BC at BCC: Day One 09/08/2012

A great first day at the Baltimore Comic Con! - - long and exhausting but still a great and exciting day! I took in a lot of panels and events and plan to write about them in more detail in the coming days.

Here are the Top Three Highlights of the day for me - - - I don't want to rank them because all three were special . . . . . . . .

1). An interview with writer Peter Tomasi. it was great to speak to a creator one-on-one and get their feedback. A great down-to-earth guy.

2). The panel with Garth Ennis. He has a large loyal following and now I know why. Despite the grim nature of most of his work he remains an honest and independent thinker who would never lie or mislead his audience. His sincerity comes across.

3). The Stan Lee - John Romita panel - - a trip down memory lane. Good stuff.

I also heard the inspiring story behind the Cul de Sac fund-raising effort, the history of the British Invasion, comics style; the Future of Valiant; and scored some reading material at a bargain- - 7 books plus a trade paperback for $13 total!

Come back tomorrow for Day Two highlights.

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