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EDITOR'S NOTE: We have been regular endorsers of INDIE COMICS MAGAZINE, which provides an affordable forum for independent creators to get their work exposed to a bigger audience. Issue #9 looks to be very entertaining. Here are the details:
. . . . . From the official press release . . . .

Today's the day to order Indie Comics Magazine #9 in February's Previews!

It's the Adventure Issue! From highly trained, covert operatives, to anthropomorphic noire, to murder foul, Indie Comics Magazine #9 explores feats of excitement and peril!

Look for the 1/2 page ad in the order book to order from Aazurn Publishing, right at the beginning of the comic book listings!

“Cruzader, Agent of the Vatican” runs deadly missions for the pope! Omar Morales is the energetic writer, creator, and publisher of the action-packed “CruZader” graphic novel. With the tagline "Prophecies, Aliens, Sinners and Saints," CruZader features pencils and inks by Joel Cotejar.

“The Professional(s)" kick butt to save a city and build a legend! Writer Ramon Gil spent 20 years working advertising in New York City. He taught at the Parsons School of Design, started his own design and marketing company, and now writes SciFies, The Men from Darpa, The Hard Code and more.

A mysterious hooded cult appears for “The Harvest!” Troy Vevasis’ latest anthology series is Ghostly Comics #2. Fan favorites Furry Qaileny (all ages comics), Vaxdor and The Ikton Conflict, and the Trolik series featured distinctive art by Lee Milewski.

We investigate a brutal murder in “The Case of the Misused Grant!” Marta Tanrikulu is an American writer of comics stories in various genres. Her work has appeared on the Verticalismi website, in Red Stylo Media anthologies, and in the Cellar Door: Ancient, the 215 Ink Ignition Volume 1, the Arcana Steampunk Volume 2, and the Indie Ladies Comic: Ladies Chatter anthologies.

Microman is let go from his super-group in “The Downsizing of Quentin Mykroh!” Devastating Roulette Studios is a team of creators formed in 1993 by writer Derek Adnams and Brandon Bullock.

Uncle Pat reveals the story of a maiden, disease, Conquistadors and death, in “The Womanatee!” Writer Terry Cronin is a creator of Students of the Unusual, author of The Skinvestigator novels, and writer of the new, all ages comic series “Horse Power G.”

Heresy shall not be tolerated as the Astral Crusaders return! Writer Paul Bradford lives in Western Australia and writes comics containing a broad spectrum of themes and ideas. He also writes Gothic poetry under the pseudonym Hierophantom and has produced small press "zines" through his company Inertia Publications.

Plus, we introduce “Toots Malloy, Blues Ninja,” a no-nonsense musician with a passion for his art. The series is written by Patrick Cline and produced by Guys 'N' Ties Comic Studio: Matt Rooke, Stephen Sharar, David Andres, and Jon Scrivens.

Tell your buddies at the comic shop how much you enjoy our variety and our done-in-one stories! A Previews exclusive found only in comic shops, Indie Comics Magazine #9 can NOW be ordered from FEBRUARY 2015’s PREVIEWS CATALOG under Aazurn Publishing.

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