March Super-Sleuthing Madness = March 07, 2011

SHERLOCK HOLMES YEAR ONE #1 OF 6  (Dynamite Entertainment)  Written by Scott Beatty.  Illustrated by Daniel Indro.  Colored by Tony Avina.  Lettered by Simon Bowland.

I was excited when I previewed my PREVIEWS and saw the announcement that Marvel would be reviving RUSE - - the late, lamented Crossgen series.   My excitement doubled when I learned that original RUSE scripter Mark Waid would be writing new adventures of his creation, obviously designed as an homage to Sherlock Holmes with a few new twists and spins.  When I later came across SHERLOCK HOLMES YEAR ONE while checking out the new issues stand at Captain Blue Hen, I snatched it up immediately.  This will do very, very nicely while I wait for the first issue of RUSE.


SHERLOCK HOLMES YEAR ONE has that same Victorian period feel to it.  The art work and details seem very authentic and researched.  The intricate plot allows for Sherlock to show off his deductive skills and out-guess the reader.   I had it partially right, but only canny Holmes figured out the full extent of the criminals’ intentions. It didn’t matter that I knew some of this - - it was just so much fun getting there.

This book reLayout 1minds me so much of RUSE that it’s like having two versions of Sherlock suspense at once.  Two is definitely better than one!  If both books maintain this quality they should compliment each other very well.  Someone who likes SHERLOCK HOLMES YEAR ONE would be drawn to check out RUSE, and vice versa.   Beatty’s story made me smile.  Indro’s fantastic art brought multiple grins of delight.


In the cleverly titled opening chapter (“The Butlers Did It”)  college student Sherlock obtains part-time work on the kitchen staff at a masquerade ball attended by the very wealthy of London.  He meets Watson for first time and they seem to bond.  Watson is a medical consultant to the police force and is brought in to help treat the injured, which include Holmes who narrowly escapes several scuffles with the scoundrels.

If you like this type of story, what are you waiting for?  You don’t need me to tell you anymore than I already have.


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