Shape changing Ninja's tales debuts from Pro Se Press

from the official press release . . . . . . . 

Pro Se Productions, an innovative Publisher of Genre Fiction, announces the debut of a new hero, created by Mike MacDee.  A master of disguise, Mata the Ninja fights his way through SHADOW OF THE FOX, now available in print and digital formats.
“One of the neatest things,” says Tommy Hancock, Pro Se Productions Editor in Chief, “that we do at Pro Se is introduce readers to characters that demand to be read. MikA287abc9 4ed7 4bc3 9060 4ab4b2e40a1fe MacDee’s Mata is most definitely one such creation.  Each story in
SHADOW OF THE FOX ripples with action and adventure and Mike works a sense of urgency into each of Mata’s missions, into his every action even.  Edge of Your Seat is definitely what this book is all about.”
Mata the Fox is a ninja agent whose mastery of disguise allows him to change shape like the foxes of myth. He has infiltrated places thought impregnable, stolen things thought irretrievable, and killed those thought untouchable; thus Mata always gets the Shogun's most dangerous assignments.  SHADOW OF THE FOX by Mike MacDee collects Mata’s three most dangerous missions-

Escape From Graveyard Bay 
Trapped on the dreaded island prison of Graveyard Bay, Mata must assassinate a loyal friend before she breaks under interrogation...or improvise an impossible rescue.
The Oshiro Songbird 
The deadly leader of an impenetrable spy ring is rooted in the community of Inari Pass: she's invaluable to the town, lethal to those who threaten her, and irresistible to everyone else. Breaking up her spy ring seems it's a perfect assignment for the Fox.

The Gold Barons of Izu 
Second Place winner in the 2013 Samurai Fiction Contest. A revolt is on the horizon as Grand Minister Okubo and Yakuza Boss Kurai continue to oppress the Izu miners. To prevent the revolt, Mata must find a way to turn the barons' dream alliance into a nightmare.
SHADOW OF THE FOX by Mike MacDee. From Pro Se Productions
Featuring a stunning cover by Larry Nadolsky and print formatting and book design by Antonino Lo Iacono,  SHADOW OF THE FOX is available now at Amazon or Pro Se’s own store at for 10.00. 



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