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I’ve been thinking about updating the blog layout to something a little less generic, but still fairly clean and uncluttered. Does anyone feel strongly pro or con about any of the sample layouts below? (You have to click through to see them.) Or should I just leave it the way it is?

MaroonKing (click on the image): blogger_02

Extreme Georgia

Smash My Typo

Gotham Nights




  1. Personally, I like it just the way it is, but if you really wanted to change it, I'd go with the first one.

  2. That's my favorite too, but it turns out that I can't use it because it's not for this blogging system (even though its homepage claims it is.)

  3. As long as I can navigate it and continue to post reviews without technical difficulties I don't object to whatever image change you want to make.
    personally, I like the Smash My Typo, Maroon King, and 2Plus (in that order). Gotham Nights seems appropriate but I wonder if that dark background would mess up any artwork or photos we want to include?

  4. One of the things I like about the current layout is that the white background goes well with most images, yes. Like when I post images for the upcoming DC books--those have white backgrounds as well, so it fits somewhat seamlessly.


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