Reviews of the Week (present company excepted)

  • Paul O’Brien explains the problems with X-Men: Messiah War more articulately than I was able to.
  • A brief review of Phonogram: Rue Britannia from Bill Harris. I bring this up not only because it is a favorite book of Shane’s but Harris is a blogger that doesn’t usually talk about comics so it’s significant that he really likes the book. Harris’ blog, dubious quality, is mostly about video games but it’s one of my favorite blogs even though I don’t play a lot of games anymore. He’s an articulate and funny writer, and his family anecdotes are always entertaining.
  • An unbiased third party from "The Weekly Crisis" blog reviews the Patsy Walker: Hellcat trade.
  • Finally, an excerpt of Harlan Ellison's opinion of Wednesday Comics from his message board: "...The paper is a hard matte-finish newspaper-supplement style, with a bounteous ration of eight or ten features, one page each. The BATMAN is wonderful. The KAMANDI by Dave Gibbons will remind you of FLASH GORDON and JUNGLE JIM. The SUPERMAN strip-page is written by John Arcudi, a favorite of mine, responsible for the best comicbook adaptations of ALIENS; DEADMAN, a brilliant HAWKMAN by Kyle Baker, a Kubert-Dad&Son SGT. ROCK; THE DEMON and THE CATWOMAN paired, a weird ADAM STRANGE story, METAMORPHO and idiot SUPERGIRL, TEEN TITANS and WONDER WOMAN strips stupidly drawn, incompregensible of adolescent to follow, plus GREEN LANTERN and a brilliant FLASH continuity. I am drunk in love with DC's WEDNESDAY COMICS...The artifact comes with my highest recommendation..."


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