October 2016 PREVIEWS Pre-Order Picks: DARK HORSE COMICS

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We hope you’ve had some time to look over the recent Previews catalog in print or online, and made a list in order to let your local comic shop know what books you want to purchase in two months.  If you’re sitting on the fence about whether to order any new titles, give some consideration to these items we’ve highlighted for you . . . . . . .

Special thanks to PREVIEWS and DIAMOND COMICS DISTRIBUTORS for images and book summaries

DEAD INSIDE #1 of 5  (Dark Horse Comics) Writer: John Arcudi  Artist: Toni Fejzula   


The Jail Crimes Division of the Sheriff's Office in Mariposa County investigates crimes committed inside county jails. With a limited number of suspects who can't escape, these are usually easy cases to solve-but not this one. As Detective Linda Caruso gets closer to the heart of the case, she discovers uncomfortable truths about her friends, her job, and herself.
o Perfect for fans of crime and prison television, such as Law & Order, NCIS, Orange Is the New Black, American Crime Story, or Making a Murderer.
o A new series from Rumble writer John Arcudi and Veil artist Toni Fejzula.

SHADOWSSTL026689 ON THE GRAVE #1 of 8 (Dark Horse Comics) Writer: Richard Corben  Artist: Richard Corben 

The master of supernatural horror is back with bizarre tales of terror in his signature black-and-white style. Running through the entire series is the continuing story of Corben's new warrior character, Denaeus, reminiscent of his best-loved creation, Den from the classic Heavy Metal series.

o New stories from 2012 Eisner Hall of Fame award winner Richard Corben!

WEIRD DETECTIVE Trade Paperback (Dark Horse Comics)  Writer: Fred Van Lente (Artist: Guiu Vilanova 

The streets of New York have been plagued by a pattern of crimes too weird and bizarre for the average detective. Lurking in the evidence are shadows of loathsome horrors from beyond space and time, seeking to usher in 

the unimaginable evil of the Old Ones. And the only man capable of fighting against the unspeakable terrors isn't a man at all. Detective Sebastian Greene is one of them. Collects Weird Detective #1-#5.


o Fred Van Lente's newest original comic series!




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