Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Video blog Part 2: Publishing Comics

from the official Aazurn Publishing press release 

A glutton for punishment, I’m still vlogging! Publishing Comics Blog, Episode 2, with Gary Scott Beatty: Networking Works! Click here!

What do you want me to talk about? If you like, share with friends. If you don’t like, I want to hear that too! PLEASE COMMENT at the video!

Today’s freebie! (Not mentioned in the vlog — just here!)
The very first issue of Deadworld is now free at DriveThru Comics! Before The Walking Dead there was Deadworld. A supernatural plague has been unleashed on the world — but this is no standard zombie story. Art by Vince Locke (Vertigo)! Mature audiences, from Caliber Comics, download here.

Be sure you’ve ordered Indie Comics #2 at your favorite local or online comic shop! August’s Previews won’t be around much longer! Here’s the handy order number for IC#2 — AUG161046.

And, lastly, does using the word "vlog" make me sound like a dork?

Gary Scott Beatty
Possible Dork
Aazurn Publishing

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  1. Thanks, Mike! I'm talking about things I see that creative professionals should know, that aren't discussed in all of those "how to make comics!" videos.