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Spider-Woman Music Video

Marvel commissioned a theme song for the Spider-Woman motion comic, and made a music video with scenes from the first few episodes. Silly idea, right? Maybe, but I’ve been humming the tune all week…


  1. Jeff . . . thanks for that. That is a really cool video. I'm going to return to watch it again, but this time with the sound muted. That song nearly caused me to puke up my breakfast! Sadly, this is what passes for popular music today - - a druggy, disco-influenced techno pop mess complete with vocoder (please kill the person who invented that studio effect). If you like that then you really need to get out of the house more and hear some real music. I'm going to listen to "DC Comics and Chocolate Milkshakes" by ART BRUT right now in order to wash the refrains of "hold your heart and watch your head . . la la la . . Spider-Woman's tangled web." Relief from suffering is close at hand.

  2. I'm not saying it's good, but it sure sticks in your head! Anyway, if you want to see more clips from the motion comic just click the "Comic Videos" link at the top of the music video's page and scroll down. There's a 30-second trailer for each episode.

  3. Saw the video. It is a toe-tapper!


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