THE FIFTH BEATLE expanded edition and soundtrack

EDITOR’S NOTE:  There’s a lot of news lately regarding the graphic novel biography of The Beatle’s first manager, Brian Epstein.  It ranks among the best examples of using the visual format of comics to tell an engaging biography of a music trailblazer and belongs in the library of all Beatles fans.  We have a hardcover deluxe edition, but the new features in the new softcover are tempting.  Here’s more information from the source, along with many links to learn and hear more . . . . . .


Fifth Beatle Expanded Edition + Soundtrack Available Now!

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 19 . . . Now even fab-er! The Fifth Beatle Expanded Edition paperback 

 To further your enjoyment of this graphic novel biography of Beatles manager Brian Epstein, whatever edition you may have, Vivek created The Fifth Beatle Soundtrack  (see Sptotify link above) complete with liner notes
This new softcover edition (in comics stores now!) includes an expanded sketchbook and Beatles memorabilia section, with behind-the-scenes insights from writer Vivek J. Tiwary and 25 pages of process and bonus art by Andrew Robinson and Kyle Baker (see his Sgt Pepper tribute below)! 

LISTEN TO THE FIFTH BEATLE SOUNDTRACK AND READ VIVEK'S LINER NOTES: Listen to writer / producer Vivek J. Tiwary's soundtrack (See Spotify playlist link above) to The Fifth Beatle& read the liner notes on Dark Horse Comics' blog: "It might come as a surprise that The Fifth Beatle Soundtrack isn’t made up primarily of Beatles songs—many of the songs aren’t even from the 1960’s!"  From Bauhaus to Billie Holliday to The Beatles.  Check it out now:

MEET VIVEK J. TIWARY ON TOUR:  To celebrate the launch of The Fifth Beatle Expanded EditionVivek is hitting the road! First stop was his childhood haunt Forbidden Planet NYC, along with artist Kyle Baker (pictured above) and then a wonderful launch event at the fab Escape Pod Comics in Huntington, Long Island. Full schedule here.
Thanks for your support and enjoy your week!

The Fifth Beatle Team

THE FIFTH BEATLE is an award-winning, #1 New York Times best selling graphic novel and forthcoming feature film recounting the untold true story of Brian Epstein– the brilliant visionary who discovered the Beatles in a cellar in Liverpool, nurtured, protected, and guided them to international stardom, but died painfully lonely at the age of 32. Read more at


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