EDITOR’S NOTE:  We hope you’ve had some time to look over the recent Previews catalog in print or online, and made a list in order to let your local comic shop know what books you want to purchase in two months.  If you’re sitting on the fence about whether to order any new titles, give some consideration to these items we’ve highlighted for you . . . . . . .

Special thanks to PREVIEWS and DIAMOND COMICS DISTRIBUTORS for images and book summaries


PINK PANTHER CARTOON HOUR SPECIAL (American Mythology Productions) Writers: S.A. Check, Adrian Ropp Artists: Bill Galvan, Adrian Ropp 

Did you grow up watching The Pink Panther on Saturday morning cartoons?  We did!  This awesome new special brings back Pink and all his pals in brand new comics!  Welcome back the Texas Toads, Misterjaw & Catfish, The Ant and the Aardvark, and many more!  Now grab a bowl of cereal and rush to the comic shop to enjoy that nostalgic mix of hilarious hijinks again!  Main Wraparound cover by S.L. Gallant, Subscription cover by Adrian Ropp, Pink HiJinks cover by Bill Galvan, and a special Retro Animation Incentive Cover.



ABADDON THE DESTROYER #1  (American Mythology Productions)  Writer: Jack Herman  Artist: Neil Vokes 

The Reimaginers are using terrorism, cyberattacks and market destabilization to bring "The Alternate Ending." The entire Earth is under surveillance. Drones fill the sky like mosquitos. Murder squads strike faster than pizza delivery. The masses self-medicate with mega-doses of highly addictive media. Now an entity from the stars will shatter our world's precarious deteriorating balance. Buried for a hundred millennia, it has resonated through the collective unconscious, foretold in every mythos throughout mankind. It has had many names but now it is recognized as ABADDON, THE DESTROYER.   A Shocking new science fantasy horror story from Neil Vokes and Jack Herman, the creators of EAGLE and DEATH'S DARK ANGEL.



UBER: INVASION #1  (Avatar Press)  Writer: Kieron Gillen Artist: Daniel Gete 

Kieron Gillen's reimagining of superpowers and history is back with America under attack!  In the waning days of World War II, the Germans discovered a way to enhance soldiers into unstoppable monsters.  With these weapons Hitler conquered all of Europe and now has set his sights on the United States.  This is Uber: Invasion!  The German battleships are on American soil and with the allies struggling to make up lost ground in Enhanced Soldier development; the young country is facing the possibility of annihilation!  Available with Regular, Wraparound, War Crimes, and Blitzkrieg covers by series artist Daniel Gete, a painted Propaganda Poster cover, and a limited VIP Premium cover by Gabriel Andrade that is limited to 500 copies!


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