March Awards Madness - - - 3/19/2011 - - Rondo Hatton Awards

This is the final week to vote in the NINTH ANNUAL RONDO HATTON CLASSIC HORROR AWARDS.  The deadline for ballots is midnight, March 27, 2011.


The annual awards are fan-based and dedicated to the best in horror in 30 different categories.  This year’s awards are dedicated to the memory of Gloria Stuart, Ingrid Pitt and Verne Langdon.

More information about the awards, including previous winners, and an e-mail ballot can be obtained at:

Here are the categories for the awards:

  1. Best Movie Of 2010
  2. Best TV Presentation of 2010
  3. Best Classic DVD
  4. Best DVD Collection
  5. Best Restoration
  6. Best Commentary
  7. Best DVD Extra
  8. Best Independent Film Or Documentary – there are video links to clips or trailers.
  9. Best Short Film – there are video links to clips or trailers.
  10. Book Of The Year
  11. Best Magazine Of 2010
  12. Best Article
  13. Best Interview – award goes to the interviewer.
  14. Best Magazine Cover - - these are all reproduced on the web site.
  15. Best Website - - lots of links (and new discoveries!) to these sites.
  16. Best Blog Of 2010
  17. Best Convention Of 2010
  18. Best Fan Event Of 2010
  19. Favorite Horror Host Of 2010
  20. Best Horror Comic
  21. Best Horror Audio
  22. Best Soundtrack Or Horror CD
  23. Best Toy, Model Or Collectible
  24. Classic Most In Need Of Restoration
  25. Writer Of The Year (for 2010)
  26. Artist Of The Year (Pro)
  27. Artist Of The Year (Fan)
  28. DVD Reviewer Of The Year
  29. “Monster Kid” Of The Year - “for efforts beyond the call of duty to build a better world of gods and monsters.”
  30. Monster Kid Hall Of Fame

It’s a lot of categories, but it doesn’t take that long to get through - - and it’s a lot of  fun.  Here’s your chance to vote for your favorite, especially horror comics (my favorite of all comics genres - - my pick this year was EDGE OF DOOM).  You can type your picks on an e-mail or just cut-and-paste the ballot onto an email and place an X by your choices, highlight your choices, or “leave a claw print!”    Just include your name to ensure that the ballot will be counted.


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