Get PREVIEWS this Wednesday and follow along with pre-order picks

EDI07 Jul16 P C1 4x5TOR”S NOTE:  Whew!  We just finished wrapping up a new feature last week, and it’s time to get ready to do it all over again!  We’re talking about our PREVIEWS Pre-Order Picks where we look over the current catalog of books being released in two months and highlight some titles we feel are worth checking out by adding them to your pre-order list with your local comic shop.

  We encourage our readers to pick up a copy of the new July PREVIEWS catalog when it comes to comic store shelves this Wednesday, June 29.  It details all the books coming out in September 2016 from various publishers.

It will make it easier to follow along when we highlight those books that we feel are worthy of your attention.

We promise to be more selective this time, and not produce such a gargantuan list of promising works like we showcased in June.

We’re going to give a special focus to new titles this time.
We’re let you know what new books you should be looking out for.  

If nothing else, following our picks gives you the insight into what types of books we at BC Refugees get excited about. 

07 Jul16 P C4 4x5


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