Come forth on the fourth - - come flea with me

                    This Sunday, Fourth of July (2010 version),  will find me in Newark, Delaware at the Flea Market/Collectibles Show in the parking lot of Captain Blue Hen Comics at 204 E. Main Street.

FCBD May 1 2010 010

          I’ll have lots of comics priced from 25 cents to one dollar,including some current issues. I’ve also put together some sets and story arcs to sell complete at bargain prices.  There should also be some miscellaneous games, DVDs, books, etc. at garage sale prices.

          There won’t be quite as many comics and collectible  vendors as last year since the neighbor Whole Foods Market is also holding their monthly Farmers Market on the same day.  It just means a bigger crowd, and twice as much fun - - including fresh fruits and vegetables, food vendors, and some live musical entertainment.

        This year, I’ll  be joined by another BC Refugee, Gary Z.,  who’ll be merchandising his massive collection (actually, the doubles that he doesn’t mind parting with) of super hero action figures and accessories.   You’ll find us in Spaces #1 and #2, right next to the mysterious yet friendly “Toy Man”  (not the Superman foe, just a guy with lots of toys).   Please come out, enjoy some sun and fun, and meet us.  The show runs from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m., leaving plenty of time to make it to the evening fireworks display back in your neighborhood.

FCBD May 1 2010 048    FCBD May 1 2010 049

        You’ve read my previous praise and favorable comments for Captain Blue Hen Comics, my favorite local source for books.  Come on down and see for yourself what it’s all about.  The store will be open from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. and also offering one-day specials to go along with the Flea Market/Collectibles show.


  1. I can’t make it because I’ve got family in town, but good luck to you both!

  2. Hey Mike and Gary,

    How did you make out? Hopefully, it was b4 the Heat wave!


  3. We didn't make a lot of money, but we had fun doing it and talking to people and meeting collectors, etc. I'm okay with getting just a little bit over $100, but I'd be unhappy if I was in this on a regular basis. I did get rid of some surplus books I didn't need - - 183 of them (although sold at either 25 cents or one dollar). Next time I might bring some older and more expensive books. There were actually some collectors here spending $100 - $150 on just a handful of needed books.


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