Costume Contest Winners from Baltimore Comic-Con

Baltimore Comic-Con Announces 2016 Costume Contest Winners

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - September 5, 2016 - The Baltimore Comic-Con is happy to announce the winners of our 8th Annual Costume Contest. The contest took place this past Saturday, September 3, 2016 for both amateur and professional adults, and Sunday, September 4, 2016 for kids. Visually stunning costumes ranged from classic superheroes to video game and movie characters and beyond, and our contest has proven to be one of the most anticipated events at the show.
This year's costume contest separated amateur adults and craftsmen from professional adults, and held a separate contest for amateur kids as well.

The grand prize winner for Best Overall Costume in the professional category, and the recipient of the $1,000 cash prize, was Casey Sanders for her "Tiny Tina" costume.

The grand prize winner for Best Overall Costume in the craftsmen category, and the recipient of the $500 cash prize, was Candice Miller for her "Ahsoka Tano" costume.

The grand prize winner for Best in Show for kids, and the recipient of the $100 cash prize, was Jayden for his "Tracer" costume.
Special thanks go to everyone who entered the contest and showed their support, as well as to our sponsor, and Master of Ceremonies, comedian Joe Bronzi!

Winners for this year's contest include:



Best Overall Costume: Casey Sanders, Tiny Tina

Tiny Tina


1st Place: David Cardian Schmidt, Mega Ampharos Samari


Mega Ampharos Samari


2nd Place: Sam Gras, Lex Luthor (with Supergirl)


Lex Luthor _with Supergirl_


3rd Place: Brendan McLelland, Iron Alien

Iron Alien


Best in Show: Candice Miller, Ahsoka Tano


Ahsoka Tano

1st Place: Jayne Chartrand, Elspeth Knight Errant

Elspeth Knight Errant


2nd Place: Eric MaeCartney, Cable



3rd Place: Kevin Uribe, Mark 1 Iron Man


Mark 1 Iron Man


1st Place: Alyssa McMinn, Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn


2nd Place: Lauren Singleton, Squirrel Girl
Squirrel Girl


3rd Place: Steven Anderson, Bob Ross

Bob Ross


Best Group:

1st Place: David Bradshaw and Cecilia Lee, Richonne




2nd Place: Aubrey England-Gordon and Ethan Gordon, Two-Face and Harley Quinn


Two-Face and Harley Quinn


Amateur Kids

Best in Show: Jayden, Tracer



Kids Prizes in the Age 12 to Age 17 category: 

1st Place: Benjamin, A Knight in Shining Armor

A  Knight in Shining Armor


2nd Place: Kaelyn, Mikasa from Attack on Titan

Mikasa from Attack on Titan


Kids Prizes in the Newborn to Age 11 category:

1st Place - Tie!: Isabella and Skylar, Toy Bonnie and Mangle

Toy Bonnie and Mangle


2nd Place: Gabe, Alex, and Lilly, Nightwing, Batman, and Wonder Woman


Nightwing_ Batman_ and Wonder Woman


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