Wizard World Philly Open Topic

Since there aren’t a lot of people signed up to initiate blog postings, I thought I’d set up a post where anyone who has any Wizard World Philly stories or observations they want to tell can do so in the comments section below.


  1. Didn't go. I never go. Doesn't seem worth it to me. I want to be surprised of upcoming storylines, etc. And any item I would want, I could get either at a well-stocked store or online.

    I ran into Art today at Target/Lionville where he works. He went yesterday with his son and they had a ball! I'm not knocking anyone who goes, for me it's a matter of finances and that I've been going to cons since 1974 so maybe I'm conned out in my old age.

  2. This looks like the perfect opportunity for Mr. Bill Broomall to leave us some choice comments. I believe he attended Wizard World with his son. How about it, Bill?

  3. I went with Bill and Joe on Friday, and another friend's kid on Saturday. We all had a good time, but I thought Wizard put on a weaker show this year. It was probably somewhat unavoidable due to Wizard's financial situation, the economy in general and Heroes Con down south being scheduled at the same time, but there were less booths and almost no panels that I was interested in. The economy didn't seem to affect attendance much, though -- Friday was well attended but not too crowded, but Saturday when we came back from lunch it was starting to get really packed and the retailers I talked to said they were having a really busy day. (Saturday's lousy weather probably helped too.) I prefer NYCC for actual comic stuff, and the Philly show to me is more of a convenient excuse to spend a day with friends and/or their kids.

  4. Forgot to mention that they used wristbands instead of badges this year, so if you had a 3-day ticket like me you had to wear it all weekend (including in the shower, etc.) There was also a lot of shouting by convention center security about showing your wristband and making sure you entered and exited through the correct doors. I know those folks must take a lot of crap, but I wish they were trained to be a little more pleasant.

  5. And I hear you need that bracelet to get in at Gary's house without paying the cover!


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