Pre-Order Suggestion: GUMBY, 50 SHADES OF CLAY


 EDITOR’S NOTE: Here’s a book for younger readers that should please the older readers who share this or read it to them. Thanks to  of Papercutz for the heads-up notice. Her comments follow below . . . . .

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of manning (or womanning) the Papercutz booth at the Brooklyn Book Festival and got to experience first hand Gumby's cross-generational appeal. On Children's Day especially, I saw parents rush over to our booth and show their children our Gumby comics, flipping through the pages with glee. "I grew up with Gumby," they said, and now a whole new generation of fans will experience the empathy and optimism of the king of claymation! . . . . . Michelle Hart, Papercutz Marketing Coordinator.


They say it ain’t easy being green, but Gumby may beg to differ, as he, Pokey, and the gang are back with all-new adventures! Released on November 7th, “50 Shades of Clay,” the first collection of Papercutz’s new Gumby series, brings the magic of the classic clay boy to a new generation. To help usher Gumby into a new era, Papercutz has assembled some “major talent” (The AV Club); award-winning artists such as Kyle Baker, Art Baltazar, Rick Geary, Mike Kazaleh, Veronica Fish, join Jolyon Yates in illustrating the all-new tales written by Eric Esquivel, Ray Fawkes, Sholly Fisch, Andy Fish, and Jeff Whitman.

Throughout these stories, Gumby proves why he’s an enduring pop culture figure: his endless optimism and commitment to such “old-fashioned” concepts like peace, love, and understanding. Gumby is someone who doesn’t forget to call his grandmother (poor Granny is preyed upon by the Blockheads, who sell her a bogus Hawaiian vacation), who cares about his friends (going all the way to Paris to look for Goo when she doesn’t show up for a picnic), and even turns enemies into friends (such as the Moon creatures who gave Gumby nightmares for years after their first encounter). See why Newsarama says Gumby is “funny, well-rendered, and the right kind of weird and sure to call back memories of a simpler Saturday morning kind of fun.” 

Papercutz will release GUMBY VOL. 1: "50 Shades of Clay" in hardcover (ISBN: 9781629918228, $13.99) and paperback (ISBN: 9781629918211, $8.99) on November 7, 2017. So if you're ready to jump into a good book, then check out GUMBY VOL. 1.




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