EDITOR’S NOTE:  This is the third consecutive month where we take a look at the monthly PREVIEWS catalog and highlight the books we feel should be added to your pre-order list.  In order to keep the list as short as possible (Just imagine how tough that can be!), we focus on new titles or first volume collections only.  

Your local comic shop depends on your pre-orders to help prevent shortages or overstocks.  Since business reality makes it impossible for a local comic shop to order some of everything, they need you to tell them what you want to see. Please give it a try. 

 Pick up a copy of the August PREVIEWS at your local comic shop, or visit the online catalog at  Then give your local comic store the list of what you want to pre-order for October 2016. We’ll do our best here to help you with those selections, from a BC Refugees point of view.  Not objective, but absolutely subjective.

THE SKEPTICS #1 (W) Tini Howard (A/CA) Devaki Neogi.  Page 298


From the Previews catalog:  "A stylish, political adventure about a pair of hip, clever teens who fool the world into believing they have superpowers. It is the 1960s. The Russians have the A-bomb, the H-bomb, and now the most terrifying weapon of all: a pair of psychically superpowered young people. Terrified and desperate, the US top brass scours from coast to coast in search of psychic Americans. Enter Dr. Isobel Santaclara, an eccentric illusionist and grifter who has recruited two teenagers and trained them to trick the US government, the Russians, and the whole world into believing they are dangerous psychics. The Skeptics is a pre-punk period piece, a sort of honest, unfuzzy, non-nostalgic look at the Cold War in DC."



BLEEDING COOL MAGAZINE #25  (W) Rich Johnston.  Page 298

From the Previews catalog:  "Bleeding Cool Magazine celebrates our 25th issue! This issue is a celebration of comics and we're delivering everything you want to know about your favorite characters and series. We tackle the speculator market with tips and hints about the next back-issue gold - that can be bought now for the price of lead! And we deliver interviews and insights that will let you step into the shoes of newshound Rich Johnston. This issue also looks at Film and Gaming, and brings you our Price Guide feature looking at the books that are making the jump from the quarter box to CGC holders! Bimonthly. "

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA/ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK #1 of 6  (W) Greg Pak (A/CA) Daniel Bayliss Page 302
STL020185From the Previews catalog:  "It's the mother of all crossovers as Jack Burton and Snake Plissken meet for the first time ever anywhere!" 
                                                           Done with director John Carpenter's complete blessing, witness this melee of the mullets as two cult classic characters made famous by actor Kurt Russell crossover in an improbable adventure. 

As lightning cascades around Jack and his good ol' Pork-Chop Express, he finds himself transported and driving through the horrors of what seems to be the dystopian future of...Escape from New York..
                                                           Snake Plissken catches wind of Jack and goes on the hunt to find who is trying to steal his identity.
                                                            Prepare for the road trip of a lifetime, with Jack and Snake rumblin' down the streets of a dystopian future to find what craziness caused Jack to jump through worlds.
                                                           Written by Greg Pak (Totally Awesome Hulk, Action Comics) and illustrated by Russ Manning Award nominee Daniel Bayliss (Kennel Block Blues, Translucid). 


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