Zombie portraits from STRANGE HORROR creator available

EDITOR’S NOTE:  What’s friend-of-the-blog Gary Scott Beatty been up to lately?  As he gets ready to drop STRANGE HORROR into our awaiting hands, he’s been busy sketching zombie fan art. See below . . . . .

Ultimate zombie fans have been commissioning me for original portraits of them as zombies! Here is one I just completed of Lisa.

Lisa is a Walking Dead buff who mentioned Daryl's crossbow, so, since zombies don't use crossbows themselves, she's pictured here attacking someone who tried using their crossbow to stop her. I actually named this one: Daryl's Last Dawn.

Sizes for Facebook Profile and Cover Photos included, along with letter and tabloid sized PDFs to print from and a web-sized file to share.

To see more of these check out the webpage at


Gary Scott Beatty
Champion of Comic Book Wondrousness
Aazurn Publishing


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