What’s New? : April 09, 2013


          APRIL 09 = HEROES FOR HUNGER:  DC Entertainment, Save The Children, International Rescue Committee, and Mercy Corps joint IndieGoGo campaign to raise $50,o00 to help alleviate the hunger crisis in the Horn of Africa reached its’ goal two days after launching.  To celebrate, the bar has been raised and a new goal of $100,000 has been set.  In addition, DC has donated even more limited edition merchandise and experiences to thank supporters. New offerings include signed Batman Begins movie posters, Batman And Robin Vol. 1 hardcover editions signed by the creative team, and a trip to the sold out Comic-Con. Get all the details here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/dc-entertainment-we-can-be-heroes--4


APRIL 09 = DYSART IS EXCLUSIVE AT VALIANT:  New York Times best-selling writer and Eisner Award nominee Joshua Dysart has signed on as the publisher’s next exclusive creator. Dysart is currently scripting and co-plotting the Harbinger Wars crossover and mini-series for Valiant, in addition to his writing duties on the ongoing Harbinger series.

From 2008 to 2010, Dysart authored a two-year run on Vertigo's Unknown Soldier with artist Alberto Ponticelli, garnering an Eisner Award nomination for Best New Series and widespread critical recognition in the process. Dysart has also contributed to some of the most acclaimed series and projects of the past decade, including B.P.R.D., Swamp Thing and Neil Young's Greendale.


Dysart's first Valiant work, Harbinger #1, was released in June 2012 as the second title of the Valiant relaunch. His work on the series has drawn near-universal accolades from fans and critics, cementing Harbinger as one of Valiant's best-selling titles.  Dysart has also played a key creative role in co-architecting the Harbinger Wars crossover event, going so far as to co-create two dozen new super-powered heroes with Harbinger artist Khari Evans. This team of characters, collectively known as Generation Zero, can next be seen in the pages of Harbinger Wars #2 (of 4), in stores May 1st. They also feature prominently in the upcoming Harbinger Wars: Battle for Las Vegas 8-bit mobile game, the first level of which will be released for free on iOS and Android devices on May 2nd.

Dysart joins Eisner Award-winning artist Cary Nord (X-O Manowar, Conan) as the next addition to Valiant's roster of exclusive talent.


           APRIL 03 = DAVE DORMAN GIVES LOCAL INTERVIEW:  Captain Blue Hen Comics’ From The Booth podcast crew scored an interview with Eisner Award winning illustrator and painter Dave Dorman.Dave  is pretty much the name in Star Wars art work, having painted and illustrated several top selling comics, comics covers, book covers, package art, concept art and original pieces over a career spanning three decades.  Dave talks about his upcoming KickStarter campaign and his next book offering, waxes philosophic on getting paid to do what he loves, gives his advice on home theater design and interior decorating.  To Dave Dorman you will listen at . . . . .


APRIL 09 =BROOKS HEADLINES EXTINCTION PARADE: Max Brooks is known worldwide as one of the founders of the zombie renaissance, with his novels being considered essential reading for horror enthusiasts. World War Z has been adapted by Brad Pitt into a summer blockbuster premiering on June 20th and his first book, The Zombie Survival Guide, is cited as launchApril-Flipside-1-3-748x1024ing the zombie survival sub-genre. Now Emmy Award winning author, Max Brooks, has developed a brand new sub-genre of Vampires vs Zombies and is unleashing Extinction Parade, an epic horror comic series through Avatar Press. This  event teams Brooks with  illustrator Raulo Caceres and is scheduled to debut in comic shops worldwide on June 19th, the day before World War Z opens in theaters.

Extinction Parade is Brooks’ first all-original serialized comic book work. In a world where the zombie plague has put the human race on the endangered species list, another predatory undead species realizes that to stand by idly means the end of their food supply. Vastly outnumbered by the zombie hordes, vampires descend into all-out subdead war, with humanity caught in the crossfire. This new series further examines Brooks’ fascination with the lethal races of the undead and brings his unique voice to comics at a time when horror fiction is at an all-time high in popularity.  The first issue is featured in the current Previews magazine from Diamond Distributors and is ready to pre-order.




           APRIL 08  = MORE REGULARITY FOR POLARITY:  Say Anything front-man Max Bemis'  debut comic effort has really struck a chord with both fans of his music and comic fans around the world thanks to its personal and clever look at his struggle with bipolar disorder. The first printing has sold out at the distributor level, and a second printing is in process. 

          Timothy Woods is a bipolar artist stuck in the world of hipsters, meaningless sex, and vain art -- better known as Brooklyn. But after he survives a near fatal car accident, Timothy discovers that his mental instability is more than just a disorder, and that his bipolar medication hasn't just been subduing depression and uncontrollable mania...it's been suppressing his super powers! Now it's time for Timothy to stand up to his disease alongside an onslaught of wretched human villainy as he finally finds his place in the world.


APRIL 09 = FEMALE ARTISTS DRAW RED SONJA:  Dynamite's re-launch of Red Sonja with writer Gail Simone will arrive this coming July.  It  will be supported by covers by some of the most distinguished female artists in comics.  Red Sonja #1 contains covers by Nicola Scott, Colleen Doran, Jenny Frison, Stephanie Buscema, Fiona Staples, and Amanda Conner.

RSV2-01-Cov-Buscema-Subscription                       RSV2-01-Cov-Conner

          In Red Sonja #1, Red Sonja gets a fresh new attitude.  Sonja pays back a blood debt owed to the one man who has gained her respect, even if it means leading a doomed army to their certain deaths.  "Red Sonja is one of the original female ass-kickers in comics, of COURSE I would want to write her," says writer Gail Simone. "Any reader who likes sex, blood, swordplay, sassiness, red hair, adventure, and monsters getting stabbed in the face should get this book."

           Gail Simone got her start in comics writing for Bongo Comics, home of The Simpsons. Following her time there, Simone entered the mainstream comics world with a run on Marvel Comics' Deadpool, and later, Agent X. Gail is best known for known for runs on DC's Birds of Prey, Secret Six, Welcome to Tranquility, Wonder Woman, and Batgirl.


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