They Said it Better: Action Comics #900

Sorry posting on my part has been light lately. I have a stack of hardcovers to write about, but I'm still catching up from being out of town for a few days. Thanks, as always, to Mike for picking up the slack.

In the meantime, please enjoy this well-written review of Superman's triumphant return to Action Comics in #900. It's the culmination to Paul Cornell's Lex Luthor story and, in a way, it turns out that story was about Superman all along. I recommend the issue even to people who haven't been following the book since "New Krypton". (Though you should be, and the first hardcover is available now.) The Doomsday stuff is a bit of a distraction, but I look forward to Cornell's next move because he seems to get Superman perfectly. I have mixed feelings about the other stories in the book, which I'll let the reviewer get into below, but Geoff Johns' brief Legion story was a delight.

Matthew Meylikhov reviews Action Comics #900 for Multiversity Comics

More thoughts on Superman and Action Comics #900

Edited 5/1 to add: Of course, I wrote this before the citizenship thing blew up all over the place. Shame on the media and politicians for making a big deal out of this in what was not a slow news week, especially for people in the southern U.S.


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