Baltimore Comic Con: Day Two Highlights

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND SEPTEMBER 8, 2013: You can expect to see some longer articles here on various presentations, etc. at the Baltimore Comics Con in future posts. In the meantime, here are some highlights (based on my obviously subjective opinions) of Day Two:

• I heard the details on how Seth Goldman of Honest Tea Co. was partner in developing a business book on how to start a small company - - a book that is good enough to make the required reading of all entrants into the Yale School Of Business. What’s unique about the book (“Mission In A Bottle”) - - and why it was a featured presentation during a comics convention - - is that it’s a graphic novel.
• MIKE MIGNOLA is living the dream. During a Question & Answer session, Mike admitted that “I just want to be left alone to do my thing.” And, Dark Horse does exactly that. More details to follow.
• MIKE CAREY was the most literary of the creators I heard during the Con. His roots in comics and literature were traced during a very informative presentation with some very serious questions that resulted in Carey going deep and complex. End result is a renewed appreciation for his work and a compulsion to go find some old trade paperbacks of LUCIFER.
• IDW brought out quite the entourage for their panel and revealed a number of interesting projects for the balance of 2013 and into 2014. More details to follow. Please watch this space so you don’t miss it.
• The Annual Costume Competition was bigger than ever, and super crowded. It’s now a three hour event, and I don’t want to devote that much time to just one thing during the convention, so I stayed away. During a couple breaks I ventured down the hallways and saw some of the characters. Snapped a few photos of camera-worthy costumes that I hadn’t seen before.
• BRAIN WOOD obtained an art degree with the intention of breaking into comics as an illustrator. I learned how he did an about face during a rather serious panel. At least that was my impression, as Wood seemed a little tense and cautionary in his explanations. (Or, maybe just tired. He has done a lot of work lately.)

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