More images from Free Comic Book Day 2014

Things were happening at CAPTAIN BLUE HEN COMICS in Newark, DE on May 03, 2014!

corner guard    costumes in line

A character from some video game – I was too intimidated to ask more.

It’s great to see the kids dress up for the big day.

Ivy and Cat

Poison Ivy and Catwoman a.k.a. teammates from DIAMOND STATE ROLLER GIRLS, the Newark women’s roller derby team.  All of a sudden, cats and plants are two of my favorite things! 

Darth waits in line          Drat! My shoe is untied

Above left:  Even Darth Vader has to wait in line for his free comics on FCBD.

Above right:  “Drat!  My shoe is untied!”

Is my fly down

Bobb Fett to Stormtrooper: “Hey, do you mind checking to see if I zipped up?  My helmet won’t let me bend my head down far enough to check that.  Thanks!” 

hyper Harley Quinn          Shadowman

Photo left:  Hyper Harley Quin.  Photo right: Shadowman, I presume?

Lobo                  Lobo's back

Photo left:  Lobo confronts.   Photo right:  Lobo’s back! 

Mystique          Nightcrawler

Mystique and Nightcrawler.  The above four are members of, who sponsor a weekly Saturday midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show a.k.a. THE ROCKY HORROR SUPERHERO SHOW! at Cinema Center 3 in Newark. 

SW musicStar Wars sandmanStorm Trooper chat

Star Wars, nothing but Star Wars . .. da da  da da  . . . . . . . . . . . .

Pups like comics     What are you looking at

Left: Pups like comics, too!  Who knew?                Right:  What are you looking at, bub? 


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