Superman at USA Today

USA Today newspaper will be featuring the Superman feature from DC's WEDNESDAY COMICS every Wednesday during it's 13 week run.
The first two episodes can be viewed at:

The art by Lee Bermejo is stunning, and much more detailed than I'm used to seeing in the traditional newspaper comics (which I stopped paying attention to aeons ago). I wasn't sure what to make of the script by John Arcudi after Week One (Superman stops an alien from wrecking the city and learns that he's from Krypton). It gets better in Week Two where Superman seeks advice and comment from Batman, who is impatient, opinionated, and surly (not a good look for him).


  1. One of the advantages of this format over the "traditional" newspaper comic is that DC can print the artwork any size they want. Art in newspaper strips has been suffering -- as much as I love "Dilbert" and "Pearls Before Swine" they're not exactly artistic masterpieces -- because editors keep shrinking the size the strips are printed at. (Coincidentally, today's Doonesbury is about this topic.)


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