The next flag captured

Another event of note for the BC Refugees blog site!
Sometime between April 14 and 15 the number of views on our site passed the 20,000 mark.
Onward and upward.
Should I anticipate the 25,000 plateau within the next 30 days? Or longer?
I'm not feeling confident enough to predict anything right now - - but I'll be watching.


  1. I still say all those hits can't represent a ton of real readers, or we'd have more comments (or at least more spam to be deleted.) I'll look into switching to a hit counter that would give us some statistics about where they're coming from.

  2. Very interesting. As far as measuring viewers by the number of comments - - I wonder if that's a good measure. I never see many comments on this site regardless of the writer or subject matter. Some other comics sites that I think are popular and well-read also don't get many comments. Yes, there are some sites where you see a lot of comments but they are less common. I just think the average reader is mostly a passive observer when it comes to feedback.

  3. I signed up for Google Analytics and added the code to the site, so I'll check it in a few weeks and see if that gives us a better idea of the traffic level.


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