September Previews Pre-Order Picks: MARVEL

EDITOR’S NOTES:  This is the weekend that pre-orders for November books are due.  We’re hoping that you’re reviewing the September issue of Previews (with a copy from your local comics shop, or via the Previews website) and placing your pre-orders with your preferred comics source.  It’s the best way to make sure that you get a copy of the books you want to read.  It also helps your local comics shop determine what to order so they can manage that ever-growing inventory of books.  Not sure what you want to get?   We’re a little late making our picks but we’ll make up for that this week.  In our usual helpful fashion, we concentrate on debut titles that we feel are worth checking out.  In an unexpected change of pace, we begin this month with MARVEL . . . . . .




AVENGERS #1:  If Mark Waid is on script duties, you are always in for a good read.  He continues to find interesting ways and twists to focus on well-known super-heroes. This is his first stab at writing an Avengers book, we believe. Can’t wait to see what he does with this team.  As a bonus, the first villain they encounter is Kang - - one of our favorite foes. 

INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #1: The well-publicized debut of the newest person to wear the Iron Man armor.  We are just too curious to pass this one up.  Brian Michael Bendis is another writer that excels at presenting super-heroes.  Can he repeat the success of the Miles Morales Spider-Man with this title?



THE UNWORTHY THOR #1 of 5:  We love the work that writer Jason Aaron has done with Jane Foster taking over the hammer. Does this new title mean that we can have two Thors?  That would be awesome. Hoping this limited series resolves some things.

AVENGERS #1.1:  We fondly remember the fantastic work that Mark Waid did when he revisited the discovery of a frozen Steve Rogers by the Avengers and the re-emergence of Captain America into the modern world in A Man Out Of Time. Can Waid work the magic again with this re-telling of the second Avengers line-up from back in the 1960’s?  We think so. That’s why we suggest you pick up this book. 


  1. Sorry for my error. Mark Waid has already been involved with the Avengers books. I forgot that he wrote the recent ALL NEW ALL DIFFERENT AVENGERS. He introduced the new Wasp to that title, and she's a member of this new, post Civil War II AVENGERS team. My only excuse is that I haven't been reading or following these books. My apologies.


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