Indie Comics Creators: Terry Cronin, Gary Scott Beatty


Ocassional guest columnist Gary Scott Beatty is back with some more quick profiles of Indie Creators . . . .

It’s time to order Indie Comics #3, under Aazurn Publishing, in October’s Previews at your local or online comic book store! Diamond #OCT161040.

While you wait for the action adventure and horror that is the new Indie Comics #3 to arrive, 
kick back and meet a crazy creator from this new book: Terry Cronin!


TERRY CRONIN is the creator of Students of the Unusual horror comics in which he teamed with artist Julia Lichty aka ghostfire. He is also the author of The Skinvestigator novels featuring dermatologist detective Harry Poe, available at Barnes and Noble, and He is currently promoting his all-ages comic book Horse Power G. For more info on his esoteric work go to

Terry's latest prose book is Film FestEvil! (And the award for the "Best Death Scene" goes to -- YOU!) Check it out on Amazon here:

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While you wait for the action adventure and horror that is the new Indie Comics #3 to arrive, kick back and meet another crazy creator from this new book! Yeah, it’s me, your blushing editor: Gary Scott Beatty!





I have (count 'em!) THREE stories in this issue of Indie Comics! Street magic versus zombies in "To Hell!" Plus, a treasure hunting soldier runs into more than he bargained for in "Horde," and a Puritan faces the rope in "Accused!"

This issue features seven stories, packed with adventure!

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I'm proud as can be -- the first Gary Scott Beatty retrospective is now on Comixology and Amazon! Published by indie legend Caliber Comics, “Worlds: Three Stories by Gary Scott Beatty” is a massive, 96 page collection of my early work, with unpublished art, in-depth articles, a jazz art gallery and more!




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