Baltimore Comic Con. - - - Day One

Just wanted to share some quick comments about the 14th Annual Baltimore Comic Con with our readers. Knowing that some well-read comics websites will be posting lengthy articles on today's panels as soon as they end, I wanted to leave something for our readers.

The big news is that the 15th BCC in 2014 will be a three day event, beginning on Friday, September 5th and occupy even more areas of the Baltimore Convention Center. Without knowing the official head count, it seemed like the crowd was extremely large this year. The lines are longer. The wide aisles are easy to navigate only if you are anorexic.

Highlights: Bryan JL Glass has a different super-hero miniseries coming from Dark Horse. The career retrospective on George Perez ran over. No wonder! There is so much to tell. He's a future Hall Of Famer for sure. Valiant has some big things in the offing, including a bold way to thank comics stores for their support. Mark Waid and Barry Kitson have obtained the rights to their EMPIRE collaboration, so there may be new works to come. More about the above items in the days to come.

I'm departing now to attend my first Harvey Awards dinner and I'm excited!


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