September 11 release of THE OTHER DEAD delayed

I admit to being skeptical when I received this news.  So I wrote back to my contacts who took the time to reply right back to me.  What sounds too funny to be true has been verified.   . . .. from the official press release . . . . . . .  .

9/11 Release of Obama “The Other Dead” #1 Cover Held Up By Customs

Fans and Media Watching Closely As This Story Unfolds

LOS ANGELES, CA--September 9, 2013—The Other Dead (IDW Publishing) comic’s creative team just received word that their book, slated to release on 9/11, is being held up in Customs “to spray for moths.”  The timing is conspiracy theory-level suspicious, given the fact that the book’s one-in-10 variant cover by Eisner and Inkpot Award-winning artist Dave Dorman portrays President Obama wielding guns, just as the President is currently considering military action against Syria.  “At first I thought Customs said they were spraying for Mothra, which was ironic since the books were being held up in Asia, and this is a sci-fi horror comic about deadly creatures,” quipped Dorman.  “But the timing of this delay is suspect.”

Creators Joshua Ortega (Gears of War), Digger T. Mesch (Art Asylum, Mini Mates), Kevin Eastman (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Heavy Metal) and IDW Publishing are left to wonder when the book will hit retail shelves.   The Other Dead is the first in the zombie genre to tell the tale of a zombie plague hitting the animal world, and the unexpected effect this has on the world.

The Other Dead creative team is continuing to monitor the situation and will update the media as they learn of the retail fate of The Other Dead Issue #1.

The other thing about this that had me wondering is the statement that this is the “first in the zombie genre to tell the tale of a zombie plague hitting the animal world, and the unexpected effect this has on the world.”   THE FINAL PLAGUE published by Action Lab Comics deals with a zombie plague spread by rabid-like rodents and just published Issue #2 approximately one month ago.  Maybe it would be more accurate to state that THE OTHER DEAD is the first mainstream publisher’s book that deals with animal zombie infestation to be widely distributed to national comics stores.  (Since Action Labs is a much smaller independent company and depends even more on pre-orders to find its way into the comics reading world.)

LATE BREAKING NEWS: I just heard back from co-creator Jose Ortega, who responded to my question about who was first with animal zombie stories: "Oh yeah, and Michael, while Final Plague is hitting shelves first, The Other Dead was announced by Newsarama in the summer of 2011: "We've also been promoting it since Long Beach Comic-Con in 2010, so I think Other Dead still has a pretty good chance at being "the first" to do it at this level in many ways (though Palmiotti's Last Resort had some of that element in 2010, and the video game Red Dead Redemption had a zombie DLC with animals."


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