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EDITOR’S NOTE:  Podcasts come and podcasts go.  I listen to several, especially comics-related podcasts.  However, there aren’t many that manage to hold my attention and keep me coming back week after week. I usually end up getting bored with the commentary or tired of certain individuals whose peculiarities begin to annoy me.  I’ve been a regular listener of both predecessor From The Booth and now Comics Podcast of the Damned.  Some may read this article and protest “favortism” or “cronyism” because Ken is also a contributor/reviewer to this site. We will often feature an article on a specific podcast on this site. If you think we are unfairly “playing favorites” then you can chose to not check out the podcast. You will be missing entertaining and informative episodes.  Try one out before you decide to grumble and turn the page.


by KEN of Comics Podcast of the Damned

A New podcast for a new generation.

I love podcasts. During my college days  I had to take a five hour bus ride to Penn State and back from my parent’s home in South Jersey.  I’ve been grateful for the funny or informational shows that I’ve been able to download to my phone and listen to with earphones or through my car radio.

I moved to Delaware after college,  and I was listening to the local comic shop’s podcast when they advertised an opening. Although I had no history in public speaking, I decided to try out for the position and ended up getting it. Throughout the next four and half years, the line-up would change so much that I would go from being the junior caster, having been hired by the other two, to being the senior caster and replacing the entire cast twice over as people left the area or left for other projects.

However, in Spring of 2015 as we had the strongest line-up in years, we were forced to go independent to maintain our vision of what we felt the podcast should be. Now the cohosts of the original podcast, From the Booth, have assembled under the banner of Comics Podcast of the Damned.  We also have other original members as occasional cohosts such as Madonna (the less famous one) and new fan favorites like Joe.

Every week on Fridays (or sometimes Saturdays if we’re running behind!) we release a 90-120 minute podcast that discusses TV shows, movies, comic and pop culture related news, and comic books. Billed as an uncensored take on all things pop culture, you always know where we stand. Because we don’t have sponsorship from a shop or advertisers, we are free to offer our unfiltered opinion.

So why should you listen?

Because we have the best cohosts of any geek podcast out there!

Mike, our resident movie expert, contributes to several sites such as and  His ability to give an IMDB-like rundown of just about any actor or actress off the top of his head keeps the conversation moving.  Jim is a tech genius who has been reading comics for decades, is an avid moviegoer and still watches the Batman Animated Series with his young daughter.  As for me, I own seven thousand single issues, several hundred trades and a couple thousand digital issues.  I like movies but prefer Netflix to the theater.  I’m an incurable Buffy fanatic and am always watching and rewatching old series for nostalgia. Last but not least, we bought all new equipment with a higher sound quality than before.

There has never been a better time to become a new listener.  Find us on Facebook, visit our website, and don’t forget to add us on iTunes. If you want to ask us a question that we’ll answer on air send it to


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