They Said It Better: Wildcats 3.0 Year One and Year Two

I just finished rereading Wildcats 3.0 in its new "Year One" and "Year Two" volumes, and I don't have anything to add to this Comics Alliance appreciation of the series other than to say I recently read some issues of "G.I. Joe: Cobra" and "G.I. Joe: Origins" (Hi, Aaron!) and in my opinion the writers of both those series were influenced by Joe Casey's work. (Also influenced: Matt Fraction's Iron Man. But that's a discussion for another day.)

Wildcats 3.0: A Look Back at a Comic Too Far Ahead of Its Time


  1. That's a very good article about that series. I've read a few of those issues obtained in the bargain bins - - but taken out of sequence like that they just served as cheap entertaining reads and I didn't realize the full value/impact of reading a whole storyline. Mr. Parker put a lot of thought and time into that article also - and it shows. His points are well-established. What impresses me even more are the 23 comments posted about his article. I hope someday that we see the same kind of activity on the BC Refugees site.

  2. Comics Alliance is owned by AOL and claims to be the "#1 Most Visited Comics Website in the US", so don't feel too bad about being behind them. :-)


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