ComiXology and Fantagraphics Books Launch Series of Cartoonist-Focused Bundles with Exclusive Content

Each bundle will include exclusive mini comics not available digitally elsewhere

September 18, 2015 New York, NY Hot on the heels of Fantagraphics renewing distribution on comiXology and expanding comics and graphic novels on Amazon's Kindle store, Fantagraphics and comiXology have teamed up to release a series of cartoonist-focused bundles every Friday with exclusive content! Today sees the launch of four bundles by acclaimed cartoonists, Jaime Hernandez, Chuck Forsman, Tony Millionaire and Peter Bagge available for a limited time across comiXology's entire platform with a new bundle released every Friday. Each cartoonist bundle will include an exclusive mini comic that is not available digitally anywhere else.
"I appreciate comiXology's commitment to experimenting with different price points and packages in an attempt to better serve both fans and publishers, and as a way of finding new readers for such worthy material," said Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds.

"We're thrilled to celebrate these amazing cartoonists by offering fans and new readers a chance to read these great works at an amazing price," said Chip Mosher, comiXology VP of Communications & Marketing, "We're sure that these bundles will entice comics and graphic novel fans curious about the Fantagraphics library to dive right in!"

Each of today's cartoonist-focused bundles offers critically acclaimed graphic novels and single issues such as God and Science: Return of the Ti-Girls (Jaime Hernandez), Celebrated Summer (Chuck Forsman), Billy Hazelnuts (Tony Millionaire) and Hate #1-20 (Peter Bagge) at a deep discount with additional Fantagraphics minis by those same cartoonists. These discounted bundles will be available starting today until 11:59pm EST Sunday, September 20th. Visit every Friday to find out that week's new Fantagraphics Bundle deal.

With over 75,000 comics, graphic novels and manga from more than 75 publishers, comiXology offers the widest selection of digital comics in the world. ComiXology's immense catalog and cinematic Guided View reading experience make it the best digital platform for comics fans worldwide.

About Fantagraphics
Fantagraphics Books has been a leading proponent of comics as a legitimate form of art and literature since it began publishing the critical trade magazine The Comics Journal in 1976. By the early 1980s, Fantagraphics was at the forefront of the burgeoning movement to establish comics as a medium as eloquent and expressive as the more established popular arts of film, literature, poetry, et al. Fantagraphics quickly established a reputation as an advocacy publisher that specialized in seeking out and publishing the kind of innovative work that traditional comics corporations who dealt almost exclusively in super-heroes and fantasy either didn't know existed or wouldn't touch: serious, dramatic, historical, journalistic, political, and satirical work by a new generation of alternative cartoonists (including now-legends like Peter Bagge, Daniel Clowes, Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, Joe Sacco and Jim Woodring) as well as many artists who gained prominence as part of the seminal underground comix movement of the '60s, such as R. Crumb and Kim Deitch. Fantagraphics has since gained an international reputation for its literate and audacious editorial standards in publishing the best cartooning from all eras and regions with exacting production values.

About comiXology
ComiXology, an, Inc. subsidiary (NASDAQ:AMZN), has revolutionized the comic book and graphic novel industry by delivering a cloud-based digital comics platform that makes discovering, buying, and reading comics more fun than ever before. ComiXology's Guided View reading technology transforms the comic book medium into an immersive and cinematic experience, helping comiXology become a top ten grossing iPad app in 2011 and 2012 and the top grossing non-game iPad app in 2012 and 2013. Offering the broadest library of comic book content from over 75 publishers - and independent creators as well - comiXology will not stop until everyone on the face of the planet has become a comic book fan. ComiXology is based in New York City, with operations in Seattle, Los Angeles and Paris. For more information visit

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