“New” Logo of the Week

From the news section of marvel.com: “Marvel is pleased to provide your first look at the new logo making its debut on the cover of FANTASTIC FOUR#570” (emphasis mine).fflogo From November, 1976: the cover to FF #176.ff176


  1. Hmm. It seems every thing old IS new again.

  2. That's about where I am in my old Fantastic Four re-reads! Amusing.

    I'm not sure that it's my favorite, but I do like that approach (the Waid/Kitson Legion relaunch used a similar theme for the logo). I very much look forward to good things from the Hickman/Eaglesham run, though.

  3. One of the few times I will speak in defense of the big publishers: They are just calling it "new" because it is a new logo compared to the last issue. They aren't saying it's "Brand New" logo or that it's never been used before. (Also some of those editors may have never seen that 1976 issue, probably occured before their birth - - even though as an "editor" they are supposed to keep things within continuity and be totalling familiar with the history of the books they edit. Sigh . . if only it were so.
    P.S. Marketing is all about semantics.

  4. I get it; I'm just having a little fun. I'm actually excited that they're using the logo I grew up with.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Marvel's marketing department didn't know that was an old logo -- although as you say it's technically new because of the new artwork -- but the editor in charge of FF is Tom Brevoort, who definitely knows because he's been there forever. (He's probably the one that picked it.)


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