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EDITOR’S NOTE:  We neglected to mention in our article about the Ghastly Award nominations that voting has been opened to readers of horror comics.  While the votes from creators and publishers will carry more weight, fans and readers can also submit one ballot for their picks.  You will need to submit your picks by this Sunday, February 21. You can vote by going to If you are a Creator or Publisher please make sure to use that ballot, as your votes count for 95% of determining the 2015 Winners. Best of luck to the nominees. Below, we share our personal picks  . . . .  

     For further reference, please go to the BC Archives for our list of all the nominees. For fans of horror in comics, the variety of options has never been stronger.  For anyone interested in reading further into this genre, you couldn’t find a better starting point than the list of Ghastly Award nominees.  Our favorite genre in comics is horror - - nothing beats a good scary tale.  We were surprised at how many quality works can escape our attention in any given year.  Thanks, Ghastly Awards, for helping to point out the gems.


Best Ongoing Title:  Wytches  (Image Comics) . . . All nominees in all categories areWytches Vol1 1deserving, so the choices can be tough to make. We were really torn between Harrow County and Wytches for this award. Both are exceptional.  However, a menacing forest won us over.  We recognize Harrow County elsewhere.

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BEST LIMITED SERIES:  Dark Gods (Avatar Press) . . . Creepy and scary to a new level as provided by the creative imagination of Justin Jordan.

BEST ONE-SHOT:  Puppet Master Annual #1—Halloween 1988 (Action Lab/Danger C20d24cffe6635b7e0a8d72e89434df7 xlZone) . . . . Pleasant nostalgic remembrance of the Puppet Master films make this a sentimental favorite. 

BEST ANTHOLOGY:  John Carpenter’s Tales For A Halloween Night (Storm King Productions) . . . A great collection of creepy tales that went unnoticed at too many comic shops.

BEST SHORT STORY IN AN ANTHOLOGY:  “Bunny Didn’t Tell UJohn Carpenters Tales for a Halloween Night Volume 1 1s” from John Carpenter’s Tales For A Halloween Night (Storm King Productions)

BEST ORIGINAL GRAPHIC NOVEL:  Hellhound (Dark Horse Comics) 

BEST ARCHIVAL COL$ 35LECTION:  Creepy Presents Alex Toth (Dark Horse Comics)

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BEST WRITER: Cullen Bunn  (Army of Darkness, Harrow County, Hellbreak, The Sixth Gun) . . . He knows how to write horror. 'Nuff said.

BEST ARTIST:  Raymund Bermudez  (Ex Mortis) . . . . The Ghastly Awards website wisely included images of art by all the nominees, which really helped in choosing.  All were worthy, Artistsbut this one really stands out.

BEST COLORIST:  Digikore Studios (Crossed:Badlands; Dark Gods) . . . Very skillful use of colors and shading in the various horror books they worked on. Again, images of all the nominees were provided.

BEST HORROR COMIC COVER:  Harrow County (Dark Horse Comics) . . . This is a really creepy image.  This is the single Ghastly Award that will be decided solely by fan vote - -  so don’t miss your opportunity to let your voice be heard. Again, images of all the nominees were provided. 





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