Comic Review: WOLF COP from Dynamite Entertainment

WOLFCOP #1  (Dynamite Entertainment, October 26 release date)  Writer: Max Marks. Art: Arcana Studios.

JusWolfCop001 Cov At in time for Halloween, WOLF COP brings all the blood and gore a thirsty little trick-or-treater could wants to drink and eat.  Actually, keep this book away from the little ones. This is for mature audiences only.  In addition to the graphic violence, the characters all swear like pirates.

   If the cover looks like a reproduction of a movie poster, there’s a good reason for that.  WOLF COP began as a 2014 independent Canadian film, gained a following, and birthed a recent sequel in ANOTHER WOLF COP.  Go to for all the details on the film.

  WOLF COP the movie continues the adventures of Lou Garou (get the canine reference?), a Canadian police officer turned werewolf.  The comic dispenses with any background information or origin story, and gets right to the action.  Garou and his buddy Willie are on the run in a banged-up squad car.  Garou is a seriously hard drinker, perhaps to quell the raging spirit within him or just because he’s also an alcoholic.

  The car breaks down in the middle of a desolate stretch of highway, where the two encounter a vicious cannibalistic bike gang with two lovely abductees in tow.  The gang decides to disable the unlikely pair and bring them back to camp for their piggish leader’s luncheon.  You can imagine the outcome, once Garou transforms into the werewolf and battles the leader (who has his own secret form).  Along with the blood and guts, the massive consumption of alcohol, there are also some  humorous moments and engaging dialogue. A fun ride.

  The art is very vivid, vivacious, and violent.  Arcana Studios are also known for a crop of animated films, including the forthcoming HOWARD LOVECRAFT AND THE FROZEN KINGDOM  (


STORY:  We were amused and entertained, just like watching a well-made grind house movie.  2 points.

ART:  Very graphic, but a little cluttered in some of the action panels.  2 points.

COVER: Great eye appeal.  The movie poster look is captivating.  2 points.

READ AGAIN: Once is all that is needed.  O points.

RECOMMEND: For selective tastes. We do recommend it for fans of monsters, horror, gore and grind house fare. 1 point.

TOTAL RATING: 7 points. If you want something new to read, this could be what you would like. 




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