NANCY needs your money to get out of development HELL

from the official press release  -  June 9, 2016

With only four days left on the clock, the plans to get NANCY IN HELL on television is more then 80% on its way. With a lot of original artwork for a fraction of the value, the project is destined 20160520101438112 540 414 1 0to rock comic fans as well as lure funding with special VIP-treats at location or with the chance to get "killed on screen"!

The pilot will be shot on location in Australia where the crew can capture a Hellish environment as seen in films like Mad Max Fury Road (conveniently many of the crew worked on this movie). The shoot will happen in June 2016 and will cover Nancy’s first day in Hell.

The original promo was going to be quite simple with just some cool shots etc. But once a network executive showed interest in the franchise when he found out about the plans to film a short video clip to promote the comic book series, the game was on! Now Team Nancy need to come up with something a bit more compelling! Team Nancy have a film crew ready to shoot, and with Kickstarter the team has the chance to up the ante.

Good girls go to heaven, right? But it seems like there are no good girls anymore. After her death, Nancy awakens in a creepy landscape to find decomposing lost souls, demons lurking in the shadows, outcasts, chainsaws, booze, and certain doom. Can Nancy escape from Hell? Creator EL TORRES (The Veil) take you on a white-knuckle tour of the 20160520102047795 300 459 1 0underworld to find out!

As Nancy searches for a way out of Hell, she even gains an unexpected ally: Lucifer himself! And what will happen if Nancy and Lucifer do indeed escape Hell and walk Earth again? And will Nancy find the person – and the reasoning – responsible for her death?

In short this is what NANCY IN HELL is all about and just prior to creating a third comic book series about Nancy’s adventure, real life knocked on the door as a network executive showed interest in the franchise! 

To make a long story short: there is a solid chance to make Nancy in Hell TV series but there must be a pitch to other network executives before the final decisions are made.

The series itself will tell a mix of old and new Nancy stories with many new characters to be introduced.

This is where we need your help! With Kickstarter:

Original art has been added20160609103037674 300 387 1 0 as rewards by greats like:

20160609103047946 300 387 1 0Juan José Ryp (Wolverine, Warren Ellis' Black Summer, Alan Moore's Magic Words, Frank Miller's RoboCop, Skybound's Clone) 
Gabriel Hernandez Walta (Astonishing X-Men, Avengers Vs. X-Men, Spider-Man/Deadpool, X-Force)
Jorge Fornés (Marvel's Thunderbolts, Wolverine & the Xmen, Amazing X-men, Guardians)
Enrique López Lorenzana (Nancy In Hell)
Norberto Fernández (Jimmy Palmiotti's Retrovirus)
Julian Lopez (Superman, Batman and the Outsiders, Titans, Wonder Woman, Mighty Crusaders)

and more by Chema García, Nacho Tenorio and Sergio Mora, Rafael Vargas Simón, Jesus Alonso Iglesias...

Please spread the word, share the word, share the love for amazing art and great stories!


Who exactly are we?

20160609103029391 300 387 1 0

El Torres   

Comic writer     Owner of Amigo Comics    Based in Spain    Website:

Jennifer Van Gessel   

Screenwriter and producer at Far From Everything Films    Editor and writer at Amigo Comics    Based in Australia                                                      Website:


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