writer Jeff Lemire (BLOODSHOT REBORN, Black Hammer) and astonishing artist Renato Guedes(Wolverine)! On February 14th, Jeff Lemire’s Eisner Award-nominated superhero saga kicks off the New Year with an astonishing new beginning as Project Rising Spirit’s walking weapon of war sets forth into the darkness to barter for life with the ruler of the land of the dead…

Into the Deadside! Years ago, Project Rising Spirit’s cutting-edge nanite technology transformed Ray Garrison into the walking weapon codenamed Bloodshot. Now, those ver…

JOE PRUETT makes local appearance this Friday 11/03

EDITOR’S NOTE: Aftershock Comics publisher and chief creative officer Joe Pruett will make a guest appearance at Captain Blue Hen Comics in Newark, DE this Friday 11/03. He’ll be signing copies of his own BLACK EYED KIDS (B.E.K.) comic and Aftershock books as well as meeting and talking with fans and interested customers. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you want to attend, read below to learn more information about Joe Pruett . . . . . . . . . .     Joe Pruett, 51, is a graduate of the University of Georgia and a veteran of the comic book industry.  He’s previously worked as an inker, letterer, writer, editor, and publisher at various companies. His most recent work is at Aftershock Comics where he serves as publisher and C.C.O. as well as writer of the popular horror series, BLACK-EYED KIDS.     Tracing Pruett’s career path in the comics industry is like taking a tour of indie comics publishers of the late 80’s and early ’90’s.  Pruett was hired in 1989 as an assistant to…

Book Review: CRIME SPELLS anthology

here’s the Goodreads synopsis of Crime Spells . . . . .Crime SpellsbyMartin H. Greenberg(Editor), Loren L. Coleman(Editor), Joe Edwards(Contributor), Devon Monk(Goodreads Author)(Contributor), Jason Schmetzer(Contributor), Randall N. Bills(Contributor), Robert T. Jeschonek(Goodreads Author)(Contributor), Peter Orullian(Goodreads Author)(Contributor) 3.44 · Rating details · 82 Ratings  · 12 Reviews Sixteen original stories about magic-fueled crimes and those who investigate them

When magic is used for criminal purposes, all sorts of ethical and logistical questions arise beyond the realm of everyday law and order.

Now, sixteen top tale-tellers offer fascinating new stories of those who commit magic crimes, those who investigate them, and those who prosecute them. From a young woman who uses out-of-body excursions to research paranormal crimes to a bookie who?s been paying for hex protection against magical interference to an artist who does divination through his sketched visions which may…


TALES FROM THE LAKE VOLUME 4 (Crystal Lake Publishing, release date October 27, 2017) Short horror story collection. Edited by Ben Eads. Cover Art by Ben Baldwin. AUTHORS: Joe R. Lansdale, Jennifer Loring, Kealan Patrick Burke, T.E. Grau, Damien Angelica Walters, Sheldon Higdon, Max Booth III, Bruce Golden, JG Faherty, Hunter Liguore, David Dunwoody, Timothy G Arsenault, Maria Alexander, Timothy Johnson, Michael Bailey, EE King, Darren Speegle, Cynthia Ward, Michael Haynes, Leigh M Lane, Mark Cassell, Del Howison, Gene O’Neil, Jeff Cercone. Available through Amazon and the publisher. In a short forward to TALES FROM THE LAKE VOLUME 4, editor Ben Eads states his objective to present “harrowing” stories and feature “dim and cold worlds.” His selection hits the marks in almost every case.  Despite the large page count and  24 separate authors, there are no “filler” stories in this collection.  Every single tale is a quality read and worthy of inclusion.  Each story fits well within the h…


Lion Forge Founder David Steward II Announces Sister Company and Strategic Partnership  
ufrom the official press release . . . . . .ST. LOUIS, MO—Owner and publisher at St. Louis–based comics and graphic novel publisher The Lion Forge, LLC has formed a sister company, Syndicated Comics, LLC, that has acquired the widely recognized, authoritative voice of the comic book industry, The Beat, and announced a strategic partnership between Lion Forge and Syndicated Comics to support The Beat and its editor-in-chief, Heidi MacDonald.“My personal mission is to see readers all of ages, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientations, and gender identification reflected in the comics media,” says new publisher David Steward II. “Heidi MacDonald and The Beat have been THE authoritative voice of our industry, presenting insider knowledge in a format that is welcoming to a broad audience. Following the closing down of ComicsAlliance, we all need to work to preserve diverse and inclusive coverage of comic…

New QUANTUM & WOODY series gets unusual variant cover

Due to Popular Demand! Now with Extra-Added Glow-in-the-Dark Goat Action!

Oh no, look at what you made us do!

Valiant can hardly believe it’s announcing that THE MOST VARIANT COVER OF ALL TIME! – an unholy and experimental combination of comic book history’s most noted, notorious, and obnoxious cover gimmicks adorning one highly-limited edition of December’s QUANTUM AND WOODY (2017) #1 – is adding yet another classic to its record-setting battery of comic-book enhancements!That’s right… For the first time anywhere, Valiant can now confirm that QUANTUM AND WOODY (2017) #1’s THE MOST VARIANT COVER OF ALL TIME! will now feature a fully GLOW-IN-THE-DARK rendition of the one and only Goat, officially merging NINE OF THE MOST POPULAR COVER ENHANCEMENTS EVER PRODUCED onto one collection-busting variant cover that will forever live in infamy!They said it couldn’t be done. More importantly, they said it shouldn’t be done. And, every step of the way, we refused to listen. Now, there is no turning…