What's New? : April 04, 2013

April 04: UGLY DOESN'T QUIT = Personal favorite TODD, THE UGLIEST KID ON EARTH wraps up the limited series on April 17 with Issue #4. The news is that this will be an ongoing title through Image beginning in September.

April 03: INDIE FUNDRAISING A GO GO! = More and more independent creators are using social media to raise funds to make their dream projects a reality. You only need to visit the Kickstarter or Indiegogo sites and search 'comics' to find a giant stack of worthwhile projects, and we'll feature some of them here. The newest campaign is for a comics adaptation of THE IRON FEY, a best selling young adult novel series by Julie Kagawa. The goal is to introduce these young readers to the wonder of comics and hopefully attract more girls to read comics. Here is the link =
This will be a 4 issue manga series titled THE IRON KING produced by Bluewater Productions. The website features a trailer, art and concept sketches plus incentives for contributors that include T-shirts, sketches, hand painted rocks, sculptures, comics and a chance to be drawn into an issue of the series.

April 03: BROWN GOES AUTO-BIOGRAPHY = Graphic novelist writer/artist Jeffrey Brown (Darth Vader and Son, The Incredible Change-Bots) return to the auto-biographical format with A MATTER OF LIFE, a full color hardcover from Top Shelf in June (in the current Previews catalog). The book follows three generations of growth: Brown, his minister father and his preschooler son Oscar. If it's equal to the quality of his fictional work, this will be worth a look.

April 03: BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE = Top Shelf has another unique item for June in the Previews catalog. BURNING BUILDING COMIX by Jeff Zwirek is a comics art object and reading experience like no other. Tenants are trapped in a ten-story burning apartment building. This hardcover opens vertically to reveal two tall booklets, so readers can move up & down in space and forward and backward in time. Each tier of panels represents one floor of the building. Characters include a depressed atheist, expectant mother, brave doggy, latchkey kid, devil worshipper and more.

April 01: INDIE COMIC MOVIE CAMPAIGN = Another Indiegogo site aims to bring indie house Maw Productions and creator Martheus Wade's TURRA:GUN ANGEL graphic novel heroine to life in a live-action film. Turra is an independent-minded ninja assassin turned bounty hunter. This modest campaign aims to raise just $8,000 to finance the opening sequence and offers lots of perks for levels of contributions. Find the details and watch the video at http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/Turra-gun-angel

April 01: HOUSE CALL = The ultimate fan experience is available for just $350 to get inside for a personal tour with extras at the residence of legendary Star Wars artist Dave Dorman during the C2E2 Chicago weekend on Saturday 4/27. The package includes limo ride, gifts, food, and a tour of Dorman's studio and private art collection. This is now Year Two of The Dave Dorman Experience and space is limited to ten people. Contact denise@writebrainmedia.com to make reservations.

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